Swaragini [email protected] love (season 2) Chapter 3 “I SAW SANSKAR”

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N swara calls ragini as GINI bcoz in swaragini RA is Hey guyzz!!!kritika here!!
commom n swa n gini remains..so gini being a name, is called to ragini by swara…


Finally 12 February is here!!
“Happy hug day gini!!” I messaged ragini at 12:00 at night though, she must be travelling!!! She is coming by car!! She doesn’t know to drive..she just knows 2 wheeler..thats why she is coming with a lady driver..her mama’s driver..(maternal uncle’s driver)
“same 2 u candy!!”

I got irritated hearing the alarm’s voice…I closed it without opening my eyes n without getting up..i got up suddenly thinking about hug day!!
I quickly took bath n had breakfast which was prepared by mona di..though she is a servant , she is like my di, my family, after all she is also a human being..

I went to my hospital n quickly completed my work with in 3 hrs. yeah 3 hrs. are quickly only for me bcoz usually I work for 5 hrs..12:00 to 5:00 but today I finished it with in 3 hrs..just to go lake side..
I went to home , had lunch..n changed n waited for ragini..
She came!!awe she is looking soo beautiful In that dark orange n black top and purple kapri..
We complimented each other at the same time.. “u look so beautiful..” n we laughed too at the same time..this happened b4 also..

Some months passed , I and sanskar were in a relationship(I will describe it later)
We were in our school trip..which was a one day outing..
I and ragini finished our dinner n headed towards our bus to get our bottles for water.but our teacher stopped us saying she wont allow us to go to that corner.she said if u want water drink from that tanker..we went inside the lawn again..we both asked n replied n laughed at same time..
“are u drinking?”

I wore blue denim shorts , grey sleeveless top wit pink shrug of 3/4th sleeves..i left my hair open my flix puffed a bit at the front..i wore yellow feather earrings. i love feathery earrings..n I put some baby lips..

I drove my BMW with ragini beside me ..
Nearly after 40-45 mins we reached there..
We went near the lake clicked some selfies..n for boat riding we went towards the line just then I got busy in a phone chatting with richa, one of my group member..i was soo lost in it that I didn’t hear ragini calling me..
When she said “dr.swara gadodia listen to me” then only I came back in my sensed..
Just then I heard someone calling me swara..
I turned back n the person said-“hi swara..rohan shikhwat ..i was with u in std 7..remeber me?”

I was lost in my thoughts hearing his sentence..his words echoed my ears..he insulted my parents..why??he was the reason I broke with sanskar..
I broke my trance when ragini shooked me..i looked at all of them..i knew everyone..his every friend..is he here?i thought,…just then I saw him..i was 10000000%it was he..he looked dashing in royal blue shirt n cream jeans..he was staring at me like anything….

Precap- lets see whats sanskar’s reaction about swara..

Plz comment guyzz!!!i feel very bad for not seeing comments…

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  1. Nice yr..pls don’t feel bad for less commoents as there are many silent readers also

  2. a bit confusing…
    where is sanskar

    1. Tq roja . actually sanskar will be shown from next episode today was his entry

  3. It was awesome

  4. Heyyy nice episode and make it long….nd thxx for using my name ;p

    1. Tq richa..coincidentally both names are same..hehe…I love ur name dear!!

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