swaragini swasan@ revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 25 SHOCKING TRUTH ROCKING SWARA

Precap- kavita stabbing swara.
First of all I say that there are more votes fr ruhaanika dhawan as ragya.. so ruhaanika as ragya.. bt parish I dont know who is arav.. actually I dont watch ipkknd . Bt I guess he is vishesh bansal.. ipkknd watchers.. am I right? ? N I think vishesh will be too big fr parish’s character so may be naksh can be capable.. bt the decision is on u.. so plz tell me who is suitable more? Vishesh or naksh..
N all plz do check the comments in my previous epi.. n also tell me if u want me to reply In epi only or in comments..
Lets start..

Scene 1

Isolated place
Kavita has arrived n is finding swara.
Suddenly swara comes clapping n says wc kavita wc..I just want ur little help.. will u??
Kavita has gone mad hearing that swara is asking help frm her to hav divorce frm sanskar. Coz then her path fr having sanskar will be clear.
Kavita- swara .. swara tell me what help do u want??
Swara – Are kavita I told u na… dont u remember
Kavita- yeah I remember. I hav thought a plan also.. see first
Swara-wait 1st tell me how are u alive?
Kavita- achcha so darpok billi wanna listen truth?? Haha hahaha
Swara- am clearing ur path na..then tell me na..
Kavita- kk u remember there was fog in that cliff,.. i was tied to a rope..plan was of my n nikhil’s .. no misbehaviour happened with me.. it was my plan to hurt u n hav my sanskar. N I’m sry fr that( she’s not sry truely). Then no one saw me jumping . So that no one could see me tied by the rope.. till then nikhil distracted sanskar frm me.. n I jumped. Then my revenge. Huh successful yah!!!!
She smiled..
Swara -how could u do this to me?? She cries.. then again says I will tell this to Sanskar. Wait..
Kavita – what u thought I will be here to help u?? No im here to help myself.
Saying this she takes out knife frm her bag n is about to stab swara when someone holds her hand.
N guess what that SOME ONE is none other than our hero, the gem of swaragini SANSKAR
Kavita- sanskar. U here..
Sanskar- yes criminal im here.
Kavita – how? I mean.
Swara- let me tell u..
then police arrests kavita.

Scene 2
In car
Its evening
There’s a deep silence.
Nor sanskar is saying anything neither swara.
Sanskar in mind- im finding words to apologise swara..
Swara in mind- say something. Im really furious bt dont know y bt feeling senty..
While driving
Sanskar- merry Christmas!! This is ur gift..
Swara- same 2 u . This is urs.
Sanskar gifts swara a shawl while swara gifts him a watch..
Then sanskar stops at a dhaba..
There they eat dinner..
While going back to car
Sanskar-im sorry swara.. whatever I did.. I didn’t want to do that..
Bt let me tell u I hav started loving u swara.. n I hv so much guilt in my heart. Its like kavita has stabbed me in heart.. im suffering frm inner pain.. I dont hav even word s fr saying this..im really really sry..
Then there’s a silence of nearly 10 sec..
Then swara slaps sanskar n holds his collar n says-
Swara- sanskar I can never forgive u . The pain u hav given me is unforgettable. I hate u frm the core of my heart.
Sanskar is also crying.
Unable to say anything swara rests her head on his chest nd she is sobbing.. her tears are being absorbed by his chest..
He trying to console her puts her hand on her hair n caresses it.
Sanskar- swarA. Swara calm down.
Bt he also keeps crying. Suddenly he feels that the sobbing os stopped n he’s right..
Sanskar- swara..swara…
He takes her head out.. n sees her unconscious

Precap- swasan emotional moments..

Hope u liked it n plzzz tell about parish..

Credit to: Kritika


  1. bhavna

    Vvvv awsm….now mk thn cnfess their luv..fast n i wnt to see their cute nok jhok mmnts also..m new here idk nythny much abt u n ur ff ..bt yaar u r really good…sty blessed…ur one of my fav…bt yaar plz one reqst mk ur updt lil big ..n fst too??????

  2. Rey

    nice episode finAly kavitha truth revealed … nd kritika ur fan fiction s awesome i’m a silent reader nd loved ur fan fiction … nd plzz make swara dn’t easily forgive sanskar

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