Swaragini [email protected] love (season 2) Chapter 1 “A START OF NEW STORY”

Hey guys!!! Kritika here!!!
Im here with [email protected] teenage love season 2 episode 1
Readers , those who didn’t read season 1 can also read this , coz there’s no connection between both seasons..
well forgot to tell u , in last epi i mistakenly typed ap n dp as maheshwari’s ..sry they are masood’s..

So here we go…

I’m almost in tears after cutting this cake…no no no…this is not my birth day cake..this is a small celebration of my success..i consider this celebration small because this is not my cup of tea. the whole sky is mine..not till now, but I will make it mine, by dedicating my whole life to……(after a pause)my friends..my patients..as I said the word MY PATIENTS , MY FRIENDS, a tear rolled down my cheek….you don’t deserve this swara (pointing to herself), u don’t deserve these tears…once, they(not tears , some people from her past) will get their part of punishment, then u will be satisfied..

Only I know.. How with the help of studies, I became successful in just 1 year…today I don’t feel lonely because these tears , this pain is with me…but one day, I will find them(people)..I wont blame them(people)..coz this is not my work…this is god’s work…I just want to tell them about my success… want to tell them , if they would have studied that time , they had become successful till now..still I have a fear , if they must be more successful than me? No swara, just work hard..u don’t need to care about those bastards…”I AM ME..N I WONT CHANGE MYSELF FOR ANYONE..”swara u have no right to give them punishment..
U r pure..swara u are pure..dont become impure like them…
Saying this I rested my head on the top of couch n closed my eyes…I thought of my past..
No mom I am not coming to London with you all..plz mom I cant live without my home..my india..that too for 1 month..but mom only showed me positive things of London…then I went with them…now its 29 may…

Im in London right now..from past 17 days im in london.. im online on facebook ..though I am 12 years , there are very few of my age on fb still many are my friends..b4 1 month 4 days I created my id..
There’s a message..i quickly opened the inbox n checked it was from SANSKAR MAHESHWARI..o god this mad boy..though we study in same class but I consider him mad boy instead my classmate…
I too texted ”HII…”

Then he started his bak bak like wassup, whats new , how were ur summer vacations n all…but the poor me , had to reply all his messages , coz I didn’t want to go offline… then everyday we chatted in London..mom and dad are doctors..i , ahana di(swar’s elder sister) , mom n dad came to London for our parent’s workshop…mom n dad were busy whole day..we stayed in a 1BHK apartment..oh god it was soo difficult to adjust in such a small home..i have the habit of my grand bunglow so its difficult for me..still had to adjust..but slowly all this wiered feeling about that apartment vanished seeing his message..we used to talk long..he was in india…in Kolkata only..i was in London..
He used to be awake till 12:30 in the night only for me..coz of the timings…in london it was evening but in india it was night.. but he never complained about this to me..soon the day came of my returning back to india…due to 2 different flights 1 frm London to dubai and another from dubai to india..so due to 2 different flights..it took 2 dayzz to reach homie.. I couldn’t chat to him for those 2 dayzz.oh god I missed him soo much..i missed my friend soo much…his chats..his cute talks..made me feel so gud!!!

It’s the first time I met such a friendly person..actually 2nd time..the 1st place is occupied by my bestie.. RAGINI KHAN..
O god , though we used to video chat daily, but I missed her the most…

“I was soo happy..was not i?”
I said as I wiped a tear..
“But my happiness was not for soo long..just some months ..just some..” I was about to finish but was interrupted from some feeling on my leg..oh god!!muffin.. there she is..my female shih tzu wearing a beautiful baby pink dress with flowery designs and pink rubber on her ponytail..all the things were designed by me..
I picked her up n went to kitchen ..took her dog food n went in drawing room n gave her the food n caressed her head while she started eating..though her dog house is in garden but I give her food inside..i went on caressing..lost in caressing..but
My trance broke when my mobile ringed..a smile appeared on my face as RAGINI’S name flashed on the screen of my IPHONE 6..


Sooo sry guyzz I don’t want to give precap today…SANSKAR’S PART WILL BE TOMORROW..
Plz comment…

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