Swaragini [email protected] teenage love (changed to HATE LOVE ) chapter 15


precap- end of teenage… raglak marriage…
guyzz u can check my reply in previous ff..(fr those who commented),,, a big tq to silent readers..

first swasan relationship will be bitter.. bt then sweet as honey..
now let me tell some changes..bt guyz v can connect through fb.. is anyone on fb intrested to connect with me??
scenes like ruling are inspired from 50 SHADES OF GREY…
now swara, being 26 years old , is a qualified doctor..(guyz my parents r doc.. till 26 studies r completed..think soo)… she is sooo intelligent that she passed a test in which she did 1st m 2nd year at once..
n now she works in a hospital as a DERMATOLOGIST,, a doctor fr skin… being a skin doc, she advices both natural remedies n chemical processes to her patients.. she is very – very beautiful,….

lets come to sansakar… he is a businessman … owns one of the top 3 companies of india.. very hot n handsome..
raglak…. happyly married n hav a daughter named ragya (chossed name of one commenter..) of almost 7 years old..
parish also happily married n hav a son named parish..
sujata n ram hav shifted to australia as… it will be revealed afterwards….
scene 1
a marriage in kolkata in a 7 star hotel- THE OBEROI GRAND..
shumi-rags is swara done with her spa?
rags- maa it will end probably in 15 – 30 mins ….
shumi- oh go at 4:00 pm wedding is there.. how will she do ut??
rags- maa u dont worry its still 11:30 only…
shumi- many preparations r left.. how wil everythink be ok?
rags- where is baba? he didnt hav breakfast.. when will he hav his pills?
shumi- shekhar is cheking the food work n decorations… u come with me fr gifts n all….
rags- ok ma..
every1 is busy in decorations…

scene 2 at 3:30
swara is properly dresses with heavy makeup n jewelery…. she is nervous n more than that scared of her new n dangerous life..

scene 3 4:45
pandit ji- wedding rituals are finished.. from today they are husband- wife…
swara closes her eyes in pain..
the vidaai takes place..
swara is crying a lot..
at last when she came to rags.. she says ragini di,… i’ll miss u…
rags- me too.. my baby..
ragya- arrey masi wont u meet me?
swara- awww!!!!!! dear i luv u … i miss u… will u call me?
ragya- no i wont..
swara- bt why? r u angry on me?
ragya- no bcoz i will come n meet u..
swara hugs her…

precap- swara’s painful life starts..

this track is now rom-com(romance n comedy)

Credit to: kritika

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  3. raglak baby name is nishani

    1. No its ragya I.e. rag frm ragini n ya frm lakshya

  4. Swara married with whom plz reavel soon

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  6. I think sanskar bcz at first he said that swasan relationship is bitter

  7. marriage with whom .
    i think sanskar right…
    bt how 11 yr leap result swasan relation bitter as teenage they like each other right… so confused…
    bt it seems interesting…

  8. krithika wts ur full name in fb so that we can contact in fb

    1. My fb id is on the name VIBHAVARI SHENDE. ..
      There’s only 1 vibhavari shende.. n ha its my real name

  9. Marg wid whom ?? If sanskar, y ragini to come nd meet her. Tey ll b n same house ryt ? Don’t make swara to marry sum1 and thn marry sanskar. I hate tat type of track in any serial. If married, tats it.

    1. Jst read the nxt part u will b hpy to read it..

  10. Swara’s husband’s name will be revealed soon
    N tq every1

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