Swaragini [email protected] love chapter 3


Precap- swasan practice singing together…..

Scene 1 music room
Swasan only wil b singing. Bg singers will jst play instruments.
Swara arrives n then sanskar.she says u n singer. With a calm voice. I know I shud not speak this bt .. I didn’t expect it. I mean… he kept a finger on her lips. His touch made her feel something special. Sans says its ok. Im a rock star by d way. Swara says oh. Im a rock star as well as a soft singer. “So which song r u singing? ” both say 2 get her. Swara says tu hai hero mera n sans says main hu hero tera. They both say 2gether. They practice hard. N then they practice on beats, on music. Kavita is an instrument player . Ahe jerks seeing them so close. She thinks I wont spare u swara. Now nik I am with u.. u will hav 2 pay frthis swara madam.

Scene 2 raglak college.
Lak- rags parth is angry on aisha.
Ragini- oh no .. 2morrow is her bday.
Lak- idea!!!
After some time rags go 2 parth n says how can aisha flirt wid anyone?this is ur ques n parth. See parth if u believe aisha 1/2 % also na then u … u love her. She can never think about anyone else other than u . Lakshya arrives n says parth believe me, rags n aisha.. v r saying d truth. See 2morrow is aisha’s bday. Dont make her angry that u… u heard someone saying that aisha was flirting with someone n u believed it. See it may b someone else aisha. There r many aishas in our college..parth says correct yarr it may b someone else. Aisha comes n say what’s up guyzzz???? Rags says im very hungry yarr. Lets go 2 cafeteria… they all go…

Scene 3 school corridor
Kavita says nik u know na I love sanskar. N u love swara(she says swara in a bad tone). Bt v can see their closeness. I think v shud do something. Nik says I hav a plan.. I won’t tell u know. Coz if anyone hears us it would b a problem. So I will msg u on Facebook. Ok. 2day we will chat on 3:00 pm. Ok? Kavita says ok nik.deal done then?nik says done.
At 3:00 pm nik tells d plan. Kavita says perfect. N thinks now swara behenji get ready fr d baddest day of ur life.

Precap- swara shputs help help. Bt d boy holds her..she cries

Guys plz do tell ur views. Tqq

Credit to: Kritika

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  1. I m pretty sure sanskar will rescue swara… they have a bond like that…

    1. yes kashish… they hav a bond like that

  2. Nice but to short

    1. sooo sryyyy actually my exams are coming near. so i doont get time. bt after exams every details will b written….. sryyy surbhi

  3. nice.. bt very short

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