swaragini [email protected] revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 28 “I LOVE U SANSKAR”

Helloo…guyzzz!!!! A very very very hpy new year..may god fulfill all ur wishes..n this update will be short I will post 2 epi 2day so bear this short one..with the open of this site my school also reopened. Sooooooo
Im overwhelmed with ur comments. N yeah I wanna make it very very clear. So here I hav left many lines in between.

As there were 35 comments so I will wc u all in one go.. thanku evry1 sooooooooooop much.. this is like a magical moment. Loads of love.
N yeah I will give some recap too as sravya also requested me n u all may hav forgot me…

So here we go..

Previously we saw that swasan go for a party n there they dance sensuously. Those who haven’t read it u must read. Now lets start..

Scene 1
Party hall
After dance

Rags hug swara..

Rags- shona u rocked…

Swara- thanks di.. afterall im swara..

Lak- sanskar u danced so well na.. frm 2morrow I shud take classes frm u.

San- tq bhai..

Then san n lak talk with some business dealers.

N swara n rags are talking to each other.

Swara-di I feel thirsty..I will drink some cold drink.waiter..

She takes a drink n drinks it..

She says——-

After 1 sip

Is something fishy??

It smells like wine di…

Rags – shona. I dont think so..

She drinks it..

After some time..

In a corner ,

Mr bhatia , the party thrower is talking to a waiter— see no one shud know that we hav mixed wine with cold drink.. coz its 12:30 now.. if police comes then..(its a club)

Waiter-yes sir ji… no one will know…

Then sanskar comes to swara

San- chale??

Swara- ya sure..bye di…

They hav a sisterly hug..

Rags-bye dear.

They go towards car , when swara starts laughing…

San-y are u laughing??

Swa- donnno.. u donno.. I too wont tell u( almost In a drunken style n frm now she says everything in drunken style)

She again starts laughing.

Sanskar holds her..

He gets smell of wine..

San – swara u are drunken..

Swa- who says I drank wine..hahhahaha (again in same drunken style)

Swara- u know di doesn’t drink.. ahe hates alcohol. I was with how could I??

San- that means u usually drink..

Swa- who said, ?I hate wine,.

Swa in her mind-yeah I sometimes drink bt I swear this time I didnt..

Swa to san-donno why I feel so light…

San-u are drunken..

He holds her tightly.


Sanskar- sry..

Swara- are u sry fr everything u did!???

She hits him .. n sits on the car not in the car..

San-i am sry fr evrythng I did.. (in his mind-she is drunk its right time to take out truth frm her mouth) so will u forgive me? ?

Swa- I hav already frorgived u baby..

San – really??

Swa- really..

Suddenly he realises she called her baby..

San- who is baby?


San – who is U??

swa-u my jann..mr. Sanskar maheshwari. Hubby of mrs. Swara sanskar maheshwari

San-so u love me??

He comes close .

Swa- stay away this is cheating.

San- do u love me..

He is still close..very close..

Swa- yes .. yes .. yes.. she stands up on the car.. n shouts I love u sanskar

San- I love u too baby..

He helds her hand n asks her to come down..

She in a dizzy state comes down..

He hugs her..

She hugs him back..

She faints in his arms.

Precap- nxt day swara says sanskar bcoz of u I lost it…

Guyz guess what is IT..

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    Swara lost smthng bcoz of sanskarr????????
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