Swaragini (A Sweet Revenge Story) Episode 1

Hey guys, this is Heera…..I have wrote A passionate love story…..Look my fans….i know u all will not forgive me beacuse I hadnt completed my 2 stories because I had to give a very important exams and i had no touch with telly updates for a very long time but i promise u this FF will not be like the 2 other and I will try my best to complete it….sorry again guys….and sorry Angel for all the messages that I hadnt reply to u actually guys dnt send me private mesages coz my account is blocked and I am not having any access to it so sorry if u have questions just ask me through the comment…..Extremely sorry again Angel…..hope u all forgive me guys :(…

Its morning,It is the marriage day of Swara and Laksh(my first lead pairs and second is Ragini and Sanskaar).Ragini is making Swara getting ready.Swara is looking beautiful in a red bridal dress and Ragini is wearing golden lehenga.She looks pretty.
Ragini:I will miss u Swara….
Swara gets up, holds Ragini’s hand.
Swara:Ek baat bataoun(shall I say something?
Ragini nods.
Swara:Aisa lag raha hain ke main tumhe miss bilkul bhi nahi karne wali houn(it looks like i am not going to miss u at all)
Swara:I feel like u r going to be with me….
Ragini smiles and hugs her.They both cry.
Sanskaar hears them near door and smirks.
He goes downstairs and Laksh asks him where is he going.He replies for some work and rushes out.Laksh looks on.

He reaches a temple and calls Ragini.
Ragini:Yeh kyun phone kar raha hain?(why is he calling?).What do u want?
Sanskaar:Ufff!!! So much anger!!!?? I need to meet u.
Ragini:But u….
Sanskaar:I am not at home.I am in the temple.Come meet me rightaway.
Ragini gets angry but agrees.She looks at Swara and goes.

She reaches there in her car and rushes up the stairs.She misses a stair and slips but Sanskaar holds her on time.Her hair come in his face and they have an eyelock…..Music plays…..Sanskaar smiles and says what a beauty.She gets up and angrily asks whats the matter(looks like they r not on good terms).Sanskaar drags her to the temple.
Sanskaar:Shut up!! Now I will speak and u will listen.U have to marry me right now.
Ragini is shell shocked and slaps him angrily.
Ragini:R u out of ur mind!!?
Sanskaar:Yesss!!!! I am out of my mind…..
She turns to go but he holds her and pulls her closer.She screams u r hurting me.
Sanskaar:U have u to marry me else….
Ragini:Warna kya?(else what?)
Sanskaar:Ur sister will not marry my brother!!!
Ragini:And u think Laksh will believe u?
Sanskaar:Yes coz he is my brother and he will accepts my sayings.Wait I will give u proof.
He calls Laksh.Laksh picks up.
Laksh:Bhai kaha ho aap?(Brother where r u?)
Sanskaar:Marry because I am busy in work.
Laksh:No, its better not to marry than to marry in ur absence.
Sanskaar smiles and looks at Ragini who is shocked.He ends the call and asks her reply.
Ragini:But why do u want to do this?
Sanskaar:He pulls her near him and says let me tell u……A fb is shown.Ragini is in the library and studying.Its night.Sanskaar is also there but they dont see each other.Lights goes and Ragini looks for torch.She finally gets it but someone shuts her mouth and throws her on ground.She shouts who is there.Sanskaar hears her voice and reaches there.He sees someone trying to molest Ragini and beats the man.Ragini couldnt see their faces.In the end,the man pushes Sanskaar and runs.Sanskaar falls on Ragini and lights come.Ragini assumes it was him.She gets up and slaps him and accuses him for trying to molest her.He tries to explain but she calls the headmaster.Soon everyone come there and Ragini complains about him.Sanskaar is rusticated.He gets angry and vows to take revenge from her.Fb ends.
Sanskaar:I want to take revenge on u coz u humiliated infront of my friends and all mocked me because of u only!!!
Ragini cries and realises her mistake.She apologizes to Sanskaar and begs him to let Swara marry peacefully.
Sanskaar:Ok but for that u have to marry me!!!
Ragini cries and gets angry.
Ragini:Ok I am ready to marry u!!! But dnt expect any love and acceptance from me because I dont accept this marriage and I also have a condition!
Ragini:U will divorce me within 3 months….
Sanskaar:Why would u do that?
Ragini:Because Sanskaar Maheshwari alongwith my sister, ur brother is also marrying and not only Swara, but both will be hurt.And u love ur brother a lot right.So think about it.
Ragini smirks and looks on.
Sanskaar:U turned out to be more smart than I thought huh?
Ragini:U havent seen my colors yet!
Sanskaar:Ok but before I divorce u I will torture u so much that u will regret that day when u accused me.
Ragini looks on and says I am doing this marriage just for Swara.She cries.

Ragini and Sanskaar take pheras alongwith Swara and Laksh at different places.Laksh makes Swara wear sindoor and mangalsutra.Swara smiles and they hold hands.Sanskaar makes Ragini wear the mangalsutra.He is about to fill her maang with sindoor when she stops him.
Ragini:Just like a marriage is incomplete without love even this marriage will be considered as incomplete as u married me only half.I will fill my forehead with sindoor myself.
She fills her maang with sindoor herself and tears falls off her eyes.Sanskaar looks on.
They hold each others’s hand angrily.
Sanskaar(thinks):I promise to make ur life hell….
Ragini(thinks):I promise to make u realise ur mistake of marrying me and making u regret this marriage….

Swara thinks where is Lado and Laksh thinks where is bhai? The screen freezes on Ragsan and Swalak faces respectively.

Precap:Everyone is shocked seeing Ragsan married.Sujata goes and slaps Sanskaar angrily.Everyone look on.

Hey guys plzz comment how it was….love u lots guys…..

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  1. Nyc ragsan story ?❤

  2. Wow nice one I though it will be Swasan and raglak but nevermind❤️?

  3. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    This is swalak ff or ragsan..any way both are my fav…very interesting

  4. Fairy

    Oh god!!!!!!! It ws damn damn damnnnnnnn interestnggggg…..its lyk a diwali gft for me!!!awesome story yaar….waitng eagerly for it…cont..soooon plz plz…??? ragsan rocksss!!!!hope sanky wl realise his mistake n he doesnt harm my ragz???? keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety….happpy diwali??????

  5. Shilpi99

    Please make pair as swasan raglak yar please they are awesome together

  6. The episode is awesome…Just loved it…By the way Heera what’s your second ff’s name?Please please please tell me and give reply to my comment…Actually I want to read that ff also…I already read your passionate love story…So please tell me your second ff’s name…Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…..

  7. Silent_writer

    Wooooow superbbbbb dear lovd it

  8. It’s really nice to see u back heera after a long time lol we all hav been missing u and this ff is really smthing to read and dw about the private msgs wen ur account is fixed then u can send me a quick txt and plz continue with passionate love story I still love that ff

    Can’t wait till the next part
    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling ?

  9. Super interesting

  10. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  11. A.xx

    FAB!!! what’ll be Swara and Lakshya’s reaction and how will RagSan’s torture turn into love .xx
    update soon and HAPPY DIWALI.XX

  12. Akshata

    ragsan’s revenge story, its so interesting.

  13. Asra

    awesome dear…another ragsan story…waiting for nxt one…tkcr

  14. Jazzy

    I just love ragsan interesting continue

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