Swaragini (A Sweet Revenge Story) Episode 2

Hey guys thank u for finding ny ff interesting and Riya I have stopped writing my two other ffs hope u dont mind and yes Angel I will not continue my other ff so sorry dear and dnt wry I will message once the account is fixed ok…..

Recap:Ragsan and Swalak got married.

Ragini gets a call from Swara.She picks it up.
Ragini:Haan Shona(yes Swara)
Swara:Ragini tum kaha ho? Main kabse tumhaara intezaar kar rahi houn.Meri shaadi bhi ho gayi Laksh se….(Ragini where r u? I have been waiting for u.I am already married to Laksh also)
Ragini is shocked and looks at Sanskaar.She ends the call and slaps Sanskaar angrily.
Ragini:U lied to me and cheated my into marrying u.
Sanskaar:Yes, because I had asked Laksh to lie that he will not marry if I am not here so that I get freed from my so called urgent work.
He laughs and says u r trapped Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari.Ragini cries angrily and shouts u will regret it Mr sanskaar maeshwari.She shows him finger and they return home.

Everyone turn and are shocked to see Ragsan married.Swalak are also shocked.Sujata goes and slaps Sanskaar angrily.
Sujata:Yeh keh kiya tune Sanskaar? (What have u done?.
She then smiles and says if u wanted to marry u could have told us naa.Everyone smiles and scold Sanskaar sweetly.Ragini just stares at him angrily.Sumi and Shekhar drag Ragini from there.

They bring her to room and Shekhar asks whats all this.She tries to explain that she loves Sanskaar but they deny it.
Sumi:Look Ragu, we know how much u hate Sanskaar then how in a day’s time u fell in love with him?
Ragini cries and breaks down.They are shocked and look on.
Ragini:Yes I didnt do this marriage by my wish and I dont love Sanskaar.
She tells them everything.Shekhar gets angry but Ragini stops him.
Ragini:He married me by cheat and now I will take revenge from him.And also they are Swara’s in laws now.I dont want my shona to face any trouble there.
She convinces them and turns her face and cries.She runs from there.

They all decided to accept Ragini as their daughter in law.Swara smiles but sees Ragini sad.Shekhar and Sumi sadly do their daughter’s bidaai.They enter the cars and go from there.Sumi cries and hugs Shekhar.

They reach Maheshwari Mansion.Annapurna and Sujata happily do the grah pravesh of Ragsan and Swalak.Swara smiles and holds Laksh’s hand.Ragini is sad and smiles a bit seeing Swara happy.Swara and Ragini kicks the kalaash(rice bowl) and enters the kumkum water.Swaragini plays……. Uttara brings a bowl with milk.
Uttara:Now u both couple will put ur hands in it and whoever gets the ring,he/she will rule his or her married life.
Everyone smile and the couple put their hand on the bowl.Laksh holds Swara’s hand and smiles.Sanskaar touches Ragini’s hand.She angrily looks at him.
Sanskaar:I will rule u my whole life.
Ragini:wo tho waqt hi bataaye ga(That time will tell).
Ragini gets the ring and smiles.
Ragini:I said I will rule u Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Swara gets the ring and laughs.
The rituals end and Annapurna asks them to go and rest.
Laksh holds Swara’s hand and takes her to room.
Sanskaar holds Ragini’s hand and whispers get ready to go to hell.Ragini goes to her room.

Ragini enters the room and gets suprised seeing the decorations.Sanskaar comes there drunk and holds her waist from behind.She gets nervous.

Laksh blindfolds Swara and takes her to room.
Swara:Laksh! What r u doing?
Laksh:Just a minute Mrs Laksh Maheshwari.
He opens her blindfold and she gets happy seeing some decorations.She hugs him being happy.He pulls her closer and dances with her on ae dil hain mushkil….plays…..They fall on the bed and they have an eyelock.He kisses her and she reciprocates.He removes her jewelleries and kisses her neck.Swara closes her eyes and enjoys the moment.He removes her clothes and kisses her belly.They consummate their marriage.

Ragini asks Sanskaar to leave her.He says shhh and kisses her neck.She closes her eyes.He removes her earrings and she tries to go but he pulls her closer.Music plays…..
Sanskaar puts his finger on her lips and leans closer to kiss her.She realizes and pushes him away.She throws water on him and he gets conscious.
Ragini:This was for trying to get close to me.
Sanskaar pulls her closer and shouts whats ur problem.
Ragini:U!!!u r my problem!! I didnt know u were such a coward to marry me by lying.And u were boasting that u will take revenge from me.
Sanskaar:I will take my revenge and will make u taste hell.
He points finger at her.She also points finger at him and says we will see. Sad music plays…..They both go different direction.She lies down on the bed and cries remembering the marriage.
Ragini:I wish i could tell u Shona how i am suffering.
Sanskaar:I wish I could tell u Ragini why I am doing this…….(suspense).He beats himself angrily and cries badly.

In the middle of the night,Swara wakes up and drinks water.She smiles seeing Laksh and goes to washroom.She takes a small bath and remembers she forgot her clothes.She calls Laksh.
Laksh:What r u doing in washroom? Its still midnight.
Swara:I thought its morning and went to washroom….i forgot my clothes plzz give me.
He takes a bathrobe and gives to her.She wears it and turns.Laksh enters the washroom.She gets surprised and asks him to go.He(without shirt and wearing only pants) comes near to her.She walks back.He pins her to wall.The shower gets on.
She tries to go but he again pulls her closer to the wall.They both get drenched in it.He puts hand on her waist and untie the ribbon.She shies and turns away.He holds her from behind and romances with her.He lifts her in his arm and brings her to bed.Ang lagaaade re….plays…..They get intimate….

Precap:Ragini prepares something in the kitchen and she gets burnt.She shouts in pain.Sanskaar rushes and cares for her.She is surprised and looks on.

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….hope u liked it….Love u lots…..

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  1. Fairy

    Waaaaaah!!!!!loved it!!! I thnk sanky loves rags???its soooper dioooper interestng????sanlak part ws awesome…waitng for precap eagerly…ragsan rocksss….keep smiling n stay blessed dear??????☺☺☺????????

  2. Silent_writer

    Woooow its awsmeeeee what a rocking episodeee it is got to knw sanky reason soon love swalak n ragsan???

  3. Jazzy

    Amazing update and curious to know what is reason for sanskar behaviour

  4. Amazing

  5. A.xx

    FFFAAABBB! loved it and wondering what the real reason for this marriage is…
    I can’t believe Lucky did that,,,
    Great to find out that Sanky does have feelings for Ragini as he is ready to bear her anger for her safety (or whatever the reason is),,,
    Precap is soo cute too .xx

  6. Amazing…confused…abt sanky

  7. Can anyone say the ff in that the pairs are swasan kavlak and ragini is paired to arjun bijlani…plzzz

  8. Akshata

    awesome, curious to know abt sanskar’s reason

  9. Asra

    amazing dear…..ragsan rocks…waiting for Sanky rude behaviour reveal….plz update soon….tkcr

  10. Super interesting

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