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hey guys! kritika here! as i am discontinuing this ff,with the mystery unsolved, i thought to post a summary in which the whole story is given in short. i wrote 4 parts but no body read it, i also had different ideas in my mind so i discontinued it.. i know here also, no one will comment. but this is especially for u #anu and #shubhi…
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So the starting of the story was, swara hates sanskar and his friend circle from her childhood.

Swara- She is a successful doctor (dermatologist) in Mumbai. She is a modern girl with modern thoughts but also tradition sometimes. Lives alone, her bestie is ragini.. her family lives in kolkata She is workaholic due to her past. She also has a bestie from boys , gautam.

Ragini is a lecturer and is from a muslim family(no particular reason but I just wanted to show how 2 besties accept each other’s religion and tradition). They are bestie’s from last 14 years. lives in Mumbai.. fiancé of lakshya.

One day, for celebrating hug day, swarag went to a lake. There they saw sanskar and his gang. They recognized each other, swarag hugged everyone among them. As swara was about to hug sanskar, she saw gautam and went towards him and hugged him making sanskar jealous (it was not intentionally).
Swaragautam and sanky and his gang including lakshya used to meet frequently as gautam was also childhood friend of them. Their closeness always made sanskar jealous.

The past is that-

When swasanrag were 12 and were in grade 7, swasan were in a relationship. Ragini also knew it. their relationship started from facebook, a social networking site. Sanskar’s gang always used to tease swara by sanskar’s name.

Swara, being a 1st bencher used to dislike it. One day, naughty rohan insulted her parents. Swara was hurt, deeply. She immediately unfriend all his gang and him. Soon the final exams were over. Students shuffled, their classes changed. Swarag were together, and luckily in their class there was none from sanky’s gang.

This was swara’s past.

Common friend of swasanrag and ranbir (sanskar’s bestie), avni called them for her marriage.

There swasan confrontation takes place.

Sanskar asks swara the reason for their breakup. Swara tells him everything and taunts him thinking he knows that.

But sanskar didn’t know this. Swara was shocked that sanskar didn’t know anything.

They decided to be friends again. They used to hangout with each other, used to share many things.

as we all know “ true love never dies” , love soon blossomed between them, they realized it. But both, being a little younger were not ready for marriage.

So they did a promise. A promise to be together, a promise to get married arrangely.

After 4 years, sanskar’s family came to gadodia’s for swara’s marriage. They accepted and swasan got married!


wrote it abruptly…no hopes for comments….

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  1. Kritika dear it was awesome ff

  2. awesowe yaar..waiting for next part

    1. Tysm..dear I HV discontinued it!

  3. Wow kritika di ….just now I came to know about this ff ….I am cursing myself for missing this ff ….plz di don’t discontinue …..I am there for u ….plz di ….come back with the ff ….
    Just now furnished reading the rest of the parts …..u can’t betray ….who cares about comments …people who don’t comment are just heartless di ….I will recommend all my friends to read this ff ….but old don’t loose hopes ….because they are readers like me who still adores u …..
    Don’t worry di ….plz I want u to continue it and I promise I will comment …..its an duty of every friend to support …..in times of needed ….
    U plz continue it or come with an another ff ….plz …..don’t break my heart …..
    U tell me ur other ff names …I will read them …I find urs interesting ….I don’t know y …plz suggest me ur other ff’s also …..and plz continue this …..
    U can’t betray a fan like me di ….plz reply to my comment ..I am looking forward for a new ff or continue this ff ….OK don’t stop in middle ….
    Plz di .won’t u accept the request of ur sis ….plz ……
    U really don’t know that u r an amazing writer …people just judge the cover it the book but we don’t judge the cover but the book …….
    So plz …….I am really looking forward for ur update ….plz don’t betray or break my heart …..
    Love u loads di ……a want to give u a bone crushing hug …di ……..
    Sorry for becoming more emotional ..as when I heard that u r discontinuing it …I couldn’t control …myself sorry !
    Plz tell me ur other ff names ,..I will surely read it and make sure u come with a new one or continue this …
    I am waiting for ur reply …..

    1. OMG,!! such a huge comment…aww!! Its the most longest comment I ever received..!! .????
      I can’t continue this ff dear!
      But currently I am writing ss..I am unable to send the link so I am giving the name.
      n dear, I don’t think I’m ur di..I’m just 13?
      Anyways I love u n ur ffs!????
      And thanks for your huge comment sweetie!

  4. awesome… i am waiting for u

  5. awesome story but i have read it on otherwise i would have commented on ur fff

  6. Hey it is an awesome ff plz come back with another ff

    1. I write as dear.. tysm

  7. Awesome
    Plz update marriage love soon

    1. I read this ff but i didn’t commented
      Sorry for that
      Plz don’t discontinue the mistake that has changed my life

      1. Tysm n I won’t discontinue that ss

  8. it was an awsm idea i seriously wish i cud read it as ff but i hope u soon come up with other interesting stories too

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