swaragini [email protected] revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 19


precap- revealations..
today secret of swasann marriage will be revealed..
i think guyzz commenters are less bcoz u think that this ff is soo small… bt see once my exams n school picnic will be finished, my holidayzz will start.. so i will try to write longer ff in it.. guyzz if i write longer ff this ff will be finished veryyy soon.. so i thought to write details.. bt the thing is im not able to express it.. so i am thinking not to extend it much bt to write ff with fair length,..this is enough..
so lets start
scene 1 its morning..
swara is awake..
she thinks of kavita’s death.. she jumped off the cliff coz of the misbehaviour..
all 4 swasan, kav n nik are present on a cliff.
kav- swara i know u hav done this.. u blackmailed nik to do so.
sanskar moves towards kav.. kavita is holding a knife in her hand n Is slowly moving towards the end..

as sanskar moves towards her..
kav- dont dare 2 come near me.. no.. i will jump if u do so..
sanskar- no.. no kav im not coming.. see im here..
swara cries..
nik- sanskar do u think for proving 1 thing kavita will keep a knife on her hand.. she is trying 2 suicide jst to prove 1 thing.. sanskar believe us.. swara blackmailed me.. really..
nik distracts sanskar by saying this..
till then kav jumpss of the cliff,,
bt due to fog no one can observe it.. one can hardly see someone..
nik keeps saying things..’
whereas no one notice kavita’s jump..

no one could even see that she was tried with a rope..
after some time..
swara calmly says- sanskar kavita.. where is she?
nik- she jumped off.. my heart says this.. only a lover can understand this..u are a killer swara.. u r a kille.. i hate u.. saying this he goes frm there..he acts as if he is crying loudly..
even sanskar accused her by his word.. he angrily goes frm there..(i am not able to express it as i cant think him saying bad things to SWARA)..
now swara is alone there.. as she came in sansakr’s car. he left her there..saying that he cant be in a relationship with a killer..
those words echoed swara’s ears.. she was crying there..very loudly until an old lady n her grandchild helped her get out of there..
swara didnt even smile fr few dayss.. bt fr her family she just locked that matter n threw the key where no one can find it…(jst imagination)
when she started working in a multispeciality hospital sanskar’s badi ma, AP n his bade papa DP came with rishta fr swara, when sanskar came to know that its swara whom he’s going to get married, he decided to take revenge frm her.. n swara fr d sake of her family, married him.
scene 2
sanskar leaves fr office…

precap – ragini asking swara to join hospital again.. while sansakr overhears it.. swara denies coz she thinks that sansakr wont allow her..

should swasan go fr honeymoon??
plzz coment.

Credit to: kritika

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  1. Ys…

  2. kavitha is alive na pls clear misunderstanding…

    1. Tq harshita, sara n meghs

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  4. Amazing yaar

    1. Tq sindhuja, navi n devi

  5. Hey kritika your ff is awesome so plz dont end it u can make any other twist after this as a negative entry or anything else
    And plz dont make swara forgive sanskar as he doesnt trust her even doesnt listen her
    By the way i have not Read the ff yet i m just reading but plz make it longer nd swasan moment

    1. Anu swara wont forgive sans so easily

  6. Yes honeymoon

  7. unite swasan

  8. Very niceee dr. Yeah let them go ?

  9. Yesss…!! Ur ff is nice.

    1. Tq cherry n tara

  10. super dear

  11. Yes and plz clear the misunderstanding soon

  12. I dont think so these 2are trying to seoeratw them sanskat unaware of the fact

  13. Tq hayathi. Plzz use some simple words,. I dont understand what u r saying

  14. swasan honeymoon planning is good

    1. Tq swara n surbhi

  15. Nice one yaar…nd if u dnt mind make the honeymoon episode after their patchup or else clear the misunderstanding during that time …its just my suggestion anyhow honeymoon with revenge doesn’t suit each other…..

    1. Manu.. they will just so sightseeing there.. n then it will be kavita’s secret which will be revealed. Bt u will really enjoy it.. hope so.. tq dear..

  16. Nice

  17. Yes, they should.

    1. Tq moeed zai n tania..

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