Swaragini [email protected] love chapter 5


precap- aisha’s bday party.

guys in 2-3 episodes u will get to know who is janki n avinash…. jst a secret……….
scene 1 swara’s home.
swara comes home totally drenched in water. she sneezes. rags say sona(shekhar n sharmishtha had intercast marriage. rags was connected to marwari’s whereas swara was connected to bengali’s mostly. so its shona in bengali n sona in simple hindi.) what happened? janki says let her go inside n change. rags says come baby… come . after swara changes her dress janki comes n gives her soup. rags feed her. she says janki ma.. today is aisha’s bday .. as i told u. bt can i take sona also.. plz janki ma u never disappoint me na….. u love me a lot na…. janki says ok beta……swa asks rags what to wear. janki hears this n thinks tht’s y my rago is burdended… jst bcoz of this swara….. rags says baby if u will ask me such small thinks. then what will happen? swa says di.. plz or i will nt come. rags says no.no.no. sona if u wont come na then aisha will kill me….. achcha that luckys sis uttara n his bro sanskar r also coming.. now u will come na.. swara says if uttara is coming then why should not i come… rags select dress fr swara… rags thinks after all i cheered her up. i dont know what happened 2 her . may i ask?? no no if she will have any panic attack then?? what will i ans ma papa? let it be…

scene 2 aisha’s bday
swara is wearing royal blue mini skirt n plane silver top with curls n a cute sospeso hair bealt .. she is wearing silver n blue jewellery.. whereas rags is wearing yellow parallels n white top ….. simple outer curls..
ragsha(rags n aisha) hug each other……. she gives her gift… aisha says omg sonaaaa. my babyy…. i met so so long na.. sona says di we met jst 2 days ago…..evry1 laugh. sanskar gets mesmerised seing swara. sudenly he remembers todays incident…he becomes tensed. bt still tries to cheer her. he says hi. swara replies hi .where is uttara??uttara says here… swra says utss did u do the project? sanskar says shit i forgot… uttara says oh no.. me too . swara says i will send pics on whats app. copy it.. lak says rags come lets leave parsha.. these lovebirds alone n he holds rags hand. aisha says not on my bday guyzzz… swara sees lak holding ragins hand n gets tensedd… its new fr her guyz. she has always been in d shadow of her sis n parents.
they celebrate nicely.. raglak were so close during d bday …… even swasan were comfortable with each other.
that night swara tightly holded rags n slept.. she felt safe in rags hands…. coz she knows after her parents rags is only her support n after rags uttara……..

precap- parish engagement… swarag, parsha present there….

guys coz of short updATes im posting 2……….
hope u enjoy…
plz giv ur ideas n suggestions……

Credit to: kritika

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  1. Your plot is fantastic di!! I have no words left to describe your ff!!! Keep writing!!!

    1. Tq vinita bt whats ur age??
      I think u also write ff…

  2. Very nice dear I know janki is ragini real mother but how did she came and who is avinash

    1. Thats d secret deeba.. ty

    1. I think u r a new commenter… tqq sravya…
      Im very hapy…

  3. Oh i like swarag bonding

    1. Yeah.. their relationship is d deepest

    1. Aww surbhi.. u always comment… tq… aapke liye jitna bhi ty bolu kam hai… tq once again

  4. awesome..

  5. Nice episode

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