Swaragini [email protected] love (season 2) Intro

hey guyz…
kritika is back with season 2 of teenage love..
this is just the INTRO..
plz do share ur views..

HELLY SHAH as Swara gadodia – a sweet , modern , bubbly girl..a doctor, workaholic because of her past..her profession is her life..daughter of shekhar and sharmishtha gadodia..bestie of ragini..n modern but when it comes to traditional she wears traditional clothes..

SACHIN TYAGI as shekhar gadodia- a general surgeon (A kind of doctor) and father of swaraahana and hubby of sharmishtha gadodia..a kind doctor , pampers swara a lot…lives in kolkata with his wife..

PARINEETA BORTHAKUR as sharmishtha gadodia- a gynecologist(a type of doctor)..mother of swaraahana and wify of shekhar..a kind , calm and sweet person..

NITI TAYLOR as Aahana gadodia malhotra- a sweet, cute doctor..elder real sister of swara.. a married woman..her husband, aditya malhotra and her 1 n half year old baby girl ADINA ..

PARTH SAMTHAAN as ADITYA MALHOTRA – a successful , kind , cute business man. Hubby of aahana and father of adina..

AARADHYA BACCHHAN as ADINA ADITYA MALHOTRA – aahaNA and ADItya’s symbol of love…a cute, sweet baby…just 1 n half year old..


TEJASWI WAYANGANKAR as ragini khan- a sweet , bubbly girl..works as a lecturer..bestie of swara..wears both modern and traditional clothes..but more traditional clothes coz she is from a bohra (a type of muslims..) family..also handles a branch in Mumbai of her mom’s clothes shop RAGINIANA ..fiance of lakshya masood.

POONAM DHILLON as sara khan- a calm , sweet woman…a literate woman n owns RAGINIANA shop..its a readymade clothes shop..mother of ragini and niana .. wife of rizwan khan..

RITURAJ SINGH as rizwan khan-a kind business man..hubby of sara khan..lives in Kolkata with his with his wife..

RAGINI KHANNA as niana khan sharif..—daughter of sara and rizwan khan and wife of chirag sharif n mom of azai.

AVINASH MUKHERJEE As chirag sharif—a business man , lives in Kolkata , hubby of niana and dad of azai .

AZAI ALLUWALIA as azai sharif- 1 n half year old baby of chirag n niana..


VARUN KAPOOR as sanskar maheshwari—lives in kolkata , a business man… always wants to confront her lady love..he thinks that she left him..but is it true? Is this game of destiny? Lets see..

SONICA HANDA as sujata ram Prasad maheshwari..— same as Annapurna in serial..mom of sanskar and adarsh..wife of ram Prasad..

AMAR SHARMA as ram Prasad maheshwari—same as in serial..dad of sanskar n adarsh n hubby of sujata..

TARUN SINGH as adarsh maheshwari- same as in the serial..hubby of pari n dad of snehal.

AKANSHA CHAMOLA as parineeta maheshwari- same in the serial..wife of adarsh n mom of snehal..

RITVI JAIN as SNEHAL ADARSH MAHESHWARI- a cute, sweet 4 year old baby girl of parish..

NAMISH TANEJA as lakshya masood- a business man, same as in the serial..fiance of ragini khan..

SHALINI KAPOOR SAGAR as Annapurna maheshwari(AP)- same as in serial..mom of lakshya n wife of dp.

NAGESH SALVAN as durga parasad maheshwari – same as in serial..but doesn’t oppose cast n all.
So guyzz this is the intro ..i know its soo big..but what to do yr..
The extra info is –

1. Swaragini are besties..both live in Mumbai alone..swara in a small bunglow(its small guyzz)n ragini in a house.(U can imagine a simple house..this is because she is a lecturer..)
2. Gadodia’s , malhotra’s , khan’s , sharif’s , maheshwari’s and masood’s live in Kolkata..only swaragini and sanlak live in Mumbai..
3. Sanskar live in a small bunglow..where as, lakshya also lives in a small bunglow..both are good friends but not bf’s.
4. Friend circle of swaragini—richa, rashi, sasha , sanchi and tammana..
5. Gautam is best friend of swara from boyzz..is a business man..lives in Mumbai as well..
6. Friend circle of sanskar- ranbir(his bestie), kartik, arav, rohan, shashank..
7. Lakshya’s bestie is rohit..

Well guyzz, there is also past in this story..sorry but I like suspense…
plz tell me where to improve..i know i do many mistakes..but plz tell me so that i correct them..

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  1. Just have a question how come laksh is masood and muslim when he is ap and dp’s son

    1. Hey dear..this is completely different from the serial. I mean ap n dp are like serial which means that their behaviour n character is like that not caste n all..

    2. Hey dear..this is completely different from the serial. I mean ap n dp are like serial which means that their behaviour n character is like that not caste n all..sry yr mistakenly typed ap n dp as maheshwaris

  2. Omg soo many families..great…all the best for ur new ff..update daily
    .as soon as posible…

    1. Tq shani..I will try to update tomorrow.

  3. Wow. The intro is very nice. And I have a request . I wi forget the charter that u have included so plz tell what they r in the next episode also. Plz. Because I will have confusion . And ur intro is very nice. I’m waiting for the next epsiode.

    1. Tq .I will include what are they when needed. U just need to remember swasan n raglak.

  4. Hai Kritika,I suspect this is your ff…because of the @ in the title…. Anyway me and my frnzz dislike Manan….They are not a cute jodi….we like only Paarth????…..and their faces not looking matured as they have a child…..Anyway nice start dear carry-on??????????????????

    1. Hii nandana..thats y I [email protected] in my titles. Well about manan I love niti!! I too dont like manan pair..but I was not getting any character for that..but dont worry there will be no manan scenes. They are just for show!! Just to complete a family. N child it was necessary. U will know later coz of the ages. But ages I will tell u in next epi..well tq u for ur comment. N also tq for completing the past in ur epi..just want to know sanskar’s reaction after knowing the truth..

  5. Hi Kritika ! What a wonderful intro 🙂 seriously good luck, all the best for this ff as it has a lot of characters !! The most difficult part in all this will surely be to connect these characters with their own stories etc… But i’m pretty sure you already have ideas about it 😉 all the best Dear !

    1. tq imane..but about the connecting of characters..u dont worry …i will mention everywhere what are they…

  6. nice intro
    completely different one..

  7. Nice intro and plz continue

  8. Interesting

    1. u will find it more intresting after i start the story..
      well tq ruhani..

  9. as I promised I will read it from starting to end happy to see u back kritika n love the intro…

    1. thank u aditi!!
      as u promised reading from starting to end..i will also reply ur comments(whenever u comment) from starting to end..

  10. interesting dear….n suspence…i too loved them…i have read all your ff…they are really good

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