Swaragini [email protected] love (season 2) Chapter 4 “SANSKAR JEALOUS”

Hey guys!!i know I am extremely late..but sry im busy with my exams…I m really sorry next epi next week or may be this weekend..n movie world also I will post tomorrow or on wed..soo sryy..bcoz of short update I wont force u for comments..but if u wish u can comment..i will be very very very happy if u comment..but as per ur wish ….well gautam is swara’s best friend in boys..

So here we go.

We went near the lake clicked some selfies..n for boat riding we went towards the line just then I got busy in a phone chatting with richa, one of my group member..i was soo lost in it that I didn’t hear ragini calling me..

When she said “dr.swara gadodia listen to me” then only I came back in my sensed..
Just then I heard someone calling me swara..

I turned back n the person said-“hi swara..rohan shikhwat ..i was with u in std 7..remeber me?”

I was lost in my thoughts hearing his sentence..his words echoed my ears..he insulted my parents..why??he was the reason I broke with sanskar..

I broke my trance when ragini shooked me..i looked at all of them..i knew everyone..his every friend..is he here?i thought,…just then I saw him..i was 10000000%it was he..he looked dashing in royal blue shirt n cream jeans..he was staring at me like anything….


Sanskar thinks…- oh god!! Swara gadodia at last I found u … after 13 years u are in front of me…god she is gonna kill me with her looks.. she is looking damn s**y in those hots!!
But then his inner voice says—oh come on sanskar .. she betrayed you..u cant fall for her again..sanskar control urself..

Then his another inner voice says- sanskar there might be some reason..she unfriend u on fb which meant she didn’t wanna live in a relationship with u…there might be some reason..coz she didn’t have any other bf also…

Then his thoughts broke as soon as swarag started hugging his friends on the occasion of hug day!!!

SanSKAR to himself- yeah! My chance will also come to hug her..but why is she hugging all? She should hug me only!!

As soon as swara came to hug sanskar she just stepped forward…she heard gautam’s voice which says “hey rohan!!hey sanskar!!hello everyyyyyy(with an exclaimed face seeing swarag) ooneeee….swara?!!

Swara almost ran nd hug gautam…sanskar was shocked…he thought how can his very close friend gautam cheat him?then his inner voice said- they must be friends…

Swara still hugging gautam- happy hug day!!

Gautam- same to u!!

They break the hug n then gaurag hug lightly n wish each other as un dono ki itni pat ti nahi!!

Gautam- swarag u here?

Swara- yeah for celebrating all days..u know na ragini was in pune so..but u?

Gautam- yeah these are my college friends so..

Swara – ooooo!! Well guys lets go for boating..what say?

Gautam- sure!!

They all go while sanskar fumes in jealousy..

In boat,
Swaragautam are very close with swara in middle of ragautam…they click selfies, laugh have fun…n sansakr notices these things.but he also notice that swara is staring at him in between..

Precap- sanskar comes to swara’s reason for break up…+ tadke wali jealousy!!

Guys sorry for not including past in next episode I will..

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