Swaragini (A Sweet Revenge Story) Episode 5


Recap:Sanskaar proposed Ragini.Swara got to know the truth and ordered Ragini to get out.

Its morning,Ragini wakes up and finds herself in Sanskaar’s embrace(they have not consummate their marriage yet ok).She smiles seeing Sanskaar.He looks cute.She then cries.Swara’s sayings echoes in her ears.She wipes her tears and pack her clothes in the suitcase.She sees Sanskaar and writes a letter to him.She keeps it on the dressing table and goes.

She comes downstairs and gets sad seeing the family members.She puts the suitcase there and comes to them.Annapurna hugs her and cries.
Annapurna:Tumne yeh kya kiya Ragini? Apne hi haathon se apne suhaag ko ujaar di!!(What did u do Ragini? U ruined ur married life by ur own hands!!).
Ragini cries and apologizes to her.
Ragini:Hume maaf kar dijiye maa…..(forgive me mom)
Annapurna blesses her to be happy.She goes to take Dp’s blessings but Swara(in a saree) shouts Ragini.She turns and sees Swara standing.
Swara:According to the clause,ur divorce with Sanskaar is already done today and u have no right over them nor can u take their blessings…
Ragini cries and looks at Swara in shock.
Swara comes downstairs.
Swara:Stop!! I havent come here to hear ur lectures.I just came to inform u that its time for u to leave.
She points towards the door.Ragini proceeds.
Swara:And if u have any shame left in u, dont even dare to enter this house or tirn to look at it.
Swara turns to go.Ragini turns her abruptly and slaps her hard.Swaragini….plays……Ragini cries and looks on.Swara is also shocked and silently cries.
Ragini:I didnt know u would be so arrogant after getting married.Its better if i wouldnt have any siblings that to have one like u.I thought that my Swara will understand me but no….I forgot that I am talking to the daughter in law of this house.
She goes to DP and again tries to take his blessings but Swara drags her and pushes her to the door and throws her suitcase out.
Swara:U called me DIL of this house naa and my duty was to throw someone like u out of this house.
She closes the door on Ragini’s crying face. It starts Raining.Sanskaar wakes up and doesnt see Ragini.He calls her out and comes near the window.He sees Ragini looking at him.She cries and signs I Love U by hand.They both cry and have an eyelock. Lo maan liya….plays….She cries and goes in her car.Sanskaar calls her and runs downstairs.

Swara asks Sanskaar to stop and says she left.She says its good as u didnt love her.Sanskaar comes to her and asks her not to interfere in his matters.He goes to call her.She thinks I will not let u threaten her again.She keeps a knife at her neck and says if u try to cross the line of this house, i will kill myself.Everyone is shocked and shouts Swara.Laksh shouts have u gone mad and is about to go near her but she warns him.

Sanskaar goes to his room angrily.Swara throws the knife and walks to her room like a lifeless body without any motion.She recalls how she mistreated Ragini.She goes to her room and closes the door.She shouts loudly and cries badly.She destroys her room and apologizes to Ragini.She gets hysteric attack and continues to cry vigorously.She then see a knife near her.

Sanskaar tries to throw things but sees Ragini’s letter.He reads it.
“Sanskaar…. Main janti houn ke humare kismat mein ek hona nahi likha hain par tun mujhe apne yaadon mein zinda rakh sakte ho…..aur tumhe tho pata hain ke mujhe safai pasand hain phir tum kyun perfume ka bottle tor ne wale the? Main tumse bohat pyaar karti houn Sanskaar and I will miss u…..Bye Urs Ragini…(Sanskaar…..I know we are not destined to be together but u can keep me alive in ur memories and in this room and u know how much I love cleanliness then why were u going to throw this perfume bottle? I love u a lot Sanskaar and I will miss u…..yours Ragini).
Sanskaar cries reading it.He looks at the perfume bottle in his hand and he imagines Ragini asking him to put it away.He puts it away and Ragini goes.
Sanskaar:I will keep u alive in my memories Ragini but if we are destined to meet,we will…..I couldnt even hug u once.
Ragini’s vision comes there and holds his hand and says thank u Sanskaar for heeding my sayings.They both smile.

Laksh knocks the door asking Swara to open it.He breaks open the door and sees Swara about to cut her hand.He stops her and throws the knife away.Swara hugs him and cries.He consoles.He cups her face.
Laksh:Swara I know u have done all this for Ragini but I strongly feel that Ragini loves Sanskaar truly.Maybe her feelings changed and she realized that he isnt a bad person.Swara looks on.

