Swaragini [email protected] love chapter 1


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As sanskar changed hos school kavita also came behind him.
First day of school. Swara n uttara r old students of d school
Scene 1 school
Swara is entering d class with uttara.. Sanskar sees her. He gets mesmerised seeing her beauty, uttara says sanskar bhai hii.. she hugs him. (Though dey r of same age uttara calls him bhai). In class, teacher introduces sanskar. He keeps on seeing swara. Kavita feels jealous but she is very flirty.
After some dayz
one day In class interval, nikhil sees swara n says oh girl.. I m first time in ur section. U r so beautiful… would u like 2 come with me 2 a date.. oh no one can say me no.. right babes?? Today at cappuccino coffee shop.. uttara fearfully interrupts n says oh hello do u know whom ur talking with? Nikhil says with a non sense , stupid girl. Uttara says no u r talking with sanskar maheshwaris sister.. nikhil holds swara’s hand saying no im talking with this s**y hot girl.. he sees hee name on her identity card n says swara gadodia.. swara looks afraid. Uttara holds her hand n they both run frm there. Swara cries.
In 2nd interval
Sanskar comes 2 know about this frm abhay. He punches nikhil n they fight on d playground.
In class methali comes n tells swara n uttara about sanky n nik(nikhil). They run n see them. Uttara says stop it bth of u. Abhay stops them. Nik xomes 2 swara n says oh my gosh babes u .. Sanskar punches him n says dont dare 2 say her babes. Swara looks at him n thinks in this 21st century there is some one who lives fr humanity. Swara says tq 2 sanskar. Nik slaps her n says u cant see r talk any boy other than me. Swara falls on d ground. Ahe cries a lot . Uttara with courage says how can u do so? Selfish person. She her face. She is.. he pushes her. She falls too. Sankar hits him n keeps on hitting him. Suddenly neerav comes n says maya mam us coming guyz. Every1 gets dispersed. Nik says I will see u. Sanskar says u r already seeing me.

Scene 2 at gadodia mansion.
Rags sees swara crying. She closes d door. She consoles her. She asks d reason about swara’s cry. Swara explains her everything. Angry rags says 2morrow I will come 2 school n complain.. jst see nikhil now what I do. She asks swara if sanskar did anything 2 her. Swara says he jst helped her. He is uttara’s cousin bhai. He will never let anyone harm uttara.


hope u guyz like it… jst waiting fr ur comments

Credit to: Kritika

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  1. Awwww sanskar maro ek aur tappad maro hiw can he slap a girl like rhis

    1. Tq munawar sultana

  2. Wow kritika ur ff is awesome pls continue

  3. very nice

  4. ya kritika it was so good.. how can nik slap swa.. well done sanky..awsum ff..plz continue soon

    1. Ty niti. Niti is also name of one of my close friends.

    1. Tq surbhi. U always comment which makes me feel proud. .not only u ty 2 every1 who read my ff

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