Swaragini SwaSan Reunited (Episode 1)


THIS IS MY FIRST Fan fictionEVER. I HAVE ALWAYS READ OTHER PEOPLE’S FAN FICTION AND DECIDED TO GIVE IT A GO. IN THIS Laksh has forgotten about Swara, they are friends. Sanskaar and Swara are happily married. Laksh has not forgiven Ragini.
Everyone is there and say to her we know your truth. She says I don’t care. This is all because of you swara you always come in my way. SANSKAAR AND Laksh tell her to shut up. Ragini holds swara and says that you always act well in front of other people and snatched my husband from me. Swara says you are saying wrong, I don’t love laksh I love Sanskaar. All four of them are shocked. Sanskaar looks lovingly at swara. Ragini says I don’t care if you are telling the truth or lie but you made me wrong in front of everyone. Swara you have done very wrong with me. Laksh says shut up Ragini let us all go home and we will talk. She says no she pushes swara off the bridge. The whole family are shocked. Sanskaar jumps and gets swara out and gives mouth to mouth respiration. Ragini says I’m sorry I have realised my mistake. No one believes her but still take her.
6 months later
The episode starts with Swara and Sanskaar together in their room. Swara goes to the bathroom and starts vomiting. Sanskaar gets concerned and says what’s wrong swara. She says nothing I’m not feeling well. Swara get’s a phone call and sumi tells her that come to the badi as there is a puja. Swara agrees to come. Sanskaar says no swara you are not well take rest. She says no I am better. Swara gets ready.
Ragini also get ready, Laksh comes and gives her an angry look. Ragini starts crying and says this is all because of you swara I will take my revenge. Swara and Sanskaar come down and Laksh greets them (Laksh doesn’t love swara anymore but just friends however Ragini does not want that to happen.) Swara says you brother talk I’m coming. DP says to Sanskaar and Laksh we are going to the badi and you guys come in 10 minutes. They say fine. Swara is walking and she suddenly feels dizzy and faints. Sanskaar looks for her and then sees her on the floor. Sanskaar shouts Swara. The doctor comes and says congrats she’s becoming a mother. Swara and Sanskaar and laksh are very happy. Ragini is angry. Laksh says congrats swara and Bhai. Thank you.
Sanskaar says to swara I’m very happy that I’m becoming a father. Swara’s says I can’t wait for my child to be born. They have a romantic moment. Laksh informs DP on the phone who’s at the badi. DP tells the whole family they are very happy. Sumi is extremely happy and shares a hug with Shekhar. They all say let’s finish the puja and then we will go. They finish the puja. The come home and all congratulate the couple.
In the kitchen
Ragini making milk for swara and mixing something in it. She goes to swara and says here’s milk for you and your baby to be healthy. Swara say thank you Ragini I am happy that you have changed. Ragini gives a smirk and says yeah once you lose your baby I will be happy. Sanskaar comes and accidently drops the glass. Ragini is shocked and extremely angry. Sanskaar says I’m sorry swara. Swara says it doesn’t matter. Ragini says I will make it again. Swara says no but Sanskaar will. Sanskaar goes to make it.
Later Ragini says to Swara let’s go out and do some shopping. Swara say ok let’s ask maa and DP. They go to DP and family, Sanskaar and laksh are there also. Ragini says I’m taking swara out for shopping. The family says ok. Sanskaar says wait I’m coming with you and Laksh. Ragini and swara says ok.
They arrive. Sanskaar is parking the car and says to Swara and Ragini you both go and me and Sanskaar will catch up. Ragini makes a phone call and says are you ready he says yes. Swara is crossing the road while Ragini is on the phone. A truck is speeding towards swara and she gets knocked over by the truck. Swara is on the floor with a pool pf blood. Ragini smiles and says my revenge is done. Sanskaar and Laksh come running to Ragini and say where swara is. She points to them. Sanskaar and laksh go running and try waking her up. Laksh goes to get the car and Take swara to hospital

Precap- Swara is taken in and Sanskaar is crying vigorously. Laksh consoles him and maheshwari family come and shekher and sumi

Credit to: harkaaz

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  1. this is crazy…….how can u make ragini the villian

  2. Evil ragz is bak. . . Gud 1 dr, . . . I hate evil thngs:->

    1. she has made her evil\

  3. Hey haarkaz its a very Gud story plz continue
    Feeling sad for sanskar
    What will happen to swasan’s baby…..oo god……..
    One thing u should have first show some moments of their baby cute nok jhok over baby but its OK this is also God plz post nxt episode fast

  4. this is awful……ragini is so sweet….pls don’t make her evi

  5. noo yaar u cant do this to ragini plzzz dont make her villian plzzzzz……………..

  6. this is the most stupid ff

  7. Its lovely…plz continue ?…new sooch…i think one Ragini will realize her mistakes.continue to write…waiting for nxt episode….

  8. Sorry its one day…

  9. Start sounded like reading a written episode ,good start,though I m a hard core swasan fan I like Tejaswi a lot ,nt to hurt u bt please don’t make her so evil..

  10. It was really nice…but u made ragini a devil pls don’t prove step sis always remains step sis
    Don’t take my words srsly it was really goodpls continue soon????

  11. Plz let Swara be mother

  12. Yr plz nxt part post karo jaldi wait nhi ho rha……nd ur ff is so Gud aur sabse alag bhi

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