swaragini swasan@ revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 31

guyzz next epi will be last epi coz im bored also u people dont give good response..last time i wrote such a long mahabharata like chap n only 9 commented..well tq who commented..

sujata n ram arrive..

sanskar doesnt pay attention to them..sanskar leaves for office without having food..

as now swara knows the reason behind sanskar’s hatred towards his mom.

n then ram also goes to office to see how the work is going on..

n ram taunts sanskar…for almost everything..for every file , even for the old version computers…

he taunts sanskar for even the furniture n designing…

sanskar evrytime feels bad n in cold voice n boldly everytime he gives ans..

in house…

sujata taunts swara for everthing..

swara didnt cook breakfast,, coz she is a doctor…ofcourse she must get tired due to her clinic…so its obvio that servant makes food..

sujata taunts her that she is only gives importance to her work , her clinic…..not to her home , her husband..suju says that swara is the reason for sanskar’s pale health..

though sanskar is pale , or thin we can say, he is strong , a healthy person,..n sujata doesnt undrstand that every diet differs…

hence , sujata doesnt allow swara to go to clinic also..n on the top of that asks her to make food..

later in evening b4 sanskar comes home , sujata makes swara massage her feet..

swara does that also..


swara is crying , looking out of the window…

sanskar comes to his room n throws his bag on bed in rage,,

he realises that she is crying..

he goes to her n hugs her from behind..

he kisses her tears..

swara tells him everything..his rage increases..he says there dad n here mom..

sanskar also tells her everthing..

n they make a plan to make ram n suju realise their mistakes..


sujata- chore!! why did u call me??

sanskar- mom what u did with swara??made her massage ur feet , didnt allow her go to clinic , ordered her to cook food?
what the hell…see u r my step mom dont act to be my real mom..n u dont have any right on swara..

suju- no chore!!

sanskar— mom do u remember..u ill treated me coz im ur step son..n after realising that uu cant ever become a mom , u started caring for me….u cant ever take my janhvi mom’s place..

suju catches sanskar’s legs/…

suju- sry chore!! i wont ever do this..i know i was like that,..bt now im not that..i understood that relation of heart is greater than that of blood..

sanskar- its ok mom..bt promise u wont ever trouble me n swara..

suju- promise chore!!


ram- bahu.. y did u call me..

swara- dad y do u hate sanskar?? he is not a bad person…he doesnt hate his mom..he is just angry with mom…n im sure till now they must have patch up..dad promise me..if they would have patch up then u wont trouble sanskar..

ram- preomise. bahu..

all 4 meet n clear the misunderstanding..ram forgives sujata for her cruel behaviour towards swasan..

precap- swasan get intimate n 1 surprise gift for all u guyzz on the occassion of last epi.
bye guyzz..gn..

Credit to: kritika


  1. Darshini

    But don’t end it yar kirtika . wat if u did not get comments . there may be many silent readers for ur ff .

  2. shani

    It’s a nice episode…but don’t end ur story I like ur ff..need a long story…plz write a long episode …update fast plz..keep writing…

  3. Tq sravya , swara , lucky, darshini , shani, harani , devi , hayathi..
    Its not a matter of comments yr..it matters boring or interesting. Now this ff is boring..same story , same concept, same thing..its seems boring. Bt a surprise is waiting for u..u will get to know it soon..

  4. Liya

    Y r u ending dis al f a sudden. Less commnts doesnt mean no1 reads ur stories. , there r a lot peopl lyk me hu r silnt readrs. I dnt usd to cmmnt, cuz i read TU’s FF during the smal brks i gt at clas or during travelng n somtyms at nyts lyk 2day. . . So i wasnt abl to make up here due to lack f tym. . . So pls reconsidr ur decisn to stop. . . Pls dr πŸ™‚

  5. Sweety

    Heyya m a silnt reader.. Njoyd readn ur ff a lot n if posibl continu wrtng dea… U wont beliv it bt i noticd ur ff juz a few hrs ago, found d title intrstng so read chp 30. I lykd it n so wnt on to read ryt frm intro til chp 31..

  6. Sweety

    N babe m so mch cnfusd wid diz chp Whn was it disclosd diz step mom wala thng. Who z jhanvi? N sujju usd to lyk swara in beggining dn y sudden hatred? Y wer ram-sujju misbehavng wid swasan? Y, whn did they leav india? Cnfusn cnfusn cnfusn. Cn u clear it?

  7. Plllllzzzzzz don’t end the story bcuzzzz we lyk ur ff very much nd there r many silent readers don’t think about comment yaar and today epi is very short yaar but nice

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..