Swaragini [email protected] love (season 2) Chapter 2 “SWARAGINI BOND”

Hey guyz!! Sorry for late update actally I was having high fever.so it was difficult for me to post ..but I promise as soon as possible I will post next episode..but I cant upload daily..sorry!!
i think this story will take time to interact..i will try 2 more epi to make u interact n I will also try to disclose past as soon as possible.. I thought that this story might be taking time to make u all interact just like saba’s “I am hope ” ff,.

Well I decided to keep raglak as 10% if u want more tell me..
I decided to keep this part as sanskar’s but then I thought to make it swaragini’s..
So here we go ..

I was caressing my shih tzu(a kind of dog)lost in my thoughts but my trance broke when my mobile ringed..a smile appeared on my face as it flashed ragini’s name..
It took me no time to pick the phone up..
“hello swara!!”

“yeah rags!!”
“butterfly(rags call swara by different names lovingly) a very happy chocolate day..”
“same 2 u..where is y chocolate..?”
“u know na I am in pune in my nani’s house..2morrow im coming.u remember 2morrow is hug day..we will go to CANDY LAKE side which is far from Mumbai city..n celebrate rose day, chocolate day, promise day n hug day there only ..coz I know u have to go to London also..(I know hug day is o 12th but my next episode will be on 12th.so…)”ragini spoke..
Swara-“yeah dear . have fun n come safely..”
ragini-“ok meri…m(she was going to say ma)…meri Minnie..meri cutie..love u candy”
Swara-“aww!!u are my family n we never say love u to our family.”
Ragini laughs n swara smiles..they both chit chat n go for sleep..

(swara’s pov only)
I am back to india!!!yuhu!!!im back home!!i am back Kolkata!!!ur swara is back!!
I said as I stepped out of the airport inhaling the air of Kolkata.i felt doo homely..
I sat in my BMW n the driver drove to GADODIA MANSION..
I peeped out of the window inhaling the fresh air.
“I didn’t even knew when i slept..was I soo tired?” I said as I reached my house..
I went straight to my room..i took clothes n went to washroom..i came out n jumped on the bed..it was already ready ..dadi made it ready..i took my laptop n opened FB..
I saw him on9.(of course its our hero..)
I saw him texting..1st we had a normal talk like hi , hello , how was the journey n all..then he asked me something..he texted – “swara listen, I have a friend on fb, a girl actually , she is my cousin’s friend , I wanna talk with her, plz tell me some way”
I felt like someone boiled my blood..why? I didn’t want him to talk to that girl..i gave him a matured answer..

(Swara texted)- “sanskar every girl has different mentality..i don’t know what does she think..i am sorry I cant help u in this..bcoz If I will tell u some way , it will be according to my mentality..may be she doesn’t like it.she may get angry on u..i suggest u not to do anything(she meant not to text anything..)u get me?am I correct?”
sanskar- “swara yes u r absolutely correct..actually I never expected such a matured ans. From u..u are just awesome..”
“tq”I typed..

We chat for sometime but then I texted him bye as soon as I heard ragini’s voice..
We hugged each other as soon as we saw each other..we chit chatted in my room n I showed her pics of London..i told her many things about London..she also told me about her nepal’s trip..

Precap- sanskar’s entry..

So guyzz, how was it?? I hope u like it..i forgot to tell u that swasanrag are 25 while lakshya is 26..also , swara has a branch of her clinic In London..

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  1. nepal, thank u so much by mentioning my country’s name… I was like :O and yeah plz make swasan scene more (90%)..

    1. yes yes dear sumi happy to hear that u r from nepal..swasan are the main..n once past is disclosed i will definately show more n more swasan scenes..

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  3. kritika update fast n long one plz..

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