Swaragini (my take on current scenario) part 10


Part 10
Its a beautiful morning. …. Birds are chirping. .. Squirrels are playing in the garden…plants are swaying in the rhythm of the song which is being sung by the nature enjoying the peace. … Dew drops are shining in the new buds and leaves giving it a shiny appearANce….

shona and sanky are sleeping in eachothers embrace in hospital bed. ….

Sun rays falls on swara’s face disturbing her sleep but she doesn’t open her eyes. … She crunches her cute little  nose and leans towards her love her life sanky and hides her face in his chest. …… Sanky smiles feeling her so close to him … He engulfs her more tightly in his arms and kisses her forehead and sleeps for some more time enjoying the bliss…
After sometime he wakes up and admires his shona…. He caresses her hairs lovingly. …
Sanky:  (with love) shona….. Good morning. ..
Swara 🙁 still closing her eyes) good morning sanskar (and smiles)
Sanky goes to freshen up
While swarA sleeps for some more time

Ap is singing arti with ragini. … All are present for morning prayers. …
While praying Ap thinks about old times when whole family used to pray together, live happily…a lone tear escaped her eyes….
Dp notices it…
Later he asks her in room that why she was crying to which she replys
Ap : m missing the time when whole family is one… Now everything is ok but still our one son is in jail…. Whatever he did is neither  forgettable nor forgivable. … But what can I do ….. M sad for him….
Dp looks on…

In hospital
Dr. Comes to check swara
Dr. : Hello mr. And mrs. Maheshwari
Sanky and shona : hello Dr.
Dr. : so mrs. Swara how are you feeling
Swara : much better dr.
Dr. Checks her
Swara:  dr. Now can I go to home plz
Dr. : (smiles) yes you can go now…. I’ll send the discharge papers in sometime. …
Sanky goes with dr. For discharge facilities. …..

After sometime he comes back and sees swara sitting near window watching outside. …
Sanky:  shona what are you thinking ?
Swara : sanskar aadarsh bhaiya ko jail jane dena sahi nai hai…… Bhabhi bhi akeli ho jaegi…. We have to bring him back home…
SANSKAR:  (thinks she’ll never change) (with anger) swara…. Again you started. ..
Swara:  (holding his hands) sanskar plz…..
Sanky : (with love) shona…. Kis mitti ki bani ho tum…. How can you forget everything what he had done. …..
Swara : SANSKAR. … (Cupping his face in her small hands) Maaf karna bahut jaruri hota hai…. Apne liye. … Apno k liye. ….

Jab tak tum kisi ko maaf nai karoge …. Tum khush kaise rahoge…. How can you be at peace. ….. I want to see you calm and happy and satisfied. …. Plzzzz
Sanky:  but shona how can I forget everything. …. Its so difficult for me….
Swara : (hugs him) sanskar … I m with you na…. Together we can handle anything. … I’ll help you out…. You don’t know SANSKAR ,badi maa was really broken when badepapa asked inspector to arrest aadarsh bhaiya. …. Plz for badimaa atleast…. (Sanskar breaks the hug and turns his back towards her….. He is not satisfied with what she is saying. …. He knows how pure her heart is….. How easily she forgives everyone but he wants to protect her …. He is thinking if they will again try to harm her or harm his family then he’ll not be able to forgive himself)

(Swara understood that he is not convinced till now ….. She turns him towards her and asks him looking into his eyes)
Swara : sanskar do you trust me. (Sanky nodes)……. Do you trust me that whatever I’ll do will be good for our family , for us….and if not then atleast my intention will not be bad….. Do you trust me like that…
SANSKAR: swara what type of question is this …. Ofcourse I trust you….Infact I trust you more than myself. ….
Swara : then lets go and bail out aadarsh bhaiya
SANSKAR: but shona I can’t live with that man in the same house (with anger and frustration)
Swara : ok… Lets talk about it with badepapa…. We need his permission. …
Sanky calls Dp and talks with him…..

After cutting the call…
Sanky: shona lets go to police station …. We have to bring back adarsh bhaiya
Swara : (overwhelmed with his love) (teary eyed ) (hugs him with happiness ) I love you ????

Hi dears ….Thank you so much for supporting me …. your comments really means a lot to me ….. It really needs a lot of efforts to write…..
So guys plzzzz  tell me how is it ??????

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