Swaragini (A Sweet Revenge Story) Episode 4

Recap:Swara asked Ragini the reason she married Sanskaar.Ragini asked Sanskaar why he married her.

Its morning,Maheshwari Mansion is being decorated as today is Diwali.Swara and Ragini decorate the inhouse temple beautifully and draw a rangoli near it.
Ragini:Shona u make this Rangoli and I will go and make one at the door ok…
Swara nods.
Ragini takes the plates of colours and goes outside the house.She keeps the colours on the floor and stands up.She turns and just then Sanskaar comes there.She falls and he holds her.They have an eyelock as some colours fall on them.Raaz Ankhein teri….plays…..
Ragini realizes and composes herself.Sanskaar asks her not to fall so much in life.Ragini stares him angrily.He laughs and goes.She looks on.
Ragini:Uske taane mein jaise pyaar chupa huwa hain(seems like even in his taunt there is love).Why I am feeling like this…Am I in……???
She gets tensed and recalls Sanskaar ill treating her.She cries and asks Lord whats this dilemma.She continues making Rangoli.She hears some noise in the garden just when she was about to go inside.She goes near the bush and gets shocked seeing Uttara and a guy kissing and trying to make out.She thinks I will talk to her after Diwali ends and goes from there angrily.

Swara is making the rangoli.Some colours get on her face.Laksh sees that and smiles.He comes to her and wipes the colour off her face romantically.She smiles and asks what r u doing.
Laksh:I am seeing how much my wife is looking beautiful.
Wind blows and her hair blows.She laughs and pulls his cheeks.He gets mesmerized by her beauty.He pulls her closer and leans to kiss her.She closes her eyes.She smiles and applies colour to his face.She runs from there.He smiles.

Its night,Swara comes to room and gets happy seeing a gold coloured lehenga.She smiles and wears it.She looks beautiful.Laksh comes,gifts her and makes her wear a necklace romantically.He wishes her happy diwali.She says same and hugs him.

Ragini chooses a dress to wear.Sanskaar comes with a gift box and gets tensed seeing her(funny scene) Ragini signs what.He blabbers a little and keeps the box on the bed and goes from there.She looks at the box and opens it.She smiles seeing a beautiful silver coloured lehenga.
Ragini:Why am I shying and smiling? Just because he gave me this……
She wears the dress and looks extremly beeutiful.She opens her hair and Sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing her at the door.She turns and sees him.They both then walk downstairs along with Swalak.
Swara:Wow Ragini….U r glowing a lot today….
She laughs.
Ragini:Even U r not glowing less….
They both laugh and enjoy.

The puja is done by Swara, Ragini and Parineeta.Uttara is busy in chatting.Ragini notices it and gives her the aarti plate to do puja.Uttara does and gives others.

Sumi and Shekhar come and meet their daughters.
Sumi:Rago…..R u happy?
Ragini smiles and nods.They hug.

They go outside and burns crackers.Laksh and Swara hold crackers together and burn them.Ragini burns crackers and looks at Sanskaar who was already staring at her.Sanskaar smiles seeing her happy and Laughing.He goes and comes back to Ragini.He takes her from there.

Ragini asks where r u taking me….But gets no response.He brings her to the terrace.She gets surprised seeing beautiful decorations.She asks have u brought me here to show me this?She turns to go.He holds her hand.She gets tensed.He turns her.She turns and sees him bending on his knees.She is shocked.He holds her hand.
Sanskaar:Ragini, I know I have hurt u by
marrying u by cheat.I know u dont even love me.But I didnt marry u to take revenge.I had a reason to do so.U remember when that guy misbehaved with u and I fought with him? He wanted to marry u.He said that a day after Swara’s marriage he will marry u.I wanted to tell u but I knew u wouldnt agree to me as u hated me alot. I had only one way to save u from him that is to marry u.I had to lie to u to save ur life.But staying with u I have realized what is it to love…..I love u Ragini.So Miss Ragini Gagodia, will u spend ur whole life wiz Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari…..Music plays….
Ragini is shocked and looks on.She cries and stumbles.He makes her wear a ring.She moves back and cries.She runs from there.Sanskaar shouts Ragini…..Ragini but she continues to run.She reaches the hall and bumps into flowers, people and decoration.She runs to her room.She closes the door and cries badly.She is in shock and recalls Sanskaar’s confessions.Sanskaar knocks and pleads her to open the door.They both cry.Ae dil hain mushkil….plays…..

