Swaragini (A Sweet Revenge Story) Episode 3


Hey guys thank u so much for loving my ff…..

Recap:Swalak consummated their marriage.

Its morning,Ragini comes out of washroom in a towel.She dries her hair and smiles happily.She opens the window and her hair blows.Sanskaar wakes up and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.
Sanskaar:I am sorry Ragini for hurting u……
She turns and shout seeing Sanskaar looking at her.She lowers her eyes and gets tensed.Sanskaar says dont even think that I was looking at u.
Ragini:Tum dekh bhi nahi sako ge(u wont even be able to watch)
Sanskaar:Main dekhna hi nahi chahti(,I dont even want to)
Ragini:U wont be able to even if u want.
She shows attitudes and dries her hair.He smiles and goes.She looks on.

Swara and Ragini come down together and take breakfast with Family.Sujata gets a sprain in her hand and wonders how she will cook kheer.Ragini assures her that even though she doesnt know how to cook,she will try.Everyone laugh.
Sanskaar:Its better to stay hungry than to eat burnt food.
Ragini:We will see….
Ragini goes.Swara goes behind her.
Ragini:Haan shona(yes shona)
Swara:What is this?
Swara pulls her and holds her hand.
Swara:U know what I am talking about…..U suddenly married Sanskaar whom u hated so much…..How can u love him in a day’s time?I know there is something that u r hiding…..Tell me Ragini…..Did u do this marriage for me?
Ragini is shocked and looks at her teary eyes.
Swara:Look Lado I know u r not happy….plzz tell ur Shona….
She cries and says please.Ragini hugs her and they both cry.Ragini thinks no Shona U cant tell u anything.I wont let u ruin ur married life for me…Sorry….
She smiles and wipes her tears.
Ragini:What r u talking about? Huh? I am tired thats why I am looking sad.If there is anything I will tell u.Promise.
Swara is still unconvinced and goes from there.Ragini breaks down and apologizes to Swara in her heart.She starts cooking kheer.She follows recipes on internet.Sanskaar laughs silently seeing her finding difficulty in cooking.Ragini’s hand burns.He shouts Ragini and rushes to her.He cares for her hand.She looks at him in surprise.They have intense eyelock….Tu hi mera khuda….plays…..She takes her hand backs and walks from there.He looks on.

Swara comes to room.Laksh comes from washroom and hugs her from behind.
Swara:Laksh, u r wet.Leave me!
He turns her and pulls her closer.
Laksh:I dont care….i just want to romance with u Mrs Laksh Maheshwari.Btw when will u and Ragini join office.I am missing u….
Swara:After one week.
She laughs and goes.

Ragini in her room thinks about the incident in kitchen.She thinks Sanskaar is not what he seems to be.His eyes says something else and he speaks something else. Sanskaar comes there.She looks at him and grabs his collar angrily.
Ragini:What the hell do u think u r? U do not hate me….Because ur eyes say something else and ur mouth something else……Why did u marry me tell me?
She cries and shouts tell me….
He holds her and pulls her closer.They have another eyelock…..Music plays…..
Sanskaar:When right time comes, I will tell u….He walks out.She looks on.

Precap:Sanskar bends on his knees and propose to Ragini.Ragini is shocked.She is teary eyes.

Hey guys I know its short….I will try to lenghthen it……hope u liked it….plzz comment….

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