Swaragini [email protected] love chapter 6


Tq every1 fr ur valuable comments….
Precap- parish engagement……
Scene 1 Swaragini house…
Rag-swara v hav 2 go 2day 2 maheshwari mansion .. today is lakshya’s brother’s engagement….
Swa-ya di uttara told me..
Rag- n do u know who is going 2 be his would be wife??
Both 2gether say pari..
Rag- yes sona.. parineeta shikhawat our family friend will b his wife.our neighbour will b his wife. Oh god!!
Swa- di.. ma n baba will also come na.. we will meet them in d engagement…
Hearing swara’s words without saying a word rags open skype n video chat with Shekhar n shumi…
Swa-ma… u r coming na..
Shumi- yes baby u r seeing na.. v r at airport only…
Shekhar- shona calm down .. dont cry ..
Pari – no cry cry 2day…. coz 2day is my engagement…
Rag-when u came?
Pari-jst now..

Shekhar- god bless u beta.. v r coming..
Shumi- achcha beta v will talk 2 u later…. Shekhar our flight is announced. ? Come.. my blessings r wid u all 3….
Bye…….all d girls say…
Pari-come rags make me ready…
Rag-yes di im coming…
Swa-u both go.. 2day is holiday fr school na so I’ll enjoy.. n di plz come n tell me which dress… afterwards ha..
Pari-i will send her..
Swara thinks about sanskar n then thinms he will also b in d ceremony as he is uttara’s cousin…..

Scene 2 rags running n coming 2 swa . She says ma n baba’s flight is delayed due to heavy rain n nad weather… swara cries… what’s d problem?? Why this happens with me? Rags says sona… they r coming na… atleast …u wear na this dress..

Scene 3 parish engagement
Swa is wearing long top n parallels. ?(as shagun weara in yhm). Witha beautiful braid . Rags is wearing anarkali..red coloured… sans is wearing golden sherwani while lucky is wearing green sherwani..
Ap n sujata bless Swaragini.. ap says beta where r ur parents?
Rags gets teary eyed.. swara cries..
Pari- ma.. that rags real parents r janki n Shekhar. ? While swara’s real
Parents r sharmishtha n Shekhar… bt shumi was married to avinash..bt janki divorced Shekhar coz she wanted 2 marry avinash a money man.. then janki caught avinash in his trap. So he divorced sharmishtha… then poor rags was motherless.. so shumi married Shekhar. Then swara was born who connected d whole family. Bt avinash thought before 2 years that swara is his daughter. So he took her n rags custody fr 5 years.. out of that 2 years r gone . Now 3 years r left.. then Swaragini will b wid their parents.

Ap n sujju gets emotional . sanskar is teary eyed. Laksh is hurt coz he had been with rags since years bt she never told him. N rags hugs swara n keeps her hand on her head n says sh sh no sona u hav 2 b strong right? N fr whom? Jst fr ma papa.. ap says im also like ur mom..rags. she hugs raga n swara. Suj says then I’m ur choti ma.. frm 2day..

Engagement takes place..
Ap asks rags how will they go? Its late night n they won’t get taxi . Rags says anty I’m 18+. I drive.. ap says fr me u r small kids..

Precap- swasan annual feast programme n dance night fr 10 grade students.
Guyz hope u enjoyed.
If I’ll get time I’ll post another…


Credit to: Kritika

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  1. Kritika I can’t understand that when avinash has taken rags custody then why SWARA is leaving with him and where are sumi and shekhar

    1. Deeba bfore 2 years he took d custody. Avinash has taken custody of Swaragini. N Shekhar n shumi r living in mumbai coz avinash threatened them that if they r near Swaragini he will harm them.. so…

  2. Oh god it was a tearfull update dr

  3. awesome kritika.. nice track.. nic swaragini… nice teenage love story.. but wanna rqust u plz extend more coz i want it would nvr end..

    1. Awww I wanna extend it too but my exams r there.. so

  4. princess swara

    how can I read the first chapter .. I am not able to find it ,can u please help

  5. Nice but I am little confused

  6. Nyc dr. . . 🙂

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