swaragini [email protected] revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 27 ABHI TOH PARTY SHURU HUI HAI….

Precap- swasan go for a party..

heyy guyzz!!!
in my lifetime i hav never written any dance scene and this is the first time i’m writing.. i have worked on it for more than 8 dayz.. so plz comment..
i saw sanskar and kavita hugging in sbb.. its ok that kavita hugged him … bt its not okay that he reciprocated it…that too in front of swara…actually her mom killed her.. n she was in coma..
n yhm fans… bad news…. ruhi’s hand is fractured..in her friends bday party.. now she is somewhat ok..bt now she is going for her london trip.. she wont be seen for some dayzz..
feeling like crying..

cherry, shanaya , shabrin , surbhi , akku ,devi , anam , swara , hayathi , praise , aqsa , vaishnavi , cherry n rey —- tq so much..
sravya sri- i dont elaborate the precap coz it breaks the suspense.. n kk i wont write so much lines of the song. .bt 2day is a dance scne. n fr it lyrics is very imp.. sry … n tq
Scene 1
In swasan mansion..
Sans- swara today is a couple party.. n this party is very imp fr my business.. so I wanna..
Swara she continues- kk. I understand.. we shud keep a good relation with other dealers too.
Swara- what will you wear?
Sanskar- a black and white suit..
Swara- ok I will wear a matching one..
Sanskar- I’m sry swara..
Swara- sanskar.. im trying to console myself.. plz don’t make me remember it again and again..
Sanskar- swa..
Swara- you don’t know my pain so don’t speak in between…I am coming na.. isn’t it fine?are not you satisfied..

Scene 2
At the party..
Sanskar is wearing black and white suit while swara wears a back and white one piece.. you can search it on google by typing BLACK AND WHITE ONE PIECE DRESS.. out of that in images , the 8th image is exactly what swara is wearing,,
raglak are also there,,
rags- hey swara,,
swa- hi di..’
‘swarag n sanlak hug…
they talk..
then the party thrower comes..
sanskar helds swara by her shoulder..
sans- swara this is mr. bhatia..
swara – nice to meet u..
mr. bhatia smiles.
mr bhatia- this is my wife mrs. smita bhatia,. smita this is sanskar owner of karma company..
sans- meanwhile u talk.. i will come..
now swarag n smita are talking..
********after some time.**********
smita- now its time fr couple dance..i will announce..
she announced..
lakshya took sanskar in one hand n rags in other hand.. in the same way rag holds swara’s hand,, n lakshya dragged them to the stage.
the song starts..its darmiyaan frm jodi breakers..

He held her close, her body moulding into his as if they were made for each other. They are made for each other. Placing her hands on his shoulders he danced silently, nothing but short gasps of breath were to be heard. she wanted to say something, anything, but each time she opened her mouth to speak, she felt the harshness of his hands against her petite waist and sighed in content. He smelt good, like citrus and wood and all things gorgeous. Slowly she moved her hands up to his neck and rested her head on his chest. Her bare cheek was cool from the breeze through the window, yet his beating heart brought all the heat back to her cheeks. He pulled her impossibly closer as two people slowly resembled one. Her bare feet on top of his scruffy converses as he moved side to side. Slowly pushing one of her loose tendrils behind her ear, he smiled a genuine smile. She was beautiful and she was his. She looked up at him in shyness and awe, her face glistening in the moonlight and her eyes glittering with an emotion so intense, she couldn’t even work out what it was. Then slowly he moved her away, she looked up confused, but within a second he twirled her around like a doll and pushed his front into her back, still moving slowly side to side. he rubbed his nose on the side of her long, feminine neck and grinned. She smelt so good. Like always. His smile against her skin, and strong arm across her upper shoulder as they danced with a melody no one else could hear.

the song continues…
Aankhon ke panno pe
Maine likha tha sau dafaa
Lafzon mein jo ishq tha
Hua naa hothon se bayaan

Khud se naraaz hoon
Kyun be-aawaaz hoon
Meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa
Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bataa
Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera(4)

That was when she decided to let ago. Let her worries, her pain, and sorrow go. Right here, right now she is living. Nothing else seemed to matter anymore; she allowed him to take her anywhere he pleased on this dance floor.He went right, she went right. He sped up, she sped up. they became one with the song, with the dance and with each other. they continue like that until they had to separate, though she was sad to be away from his warmth. When the song ended the audiences applause filled their ears. she couldn’t help but smile at him. In that very hour she wondered why she didn’t see it before. he was the one for her. In her eyes, and because of that dance, she can see how perfect he truly is.
thats what called love she understood!!!!! she was in love…after all they were in complete harmony as they danced the night..she decided to accept his sry n move forward in life..

precap- swara becomes drunkyard..
plz guyzz comments i found very less comments.
especially fr this epi i hav worked for 8-9 dayzzz.. so plzzz comment…..

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