Swaragini (my take on current scenario) part 4

Hi everyone …. Thank u so much for your comments and love…???
And plz give your feedback honestly ,though I know you all are very honest but plz do tell me that track bahut depressing to nahi hai na…….or should I increase the speed of track…..

So, lets begin the next part…

Dr. : Mrs swara is in coma but she is stable. .. After sometime we will shift her in the private ward …. One of you can stay with her for the night. ….
Sujata: (to AP) jiji you go to house with bhaisa . ragini will stay with laksh and I will stay with swara….
Sanky : (to everyone) I’ll stay with my swara…
Everyone see him and nodes ok ….
AP and sujju bless sanky and ragini and goes home…..

After sometime sanky goes to swara’s ward…..
(Plz read the song from movie rustom to feel the emotions)

Tere bin jee na paunga
sach much mar hi jaunga
Ye tay hai
Ye tay hai
(Sanky sees his shona lying  in the bed lifelessly with lots of wires  attached to her to monitor her condition. …
He comes closer to her with baby steps …
His whole body shiver to see her like this)
(Meanwhile ragini goes in laksh’s ward…
She gets teary eyed)

Hasna rona tujhse hi
Mera hona tujhse hi
Ye tay hai
Ye tay hai
(Sanky holds swara’s one hand and sits beside her in the chair////
Ragini caresses laksh hairs and sits beside him)

(Maojood hai har saans me
Tu har dafa
Ye tay hai
Tu hai dawa , ya dard hai
Par hai mera ,ye tay  hai ) x 2

(Sanky stares his shona lovingly and remembers their 1st meeting, fake marriage , swara supporting him during ragini’s fake accusations,  their forced marriage./ /////////  Ragini remembers her first meeting with laksh , his care when they met in her music academy, his love confession , their marriage. ..his hugs ,promises)

Tere bin jee na paunga
Sach much mar hi jaunga
Ye tay hai
Ye tay hai
( sanky remembers how swara confessed her love for the first time , his denial, how broken she looked while watching kavita hugging him… That time her eyes showed the excruciating pain she was bearing,  still she smiled for his happiness )

Tu nasibon sa mere hathope
Shuru se likha hai
Mera hak hai tu
Aasmano se mujhe jo pata hai
Tere kadmo pe jahan rakh du mai
Abhi jo kahe tu
Koi shakh ho to aazma lena
Kisi din mujhe

(He caressing her cheeks remembers their confession in the temple , her struggling with the kite’s thread in forest on sankranti , how she cried in his arms in the jail, how she came running to save him from marrying kavita)

(Maojood hai har saans me
Tu har dafa
Ye tay h
Tu hai dawa ya dard hai
Par hai mera
Ye tay hai) x 2

(He remembers her smile while putting vermillon on her scalp, how she trusted him and told him to shoot rajat , how she apologized to not remember him after losing memory….
He remembers how she was manofying him and how he threatened her that he will kill himself if she keep any relation with maheshwari family)

Tere bin jee na paunga
Sach much mar hi jaunga
Ye tay hai
Ye tay hai
( he remembers how she slit her wrist and told him that she’ll die without him)

He cries I’m sorry swara…I love you and dozes off in the chair itself keeping his head on the bed beside her…..

So guys quickly tell me how is it ??????

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    so emotional u told whole swasan story in one go u descrivbe it beautifully and honestly saying as u say to told u actually i wanna say that i am in love with this ff yr u describe the pain very well others i don’t know because its pain track so i must say u describe it very well and thank god i ask about ur ff or else i will miss so beautiful story. loved it ????

    1. Vrishti

      I don’t know I justified it or not …. but I’m overwhelmed with all your reactions. …

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    Awesome yaar plzzzz unite them soon???

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