swaragini [email protected] revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 30 “TIME LIMIT:24 HRS”


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Swara forgives sanskar n she realizes her love when she dances with him in a party…also she gets drunk…n teases sanskar…

Scene 1
Sanskar- swara today is adarsh bhaiya n parineeta bhabhi’s anniversary..so there is a havan n a party…so today we will go there…no office..only fun today..
Actually sanskar is sitting on his knees n swara on the bed..sanskar’s full attention is on swara..n also he is holding her both hands..
Both are staring into each other’s eyes… like eyes are the messenger of love..
Sanskar wants to confess his love for swara n expects the same from her..swara understands this..
Swara breaks the silence..
Swara- I know sanskar…what u want to say…I gave you 2nd chance..i also want to give you chance to prove your love…
Sanskar becomes happy hearing this..happiness can be directly seen on his face..
Sanskar- sach!!!(really!!!)
Swara- yes baba really..now don’t jump in excitement..so mr. maheshwari you have 24 hours…prove your love…
Swara walks towards her cupboard and sanskar is staring at her..
Swara is smiling..
Swara- I will wear a traditional dress as it is a hawan..let me change..till that you think your tricks..
Sanskar gets an idea..he is talking to his pa advait n telling the necessary arrangements..while swara is packing clothes for the night’s party.. as they will come back home at night only..so…

Parish , son of parineeta n adarsh and ragya , daughter of raglak are fighting on a psp.
Swara remembers her fight with ragini in her childhood.
Once swaragini were fighting…
Rags beat swara.
Ragini- swara why you took my bag in school. Just because I was sleeping.. without my permission u took my bag?? How dare you??
Swara- see ragini di , I have not done anything wrong…I took your bag because my bag was wet..n u you are beeting me…I will beat u …
Swara beats ragini.
Swara- this is because u wore my pink dress on sonali di’s bday last time…
Rags- n u …
Rags pull swara’s hair..
Ragini- swara that day while making list of guests for ma papa’s anniversary used my favorite pen n then the refill was over..just bcoz of u..
Swara beat ragini..
Swara- miss.ragini gadodia last time you used my favorite clip and broke it..u know it was new..
Ragini slaps swara on her hand..
Ragini- swara you drank milk with my cup when I went for school picnic..isnt it??
Just then shumi comes n holds ears of swaragini scolds then..
Then she asks then to apologise n hug….
Swarag say sorry to each other n they both hug…n say in unision I love u sis..
Fb ends…
Swara wears a pink n green saree with backish n grayish border..and sleeveless blouse..
Sanskar wears pink shirt n green coat..u can imagine his dress somewhat like swara’s colours..
Swasan gets mesmerized to see each other…this is the first time swara wears saree n sanskar sees her in saree…
They both dance romantically on darmiyaan.
(not having enough time to describe this dance.sry…)
10:00 pm
Sanskar doesn’t say anything about surprise or anything which will hint swara about sanskar’s confession..this irritates swara..
Swara- sanskar only 12 hours are remaining.are you going to miss this chance???
Sanskar- oh so my wiffy is eager to reply ???
Swara- you are so stubborn sanskar!!!
Sanskar- kk swara home has come..u go im going to office having some Imp meeting…bt fr sure don’t worry I wont miss this opportunity..as its my 1st n last chance..sobuhbye.
Swara- buhbhy!!!!!!!
Swara in mind—— bye bye my unromantic hubby!!!!!

Swara enters the room n finds a packet and a letter over it…
“for my sweet wifey!! Wear this dress and come LORD JESUS church LOVE U SWEETHEART..from ur hubby”.this was written on the letter..
Swara smiles and open the packet…
This dress is of white colour just the same as swara is wearing in the pic..
After changing..she sees the couch a complete mess..she picks the pillows n gets surprised to find a white bouquet n simple diamond necklace , earings and bracelet..
She applies light make up..
N leaves..

Swara is looking angelic…just like a Christian bride….
Swara is going towards the door…when sanskar is staring swara.he is in white coat.just as he is in the pic..
When swara peeps through the door , she realizes that its specially booked for THEM.
Just then sanskar gives a back hug to swara .
Swara- sanskar.leave me this a public place..
Sanskar- no one will come wifey!! This is specially booked for US.
Swara- father!!
Sanskar immediately leaves her.
The father goes towards the stage or you can say the main place where weddings are held..
Sanskar is on knees..
Sanskar- will I get the opportunity to marry you my love..actually I love my love..actually you are not my love..
Swara frowns,…
Sanskar- u are my life..and I love you unconditionally..please reply mr.
Swara cuts him—mr. swara’s sanskar….i will marry you..because I love you too..
Then they both also go towards the stage hand in hands..
Father speaks some about some vows in ques…n every time sanskar says yes..then father says to swara also..and definitely she also says yes..
Then father says— mr. sanskar maheshwari are you ready to get married to mrs. Swara sanskar maheshwari?
Sanskar- yes!!
Father- so mrs. Swara sanskar maheswari are you ready to marry mr. sanskar maheshwari?
Swara (looking at sanskar)- yes!!
Father lights a candle.
Father- now pray for your happy married life and place this candle there..
Pointing towards jesus’s statue..
Both go , place the candle and sits on their knees..
And join hands in Christian style and asks for each other’s happiness..
They go to father…
Father— congratulations for ur 2nd marriage mr. and mrs. Maheshwari..now you are allowed to kiss each other.
Saying this the father walks out of the church..
N swasan kissing …it was light at the first ..then slowly it became a passionate one…then sanskar licked swara’s lips..as if asking permission to enter her mouth..n swara opens her mouth…n his tongue entered her mouth n her his mouth..now they are playing mouth to mouth game..
Then they break the kiss coz of loss of air..
Sanskar- hows my surprise??
Swara- the best gift given ever to me..
Soon they are seen at the terrace having a candle light dinner..

Precap- sujata and ram’s entry..

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Credit to: kritika

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