Swaragini [email protected] love (season 2) prologue

hey guyz!!
kritika here!!

links for intro n epi 1–




well, i didnt get good support in chapter 1 ..

according 2 my rule(atleast 5 comments) i should leave this ff but i am not ..i think many of u didnt read chap 1 ..

also i wanted to uncover past as soon as possible..so i posted this prolouge..

i dont u guyzz like it or not but i must say if u read it once, u will find it not reel , its real..n i want to make u feel like real..

whenever u read this, read it calmly , n i hope u will feel the same..

so , in chapter 1 we saw that swara is a cardiologist..started her hospital 1 year ago…..

she is deeply hurt from her past.her past is connected to mr. sanskar maheshwari..

b4 13 years , she , her di aahana , n her parent’s went to london for 1 month during her summer vacations..

free wifi facility was there..she recently(about 1 month ago) made her fb account..

there sanskar started a chat..

she didnt had to go offline , so had to chat..

she did it..unwillingly at 1st but after the chat she felt very reaxing…very fresh..

she did chat with him everyday..he was of same age , same class , same school..

they chat for fixed times..decided times for next chat b4 ending the current one..

she was addicted to him..

this was it in chap 1 ..i didnt gave details but i did cut some imp points also..so do read chap 1

betrayal , his friends betrayed her, not only her , they insulted her parents..mistake was neither swara’s nor sanskar’s….

to know more , keep reading SWARAGINI [email protected] LOVE..

guyzz if i didnt get comments, i will not be able to continue with this ff..


Credit to: kritika


    • Tq arzoo..but im not blackmailing dear..try to understand. If I dont get comments it means no one reads this ff..u will understand when u will become writer at that time u will understand my situation!! Hope so..
      N sry if I hurt u..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.