Ragini reaches Gagodia Mansion.She runs inside.Sumi is shocked to see her wet thus.Ragini hugs her and cries badly saying maa.Shekhar angrily asks if Sanskaar did anything but Ragini cuts his talk.
Ragini:My own sister pushed me out of house and not my husband.
They are shocked and look on.Ragini explains them everything.They cry and hug Ragini.Ragini is lost.

Its night,Swara switches off all the lights in the hall.She goes to drink water in the kitchen.She hears something breaking.She goes to check.
Swara:Sound is coming from Uttara’s room.Is she fine?
She worriedly tries to open her room door but it is locked.She peeps inside.She gets shocked seeing Uttara and a guy romancing.She knocks the door shouting at her to open it but they do not listen to her.She goes outside and looks at the pipe.

Uttara(in a black short dress) seduces the guy.She pushes him on bed and dances on the song Tu issaq mera….plays….He gets up and pins her to wall and starts kissing her neck and they kiss.Swara is still seen climbing through the pipe.Uttara again pushes the guy nirbhay on the bed.She gets ontop of him and they kiss.They try to take off each other’s clothes.They were about to get intimate when Swara comes and shouts Uttara.Uttara and Nirbhay are shocked and stands up.They compose themselves.Swara stares them angrily.She slaps Uttara angrily.Nirbhay tries to speak but Swara slaps him and warns him to stay quiet.
Swara:Uttara!!! What is all this huh? If u loved him u could have told us naa
Uttara:But I dont love him.I am just passing my time with him.
Swara is shocked and looks at the guy.
Swara:And u?
Nirbhay:Same.And btw who the hell r u?
Swara:I am her bhabhi and daughter in law of this house.
Uttara:Nirbhay! Dnt listen to her because she is habituated now to boast about herself being DIL of this house.
They both laugh which leave Swara shocked.
Swara:I have to tell badi ma and bade papa about this.
Uttara:They already know about me wearing these dresses and they have no objections with that.What will u tell them? About Nirbhay?
They get shocked and look at each other.
Swara shouts Badi ma bade papa Mom….
Uttara is shocked seeing the lights getting on.There comes a knock at the door.

Swara rushes and is about to open just then Nirbhay catches her and puts hand on her mouth.He drags her to the bathroom.Uttara opens the door.They ask who was shouting from ur room.(Sanskaar and Laksh went out.Laksh took him to cheer him up)
Uttara:Actually I had a nightmare so I screamed.
Swara struggles to shout but he shuts her mouth.

They turn to leave.Swara finally bites his hand,makes him faint and runs there.Uttara is shocked to see her.Swara calls them.They turn and are shocked to see her.Swara tells them everything what she saw and makes them see Nirbhay.They are shocked.Sujata slaps Uttara and scolds her.Swara says I tried to gave u a chance but u did not listen.Uttara looks at her angrily.
Uttara:Mom I accept any punishment u give me but please dnt punish him.
Sujata:U accept any punishment?
Uttara nods.
Sujata drags Nirbhay and makes him stand opposite to Uttara.She brings red bridal duppatta and sindoor with mangalsutra.
Sujata:(angrily)I had kept it for ur wedding but seems like I have to use it today.
Everyone are shocked.
Annapurna:Dont make such haste decisions.
Sujata:No one will stop me today jiji….
She dorns the dupatta on her head and gives Nirbhay sindoor and mangalsutra.
Sujata:If u dont dorn it on my daughters’s head today ur dead body will go from here today.
Nirbhay and everyone is shocked.He takes the mangalsutra and looks at Uttara.Uttara nods no and cries worriedly.He makes her wear it.Om Mangalam plays…..Uttara cries.Swara cries and holds Sujata who weeps silently.He fills her maang with sindoor.Uttara closes her eyes and cries.

Precap:Nirbhay angrily pushes Uttara and goes in his car.Uttara cries and looks on.Swara comes to Ragini and looks at her.Ragini gets shocked seeing Laksh and Sanskaar along.

Hey guys plzz tell me how it was….hope u liked it…..love u lots guys…..And I am writing my ff everyday but it is getting published very slowly. And also I am changing my FF’s name from A sweet revenge story to His love for her and Her love for him.Hope u enjoy…..keep smiling and stay blessed…..

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  4. Ayesha Quddus


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    Swara is behaving too much

  6. Yeah swara’s unnecessary drama!!!! It’s too much!!! But it’s good pls update next part soon!!

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    Awesome, feeling bad for ragsan

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    Feeling bad for ragsan. Uttara and Nirbhay part was extremely shocking

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