swaragini [email protected] revenge, love n hate (teenage love) chapter 16


swaragini [email protected] love..

i hav changed the title to swaragini [email protected] revenge , love n hate..

precap – swara’s marriage..

sry guyzzz couldnt post yesterday… my wifi was not working.. n my class test is also going on.. it will end on 16th dec… 2day’s ff will be short.. coz of my exams couldnt decide the plot..
bt 2day swara’s husband will be revealed…
scene 1 swara n HIS room..
swara is crying n seeing the room…
swara to herself seeing her husband’s pic- i married u only bcoz i didnt want my family to hate me…i.. if you took out my secret then.. my family would hate me.. i cant tolerate their hatred for even 1 second… i swear i didnt…

swara’s `husband- u did it.. u killed her mrs… swara sanskar maheshwari… awww shona.. dont cry i hate tears.. he cups her face..
swara- dont touch me..
sanskar he holds her face very hard.. n says what did u say? say it again.. i said speak..
she again cries n says nothing.. he again softly cups her face.. n says sweetheart u change n come..
she changes her dress to a knee high jumsuit…

till then she folds her bridal lehenga… n keeps her jewelry inside.. n sansakr is in changing room..he comes wearing yellow tshirt n black loose trousers..
when he comes out, he sees swara taking 1 pillow in her hand n going towards couch..
sanskar- shona!! how could u? couch???
swara- sanskar i know u will say that: swara i will sleep on couch
swara(continues)- bt sanskar no need to say this.. i will manage on couch.. this is ur home n u.. he keeps his finger on her mouth… she stops..
sanskar- shona!!!! today is our wedding night.. so we will celebrate it right??
swara’s mouth is open not able to believe what she heard just right..
sanskar- may be we wont go to honeymoon.. so today..
he goes towards her.. decreasing their closeness.. she steps back evrytime when he steps forward….
he pins hert to the wall..
sanskar- if u stop me then.. u know ur secret will..
swra stops him..
swra- no i wont stop you..
he kisses her.. its a long kiss. swara feels not to stop him.. frm heart not fr the secret..bt she clutches him tightly coz he sucks her really hard.. as is he is taking revenge of her death..
he takes her to the bed..makes her lie. throws her clothes in air .. n then his too..

precap- not decided yet…

guyzz in this epi there was no comedy.. bt i promise i will try to cover up all 3 .. revenge, hate n love too..

Credit to: kritika

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  2. kritika it is awesome. ..am eagerly waiting to know the secret of swara…plz update soon

  3. No prb…concentrate in ur studies…ill wait for ur ff..I like to read ur ff…

    All the best ? fr exams

    1. Tq jyotika, sara n khushi… thanks fr ur wishes…

  4. Nice yaar .iam confused???

    1. Yes me too

      1. Within some episodes u will know it..

  5. Interesting…whether d secret is related to uttara…nice twist…

    1. Tq sravya n seeba.. bt seeba it’s not related to uttara

  6. oh y sanskar doing this….
    swara killed someone bt y…
    u showed sanskar loves swara in teenage bt how he started hating her..
    so many confusion..

    1. It will b cleared sooonnnnn…
      Bt what’s ur name on fb.. u didn’t tell me..

  7. awesome.. continue it.. kritika… and really suprised seeing drastic change is sanskaar.. hipe truth will be revealed soon..

  8. Nice twist. Poor Swara.

    1. Yeah sumi it will b revealed soon..
      Thanks geethu..

  9. wat is the secreat of swara please reveal soon… for what he is taking revenge.. waiting.

    1. Jo he is taking revenge of HER death..

  10. i think its about Kavitha because she only want revenge. But nice epi

    1. U will know it soon. Keep reading

  11. What is happening yaar so much confusion….. what revenge and all

    1. Just wait n read

  12. new twist. .

  13. wow nice twist and turn keep it up

  14. Yeah new twist… btwn all bst for ur xamz..

  15. I think the secret is kavitha death … But she must be alive.

    1. Tq bhuvi.. jst keep reading

  16. I think mystery related to kavita

  17. Don’t know why… bt I luv wen sanskar takes swara 4 granted.. i luvd 2day’s epi

  18. Hey… really too good…
    But wt ‘ll b d secrate for dat she married sanska… y he hate her dat much.. lots f question.. I know 4 my question answer ‘ll get in upcoming ff… Nice going

    And all d best 4 exam

  19. Hayathi, tara, surbhi n varu.. tq n keep reading, ..

  20. Waiting for the mystery.. All the best for your exams dea.. Do well ?

  21. V r waiting for the mystery.. All the best for your studies dea.. Do well in exams..

  22. update next part nah

  23. Tq harshi..
    N manisha I will post next part in evening. U can check it at night..
    Sryy.. coz of my exams I update alternate days

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