Swaragini [email protected] teenage love chapter 14

Precap- kavita proposes nik…
Guyzz im not ending this ff..
I want it to be successful..
So there will be some rules… which I will tell u at the end of this ff…
First enjoy the ff…

Scene 1
Kavita g
Run on the road crying.. nik consoles her..
Kavita says everything is destroyed nik.. evrythng. Sanskar loves that behenji swara..
Nik says let him.. we will take revenge frm him…
Kavita controls her tears n says I heard their love confession. I totally broke down.. bt now if u are there wid me nthing will happen to me.. I wanna u to be with me.. I love u nik..
Nik says I love u too…. we will take revenge frm them…
Kavita says nik not today after some time or mths or may be 1-2 years I will take revenge..
Nik says v will take revenge..
Kavita says so that they won’t doubt us..
After 1 month..
Scne 2
Raglak marriage
Ragini’s vidaai..
Shumi hugs her.. n says be strong..
After hugging every 1 she went to swara..
Swara says I will miss u.. n today I wont cry.. she control her tears.. n says tq di fr coming in my life.. fr being my bst friend.. u r my evrythng… I love u a lot di… n di…u r the 2nd mom in my life.. so whenever u become mom dont forget that I’m ur 1st child..
Rags says I can never forget u.. even if I try my best..
Swara says u will never try to forget me bcoz I love u..
Rags says I love u too my sona n hugs her..
Swara says di.. if u don’t call me everyday then I won’t talk with u..
Rags says definately I wil call u.. bt b4 that I hav to leave u..
Every1 wave bye n the newly wed couple go in a brand new BMW.. which is decorated beautifully…

Scene 2 swara’s room
At late nite…
Sanskar comes to swara’s room through the window..
Swara hugs him..
Sansakr says see I hav brought ice cream… let’s eat..
They both eat , share n hav lotss of fun…
Swara says sanskar u r the angel of my life..
Sanskar says u make my life even better… not better the best. Bt now we will finish our studies, always be in contact n then get married, ..
Swara says of course..
Scene freezes on their happy faces ,…


guyz the rules r as follows..
1. At least 5 people shud comment or I will leave the ff..
2. Suggestions r always invited…
3. If u hav any problem comment…
4.if u want me to leave this ff then also comment, bt comment…
Hope u cooperate with me…
Plz comment , as 5 commenters shud be there….

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  1. Hi,I’m a silent reader but as u say that if there will be less than 5 comments u will leave writing this ff so I thought that I should comment…..this is very good

  2. Plzzzz cntmue dr

  3. i don’t understand which update is original. there are so many swaragini updates. it is just confusing me. don’t knw which one to start reading from. pls are all frictions different?!

    1. yeah jule.. all fanfictions r different , they r written by different people..

  4. i want u to continue this ff

  5. in the huge leap of 11 yrs can u plz include some swalak scenes because i want swalak and ragsan

  6. and i also want sanakaar to marry kavita

  7. Love it kritika..awesome.. Don’t stop..

  8. if nt swalak can u put a new role in as gautam gulati and call him sidarth plz

    1. and swara-siddarth = SwaSid or SidRa

      1. its swasan dear… coz raglak r married…

  9. i wud be vry happy if u do bcoz at least i am givin u support so that u can carry this ff on………

    1. if i need a new male charac..then i will definately add sid…
      n i yeah i will try my best to do so.

  10. It’s awsome plz don’t stop

  11. Amazing
    Please dont stop to write
    Its really awesome

  12. plz contimue dear……….waiting for next part

  13. Prakriti Akuli

    Please contiue

  14. Very good. Plz make it long.

  15. 11 yeaarsss leap

  16. pls continue..
    11yr leap is k bt dont seoerate couples swasan n raglak..

    1. never.. they r made fr each other…

  17. I am a silent reader I never commented on any fan fiction but your fan fiction is really really awesome plz continue and
    PLZ don’t separate swasan

    1. no scarlet.,.. i too love swasan…

  18. tq aqsa, akshitha,prakriti, tania, amilu, ahana

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