Swaragini SwaSan Reunited (Episode 4)

The episode starts with Swara entering and says maa. Sumi runs to Swara and hugs her and kisses her. Swara meets everyone and Sanskaar gives her a hug and cries looking at her bump. Sumi says to her why you didn’t ring, why you didn’t come. Sumi hugs her mum and the feels pain in the back her mum says Swara what happened. Swara says nothing, she makes swara turn and move her hair and is shocked to see scars on Swara’s back. Everyone is shocked and angry. Swara hugs her mom and tells her how they beat her up for being Shekher’s daughter. Swara’s says they were going to kill me and my baby. But there was a man there that helped me and brought me here. Dida says who is he Swara goes to the car and ask him to come in. Sumi and Dida are shocked and go to hug him. He happens to be Swara’s twin brother. Swara says to her mum do you know him. The boy also hugs her and says maa. Sumi tells Swara and Shekher this is my son and Swara’s twin. Sumi tells everyone how her first husband had taken her boy and said, that take swara and if you tell anyone about the boy then I would kill him. Everyone is shocked and happy. Shekher hugs him and the boy hugs him too and cries. Swara suddenly starts feeling pain and excuses herself as she needs to go to the washroom. Sanskaar follows her and hugs her and cries I missed you so much. He gives her a kiss and she says I missed you as well. He hugs the bump and says I missed you too. She starts feeling pain and tells Sanskaar, He says I will go to tell your mum, when he is about to leave she falls unconscious. He calls everyone.

The doctor comes and tells her about the injuries are very severe and she is very weak. He tells them I have given her a pain injection she would be fine by tomorrow. DP and family leave and say to Sanskaar to bring swara home tomorrow. Ragini and Laksh stay at the badi. Swara’s brother comes to her and says are you fine now. Ragini comes and Swara says this is our sister as well. He hugs her and says I will always protect you. Sanskaar and Laksh smile looking at them.

Ragini goes out to the kitchen and Laksh pulls her and they have a romantic moment with each other. Laksh says I’m jealous since you sister and brother have come you don’t spend time with me. He is about to kiss her but dida comes and says ragini tell your husband that we have given him the bedroom for his privacy and leaves laughing. Ragini and Laksh start laughing.

Swara is lying down and Sanskaar is with her and hugging her and says Swara if I meet you step father then I would kill him. Swara says Sanskaar please don’t remind me about what had happened. Sanskaar says ok and hugs her and sleeps. In the middle of the night Swara wakes up she wakes up Sanskaar but he is asleep, she punches him and says get up. Sanskaar says what Swara do you need anything. She says I want an ice cream. He says Swara it’s 2.00am and you want an ice cream. She says he says ok. He goes into the kitchen and gets the ice cream and feeds her. She gets happy and while eating she falls asleep. Sanskaar is smiling looking at her.

In the morning when everyone is eating breakfast they are surprised to see Shekher, Laksh and Sanskaar serving them breakfast. All Ladies get happy. Suddenly a courier guy comes and gives a packet on Swara’s name. Swara gets it and open it to see a CD. She plays the Cd while are looking. Dida, Sumi and Swara are shocked to see Dida’s brother in a wheelchair. Swara says dida this uncle was also with me in the stable he is paralysed. Dida is shocked to her that. The video also shows how swara was beaten up. Everyone are shocked. Then Sumi’s first husband says that Swara has to come back as she is very special to me. He says to Dida that your brother, my useless dad named all the property and wealth on Swara’s name. He says I need Swara inorder to get my property. My men are coming in 2 hours’ time, send Swara with them and her brother. Swara says maa please don’t send me with them, they will kill me. Everyone get scared. Sanskaar comes up with a plan and says send swara with them, but we will follow them and get into a getup style. They also say ok. The cars come and Swara and her brother leave in the car. Sanskaar, Shekhar, Laksh and Ragini follow them. The driver finds out someone is following them and drive the car very fast and Swara feels like puking. Ragini says the driver is driving very fast and it’s not good for Swara. The driver phones someone. The drives bangs the car in to the tree, Swara and her brother are injured however they are taken in to another car. Sanskaar, Shekhar, Laksh and Ragini are shocked to see the car in the tree. They rush to see but they don’t see anyone in there Ragini sees another car and looks at Swara who is at the back.

Next episode; Sanskaar saves Swara and they all come happily to the Badi. The show will take a 4 months leap.

Credit to: harkaaz

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  7. wow 4 months leap and twin bro where did u get these stupied ideas from hazaaka

  8. Hi there! Harkaaz ??i just want to say whatever u are doing it is a commendable job i love each and every episode i just want to say a request from me to u pls make tne episode a little longer i love it ❤️ And i want to know when is the next update coming?

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