Swaragini (my take on current scenario) part 3

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So, lets begin the next part…

Dp: Sanskar swara ko andar le jane do ….kitna khoon beh raha h
Sanky: badepapa I told you na she needs rest , let her sleep
Dp slaps sanky very hard and shakes him vigorously
Sanky comes into his senses and cries loudly holding swara
He holds her in his arms and runs inside the hospital. …
Ragini ap sujata see swara unconscious and her hand bleeding. They are shocked. ..
Ragini: swara …… Kya hua sanskar swara ko…or itna khoon…O god what’s happening in our family
Sanky shouts: Dr .. Dr.. Dr. Plz save my wife …plz dr. She is my life …if something happens to her I will not be able to live ….plz…
Dr. : nurse take her inside
Sanskar is lying lifelessly on the floor. ……
Sujata comes to him … She keeps her hand in his shoulder. ….sanky hugs his mom tightly and cries. …..
Sanskar:  mom swara ko kuch ni hoga na….she’ll be alright na mom ….. Mom plz pray to ur god mom plz tell god to make her fine ….. Mom you know na I can’t live without her….
Sujata feels he is not in his senses and consoles his son
Sujata: nothing will happen to our swara …. She’ll be alright. … Ur love will give her strength. … Chore U just don’t lose hope…..
Meanwhile nurse tell them that laksh is fine so ap and ragini go to meet him….

Here Dr. comes after checking swara….
Sanky: Dr. how is she…. She is fine na
Dr. : mr. Sanskar we have bandaged her wound but she has lost so much of blood. .. So she need immediate blood transfusion and her blood group is not available right now …. So plz arrange 2 units of O negative blood fast….. Otherwise consequences will not be good….
Sanky:  Dr. I’ll bring blood for my swara….
(To dp and shekhar)  badepapa baba plz aaplog bhi jaldi se jaldi blood arrange karne ki koshish kijiye
Due to heavy rainfall and storm all roads are jammed…..
Sanskar is running in the road to reach asap to blood bank. ….
But blood bank is closed….
He shouts in frustration
Dp and shekhar also tries to arrange blood….

Sujata is pacing here and there  outside ICU
Dr. Comes to sujata and says if we do not give blood to swara immediately then she may slip into coma….
Sujata calls sanky and tells him what dr. told…
Sanky is very tensed then something clicks sujata’s mind
Sujata: sanskar we can take parineeta’s blood to save swara
Sanky shouts: mom
Sujata: chore musibat me gadhe ko bhi baap banana pade hai….. Thare liye swara important h ya parineeta se dushmani…..
Sanky: mom aap swara ka khayal rakhiye mai jaldi aata hu
Sujata calls Rp and tells him to bring parineeta with sanky

Sanky and Rp reaches MM
Sanky to pari:  Bhabhi plz chaliye swara needs blood
Pari : Devarji I’ll not go… You people destroyed my life by sending my husband to jail
Sanky: Bhabhi plz chaliye … She’ll die…plz
Pari: to hum kya kare..
Rp senses the tension between them and intervenes and says
Rp : pari if you want aadarsh to get bail then come with us otherwise you very well know that he will suffer in jail for atleast 5 years
Pari agrees to give blood to swara
Pari ,Rp and sanky reaches hospital
And blood is transfused to swara

Laksh is taking rest in the ward ..so ragini  and ap comes to ICU to see swara….
After blood transfusion Dr. comes out of  ICU…
Sanky: dr. how is swara…
Now she will be ok na..
Dr. : I am sorry mr. Sanskar. …. Blood lane me late ho gya. ….. Mrs. Swara has got slipped into coma….
All people standing there are shocked. ..
Sanky is shattered. …..

So guys quickly tell me how is it ??????

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    ohhh shit….

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    1. Vrishti

      dear, don’t take tension …. read the next part…
      he he he…..

  2. Mahjabeen

    Awesome part dear…it ws emotional..loved it..
    Nd swara slipped to coma oh no..waitng fr nxt

  3. Rabia

    awesome 🙂

  4. Radhika..

    awesome and shocking part swara slipped in coma what will happen next u end the chapter at exact time what to say amazing part and tension creating also waiting for the next part love dit??

  5. Wow loved it but plz don’t seperate them❤️??

  6. Vyshu10

    swara slipped into coma???

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    Noooo yar what will happen

  8. What????slipped into coma….. No plz no.. This can’t happen….. Ab kya hoga… Plz update soon dear plz

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  10. Shock kyu diya vrishti ??

    1. Vrishti

      I have uploaded the next part…. It will be available in sometime. … have a check to it

  11. Awesome
    But plz unite swasan soon

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