swaragini [email protected] revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 32 Last Episode

Hey guyzz!! Im here with my last epi..
Well almost all of u want me to continue with this ff….. bt the thing is not of comments.. its of intrest n activeness u show in it..n im bore with the same story , same plot , same ff..so th surprise is that I will start season 2 after some dayzz , after completing my ss of this same ff….bt u need to give me some space..the story will not be connected to this one..the only connected thing is swasan n teenage love..i have thought the plot..but just I hav to elaborate it a bit…so plz wait for a few dayzz..here we go…

Dayzz passed..swasan came closer…bt their relationship was only of confession , hugs n kisses…so on Wednesday one of sanskar’s childhood friend , ansh met him n asked about his family..ansh is a nice , kind man, moreover he is properly settled with his wife n 2 kids…when he asked sanskar , he was amused that his yaar , his sanky didn’t have any kids?? Sanskar first didn’t pay attention to this small think , but on Thursday he realized that on Sunday was his n swara’s first anniversary..n he also remembered ansh’s words..he considered himself unromantic…he thought that in those 7-8 months , he n swara were sooooo much busy in their work that they didn’t pay attention to each other..he didn’t even touched her…he realized that swara was stressed from many dayzz , or we can say months due to her work …she needed his love to get out of this…this could even lead to depression..he decided to make love to her…


Saturday , swasan room , 11:57
Swara is waiting for sanskar ..she is staring at the clock…suddenly sanskar hugs her from back…swara”u take so much time yr..”sanskar”yeah. bt I told u to have dinner..did u have?””yeah”came the answer..sanskar kisses her cheek..swara turns “did u?””yeah”sanskar answered..then she hugs him”now sleep..u must be tired.”she turns to go bt holds her delicate wrist…swara”sanskar..”

Sanskar pinned her to the wall…he leans to kiss her on the neck n he does..n whispers in her ears”happy anniversary wifey”..swara”hapy anniversary hubby..oh god I completely forgot”..”I love u”sanskar said……swara”I love u too”…he kisses her lips…she responds…he then whispers”can I make love to u?” n he just kissed her lips and sucked it..she responded the kiss as if giving the permission…n he carries her in his arms to the bed…he undresses her…she was soo shy to respond..so sanskar himself took out his dresses…he is on top of her..he kisses her bare body…n when he gets one of her br**sts , she starts kissing his bare body , just to make him avoid that thing..n after some time they make love….she feels extreme pain in here body , but this is the pain of love…no only grey has 50 shades , but love also hav more than 500 shades … some can be feeled , some can be expressed..sanskar n swara make love..n at 2:00 am they stop..n they sleep for 2 hours.. swara’s head is on sanskar’s chest…swara “sanskar..” sans”yes” .swara “sanskar just 1 year b4 we hated each other..n today we love each other..u know what sometimes I think , I never hated u , I alwayzz loved u..bt I didn’t realised it.” Sanskar “same here”..

Sanskar kissed her hair, her eyes , her nose , her forehead n finally her lips..he again starts,..
After 8 n half months sara is born from swara’s womb..sara ,SAnskar and swaRA’s SARA , symbol of their love…

Guyzz honestly , I have not written this story only for swasan ..writing is my passion..i alwayzz thought a think like this..personally I want to be a doctor , but my passion is writing..i have written many stories b4 , but after swaragini aired , my life changed…for the first time I mad for a serial..

The moral of this ff cant be expressed , atleast by me…it can be feeled…in my every ff last part is a bit personal , as if I am casually talking with my friends…

Well now whichever scene or epi u loved, just comment below..n I would also like to appreciate all the writers , u do a very nice job ,just keep writing..n all school going students , just enjoy ur school life..coz its very precious , even im school going , I can easily imagine this type of ff…so..

Bt guyzz will miss u a lot till my season 2…so just plz comment ur favourite scene or epi.

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  1. nice but i just want say tha plzz make one ff on swalak plzzz hpe u will pay heed ti my comment

    1. thanks angel..i cant write a ff for swalak bt i may write an os or ts the coming week for swalak which will be only for u..bt im only 70% sure…so if im busy then a big soory in advance…
      n im writing this coz just b4 5 mins i was watching sanskar n kavita’s engagement scene..n i noticed lakshya..it reminded my madness once for swalak..so i took this decision..


  2. nice dear

  3. It was awwwweeeeesome??….hope to see u soon again


  5. loved ur ff n waiting for season 2…frankly speaking I have not read your ff from starting but what I have read I know u r a great writer n I will read the next season sure..

  6. awesome episodeeeeeeeeee

  7. Nice yaar make another ff of swasan plzzzzzz

  8. Nice episode

  9. kritika i m a reading addict so thnx for writing and yes even i m mad fot swaragini

  10. Superb yar

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