Swaragini [email protected] love chapter 12

precap – swara’s accident…
guyzzzzz tqqqqqqqq a lotttttttttttt frrrrrrrrrrrrrrr urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr support..
was a little busy yesterday…. so i will write 2 ffs 2day..
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guyz here janki loves only rags as shes her dauhgter n dislikes swara as she is her x husbands illegal daughter…. n avinash loves swara more than rags… as she is his x wifes daughter…
scne 1
ragini calls avinash,, she cries… not in her senses.. she says avi uncle… uncle that ..swara.. avi says what happened to swara.. rags says that accident…. i m in city hospital come soon… plz uncle can u permit me to call ma n papa also? uncle plz uncle i beg u.. im ready to do anything.. avinash says ok… coz he didnt hav time to think about sheshta.. so he permitted…
doctor comes out…he says swara’s condition is worsened… one can go to meet her… we are calling a specialist.. till he comes one can go..
rags cries n says.. sanskar can u go… plz sanskar u can inspire her… n i know that… u go n i will call ma n baba.. plz sanskar it takes time to come frm mumbai to kolkata.. sanskar says ok di…
sanskar goes in.. he says swara i saved u frm d accident n u r going away frm me???? there’s a complete silence between them.. he says u know na… i did it bcoz i love u.. suddenly he realises what he said….. he thinks how can i love.. then he sees her face n says yes ye swara im in love with u… omg;.. swara i promise i will b with u always.. u will het ur parents back.. bt plzz.. dont leave me.. dont leave ur sis.. dont leave ur family.. they r everything fr u… u r their future…. get up swrao get up.. u hav 2 get up fr us… fight fr us… plz yr…. 2day itself u wil meet ur parents also… swara’s heartbeat gets normal. she moves her hand…he calls the doctor.. n comes out while all the doctors r in…
rags while crying says sankar what happened … what hapened… tell me.. sankar tell na… plz .. sanskar says di.. dont worry … actually swara moved a little.. rags says oh godd… now plz dont ruin her life.. she goes to mandir , n prays god…. my sona.. my sis is there in the ICU.. that 15 year old sis who is afraid of a doc also… she is in hospital.. fighting frm life n death.. she.. suddenly lucky comes frm behind n says rags that doc sais swara is fine..now no need of specialist doc also.. rags gets hpy n in front of every1 hugs lakshya…
after some dayss
its morning..
swara is still in hospital.. n is hpy as she is being discharged 2day..
she is alone.. she says now 2day new swara will enter in avi uncle’s house.. this will be strong swara… frm 2dAy swara shekhar gadodia will be d old swara.. d bold swara.. d strong swara… not the fearful swara…

she enters the house…
janki for the first time happily does arti of swara.. she keeps step boldly in the house… avinash says sheshtha..
i understood ur love fr swragini.. they r ur daughters.. i dont want their custody.. swara n rags r overwhelmed… shekhar n avinash hav a hug,, while janki n shumi also.. n there swaragini also hav a hug.. shumi says bt now how we will convince court.. avi says b4 2 years u lived in kolkata.. so if we all 6 live in the same house… in this house… for atleast 3 years then.. shekhar says it will b the best idea…….. all hav a family hug….

precap- sanskar confesses his love to swara.. kavita breaks up with sanskar n proposes nik.. marriage proposal fr rags.. parish mariage..

gyz sry fr no raglak scene.. today evening i will post another ff.. so in that both swasan n raglak scene would be there..

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