Swara wonders where is Ragini.A paper falls from Ragini’s room and reaches Swara’s feet.She reads the letter and is shocked.She cries and goes to Ragini’s room.She sees Sanskaar trying to open the door.Ragini finally opens it. Swara hides and looks on.
Ragini:Even If I forgive u,I just cant forget that u married me by cheating.
Sanskaar:That was to save u….
Ragini:U could have tried and tell me the truth.Maybe I would have listened and my life wouldnt have been ruined.Without thinking what would happen of me, u forced me to marry u and after ruining it all, u propose me and pretend that u love me.Even if u love me truly I will never reciprocate because indorder to save me u accepted to ruined my life instead of talking to me.And u could have told me the reason why ur marrying me right.U know I hate lies.And I hate u Sanskaar…..
She again closes the door and cries.Swara has listened all and is shell shocked.She goes to her room and recalls Ragini’s sayings.She shouts and cries.She shouts why u suffered alone Ragini why….U could have told me but no……She thinks I will not let u suffer here even for a minute now.She wipes her tears.

Ragini,in her room thinks about all.Her inner self come and talk to her.
Ragini:Why I felt bad after scolding Sankaar.Why I want to stay here even after all this? Why I feel nervous when he looks at me? Why I…..why?
She holds her head and cries.Her inner self replies she is in love with Sanskaar.Ragini is surprised and looks on.She recalls her moments with Sanskaar and realizes she loves him.She cries happily and wipes her tears.She goes out and sees Sankaar sitting in the hall.She runs to him and calls Sanskaar.He gets up and looks at her.She is about to go to him just then Swara comes infront of her and stares her angrily.Ragini is shocked and looks on.Swara thinks sorry but I have to do this Lado as I know u dont love Sanskaar.Sanskaar also looks on.
Swara gives Ragini the papers and asks her to read it aloud.All family members come there and look on.Ragini reads it and is shocked to know that tomorrow is her last day here.She sees her signatures on the papers and cries.
Swara:WHAT IS ALL THIS HUH?? U didnt even bother to tell us all this?
Maheshwari and Gagodia family is shocked and look on.
Ragini breaks down and accepts it.Swara cries and looks on.
Swara:Then u must prepare urself to leave from here now.
Annapurna:But Swara ask her once if she wants to go or not.
Swara:I dont care badi ma, she has to go.She had enough now.And the clause in this paper says that if she refuses to go then Maheshwari family has the right to throw her out.
Annapurna:But nobody of us will do that.
Swara:Thats why I have decided that I, being the daughter in law of this house will myself throw her out.
Ragini is shocked and looks on.Swara apologizes to her in her heart.
Swara(thinks):I know u will not go from here because of me and will be ready to suffer.But I will not let that happen.
Ragini:But shona, I love Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar looks on.
Swara:Oh just shut up! Stop this acting, I know u want to stay here to have a lavish life but i will not let that happen ok.
Ragini shouts Swara.Swara shouts dont shout even I can shout.And from today this Swaragini bonding is over….Because now i am not ur swara but DIL of this house.
Sumi and Shekhar look on.
Swara asks her to prepare herself as she will go tomorrow itself.Ragini runs to her room.Swara also walks out of the house.All family cry and look on.

Sanskaar says Ragini and comes to her.
Ragini:Sanskaar please,its ok! Maybe our being together was till here only…..But…I will miss u coz I love u Sanskaar She runs and hugs him tightly and cries.Sanskaar too hugs her.

Swara runs and sits in the garden.She cries badly and is guilty.Laksh comes and looks on.Swara hugs him.
Swara:U know why I did this right laksh? Do u think I am at fault?
Laksh:No…but did u ask Ragini if she loves Sanskaar truly
Swara:I know she wont love him.She is lying just to stay with me and I cant let her suffer just because of me.Laksh look on.
The screen freezes on Ragsan hug and Swalak hug.

Precap:Ragini tries to take elder’s blessings but Swara pulls her out and pushes her and her suitcase out of the house.She closes the door on Ragini’s crying face.

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….hope u liked it….Love u lots dear……alway keep smiling 🙂

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