Swaragini [email protected] love chapter 11


Precap- swara’s accident….

Guyzzz I’m very depressed dat u r not liking my ff. Whatever u wanna see In my ff jst comment. This ff is fr u… not fr me.. im jst in 8th… n in every 20 dayzz my exams r there… in feb my final exams r there… still I write… only fr u… guyzz its for ur entertainment. If I wont get response how will I move forward? I need u guyzz jst as my supporters , my friends. Coz friends support each other.. if u will support my ff I will support ur opinion… bt if u won’t comment I wont understand what’s going in ur mind.. its a humble request. Bt I’m not pressurising u… bt all silent readers tq to u.. I tried my best to make u understand…
These r the lines written by me..
The colours of rainbow…
All together white..
Our togetherness…..
Is also white..
N do u know …
What white means?
It’s a symbol of purity..
Our love is pure..
I love u babe..
Let times come like..
Sadness, depression, etc..
I’ll b always wid u…

Scene 1
Raglak decides to drop swara to tution n leave fr a group study in park…
Raglak were sooo busyyy ROMANCING that they forgot to pick up swara..
She decided to go by walking n then call frm a pco.. as mobiles were not allowed in tution… she walks.. she saw a girl n boy holding hands… she recalls raglak holding hands.. in aisha’s bday party.. she was thinking n walking on road without paying attention…
Suddenly a car comes n hits her… Sanskar sees this.. frm his car.. he gets down n sees n is shocked to see that it’s none another than swara.he cries vigorously…
He takes her to city hospital… the nurse asks sanskar to call swara’s family. Till her family’s permission they won’t start the procedure… he recalls ragini being lakshya’s friend… he calls lucky by someone’s phone.. luk gives phone to rags n tell her evrythng… then sans handovers the phone to nurse.. rags says nurse im her sister ragini gadodia. Start the procedure im reaching there..

Raglak reach there.. they found swara in ICU . Ragini cries n says lucky now what I will say to ma papa.. that I being her elder sis … aha ahha…
She cries lucky tries to console her..

Then doc comes… he says AB+ is swara’s blood group. V neex blood.. this is not available in blood bank.. rags says doc my blood group is O+ I cant give her blood. She says kash kash 2day ma would b here.. Sanskar says my blood group is also AB + doc says no u r below 18 u cant donate blood.. Sanskar says plz doc u also in 100 people on 1 person has Ab+ .. try to understand. The doc allow s him bt just on the permission of lakshya ..

Precap- swara’s condition worsens..

Credit to: Kritika

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  1. Good dear…Waiting For next πŸ˜€

    1. Tq sana… the first commenter

  2. nice continue

  3. Vinay Karthik

    don’t worry yaar…. just keep writing ur ff….. ur ff is nice only so don’t take tension.. actually many readers are silent readers so don’t worry abt comments just keep doing…….

    1. Yeah n tq fr ur support

  4. Oh god swara

    1. Aww hayathi once again u commented tq

  5. dont be sad for less comment..
    being 8th std u writing ff n it is really gud…

    1. n below 18 dr will not collect blood…
      bt its k as she is serious..
      pls continue… there are some who lv ur ff

  6. don’t feel that kritika.. this is one of my bst ff..u hav to continue..

  7. dear ur writing skill is fabulous…
    don’t bother about anything just write ur imagination. …
    u don’t know I’m big big big fan of swasan…
    I check the fan page possibly in every 5min to know if anyone post swasan pair’s ff
    I’m eagerly waiting for reading. .
    also u know I have university exam in this month before Xmas. .

    1. Aww me too akku.. n all the best fr ur exams..

  8. kritika, just write your heart out dear… don’t be afraid of consequences… you have long way to go… continue writing.. and trust me one fine morning, people will bound to comment because of ur writing spirit… keep it up…

    1. Tq kashis u r really inspirable.

  9. AB+ can take blood from any one..it is not that it can take blood only from AB+.
    I know that u r in standard 8,so we can ignore the fact.
    Kritika ur writing skill is good; you should make it little long and plz add some expressions and feelings to it. So that we can understand the situation properly

    1. I didn’t know that. Thanks for your comment

  10. Yr kritika u r fabulous nd don’t worry we all like your ff I m a silent reader but only to encourage you I have commented here your ff is really awesome

  11. Hey, Kritika I’m Dyuti. Wow I still can’t believe that you’re in 8th and you are writing so good. That is some awesome, wonderful writing. I am jz thrilled. Way to go buddy. Don’t let go of your writing skill. Wooow. Waiting eagerly for your next update.

    1. Yeah dyuti… I’m really overwhelmed.

  12. Good yar continue

  13. Hey kritika don’t worry about cmnts ur ff is awesome
    N I’m alo in 8 th☺

    1. Oh hello cherry … where r u frm?? Which school?? What’s the title of ur ff???

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