SWARAGINI to take 6 months LEAP !!!!!

As we all know that Swaragini, which was initially topping the TRP charts, has dropped down drastically. The makers of Swaragini are taking a major step to bring back the ratings. The show will apparently take 6-month leap, where Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will get a makeover. Well, nothing much changes in their looks, as they will be seen in their old avatar.

According to the latest spoiler, Swara and Ragini will be shedding their sari-clad looks. They will be seen wearing kurtas/chudidars. Swara will be seen playing sitar, while Ragini plays electric guitar. If you recall, the show had initially started in this way – Ragini was seen with her Dadi, who wanted her to win the music competition, in which Swara was also participating.

Lakshya goes missing, while Swara leaves her husband, Sanskar. The sisters separate from their husbands and will be seen in a new business. They would have opened a marriage bureau. They believe they couldn’t save their marriage, at least by opening a marriage bureau, they can save others’ marriages!

As we all know that Adarsh, Parineeta and Dadi were behind Swara-Sanskar and Ragini-Lakshya. They didn’t want the siblings as well as the couple to unite, as they felt it could spoil their plan (to get the Maheshwari property).We assume, when Swara and Ragini join hands, Sanskar and Lakshya get influenced by Adarsh. They refuse to accept each other as brother, and hence separate. Well, where is Lakshya, why he goes missing – these questions are still a mystery to be answered!

well this what i got to know from SBS yesterday and when i searched today so got to know that this is gonna happen , just wanted to share with you all …….
love u all……..!!!!!!!
and sorry for wasting your time if you find this of no use ….

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  1. Silent_writer

    Oooo no what they are upto strong relations dnt break easily

  2. bakwaas hogaya hai leap k baad bi agar kuch axcha na dikhaya tu useless hoga

  3. Deeksha

    Well yashu…. Thanks for sharing it….!!!! But I already saw it….!!!!!! And frankly speaking… I am unhappy…!!!!!! Swasan r separated….!!!!! Anyway waiting for that track…!!!!!!

  4. Saaaaara

    i am sooooooo scared of this twist
    i really want to know what happened and where is lakshya
    why sanky left swara
    i will be sooo sad if laksh left ragu forever

  5. Sreeharini

    Oh!! Its been ages I saw swaragini. Last time I saw sharmista becoming pregnant. Lol.. This is such a good information. Sounds interesting too

    Thankyou so much dear and you didn’t absolutely waste Ne time but done opposite to that

  6. Fairy

    Hi yashu dear 🙂 🙂 my lill cutypie…yap swaragini is taking a leap …i also got to know about it some days before nly..thanks for sharng dis news in TU..n wen u r postng ur ff??waitng eagerly for it..keep rockng n stay blessed dear ..love u sweety 😉 😉 😉

  7. Kakali

    Yashasvi !!! Thnk u dear for sharing d info…
    yeah i also got to know about it from spoilers alert…
    n acc to me this leap is highly needed… i waanna rejoy d old swaragini bond… far away from material problem…
    i wanna see them with each other… old swaragini who fought with d whole society for parents…

    will miss SWASAN n RAGLAK but m sure after this leap their love story will take a new turn for that TRP will surely increase n audiences will also like d track as they r highly annoyed with current track…

    M gonna enjoy d upcoming track … hope everything goes well..

  8. Malika

    Hey dear is this news true. I mean what!!!!!!! My swasan are separated and laksh is missing. What’s going on yr. ……raglak also are separated. Swaragini came back to their old form. That’s too swara is playing sitar and ragini guitar. Oooooog God. ……. Such a big twist. Why!!!!!!!. They are dragging the story too much yrrr. ……but it’s also interesting to know what had happened in past. ?? I’m fed up. Really!!!!! I’m shocked why!!!!!…… Thank you soo much for informing us. I didn’t had any idea………… What’s going on……

  9. but swasan looking damn hot in new look..hot sanky and cute and dashing swara..waiting to the restart of swasan love story but this cvs always want drama nthng else..
    plz cvs we want swasan romance

  10. i dnt like this.but hope for new love story of swasan….but now i cant accept ragini..i feel she is fake everything she shows fake.the care she shows towards swara is fake.fakeini…cant accept ragini again..
    if she want she cant dont trust swara and throw her out when she want she can accept swara..what d f****k…
    can’t accept ragini again..my swara is better to be alone..i hate to hear swaragini word frm ragini..
    swara plz dnt unite with ragini..dnt stand for ragini she again hurt u dear..i m sure she again duss u like a nagin..dnt trust ragini

    only watch this show only for swara and my swasan..missing dida badly
    srry if i hurt any ragini fans but i cant accept ragini again and again

    1. Kakali

      Astha don’t say like that dear … it hurts us …
      d show is about swaragini .. swara n ragini … it’s needed to show their bonding,, quarrel,, mistrust,, separation,,.again making them all together…
      This is all life about … i know CVs shows more than enough evilness that i hate d most… but here abusing Ragini we r not going to get anything…
      So kindly plzz don’t Bash Ragini…
      n without ragini swara is incomplete … bcz swara n ragini makes swaragini complete… hope u understand… *hurdles r soo needed i guess…

      Sorry if i hurt u…

  11. Heltej

    Haa… I saw the spolier….i miss this leap part???

  12. thanks for the information and i think its gonna be interesting

  13. Hey Yashu, Thanks for sharing it….I am very happy as I will see my Swaragini in their old form….Waiting for that track eagerly…?????

  14. Mica

    Yashuuuuu!!!!! let we join Swaragini.. we can clubbing and outing together..
    or who are here will marry soon.. come to Swaragini Wedding Organizer !!!
    you will get grand party in low cost!!! *become their PR…

  15. Sanjanaagrawal

    Thnx for valuable info yashuuu !!!!!! Hope after leap show will be intersting !!!!!

    Take care
    Keep smiling ?????

  16. Mahjabeen

    Yashu dear thankyou so mch fr sharing da info..i also got to knw few dys erlier..sry fr last commemting..nd frm my side i thnk da track is gng to b interesting…we cn c swaragini old bonding nd mch more..but yeah we knw swasan nd raglak r separated but aftr leap there will b intense swasan new love story..m egrly wiatng fr da track…
    Love u dear????

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