Swaragini SwaSan Reunited (Episode 3)

Precap- Swara coming back from hospital and Sanskaar and swara have cute scene

Laksh is talking to Ragini and says I know I didn’t believe you but now I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Ragini is shocked as Laksh says I LOVE YOU. They both share a hug and consummate their marriage.

Swara is sleeping and Sanskaar. Suddenly Swara gets a phone and Swara and Sanskaar wake up. Sumi calls Swara and tells her to come to the badi quickly. Swara gets scared and tells Sanskaar to take me there. DP and the whole family ask Swara and say Sumi called me to the badi and she was crying. The whole family leave and Sanskaar, Swara, Laksh and Ragini travel in to one car. They reach the badi. There is an unknown man there. The whole family are in the hall. Shekher takes the man inside the room and Sumi takes Swara in. The whole family are boggled. Ragini asks Dadi who was that man. She says Sumi’s first husband. Sanskaar and whole family are shocked. Ragini but why have they taken Swara inside. Dadi says Sumi’s first husband had adopted Swara when he found out about Sumi being pregnant with Shekher’s baby. But Sumi left all of a sudden and taken divorce but Swara’s custody was in Sumi’s first husband. As Sumi didn’t do that and left. Ragini says why is here now. Dadi says I don’t know but he is going to take Swara with him. The whole family are shocked. Sanskaar says but he can’t do that as swara is married now. Dadi say’s I know but he has got permission from the court and Swara has to stay with for some time Everyone is shocked.

Inside the room Sumi tells Swara everything and sits down in shock and starts crying. She says I don’t want to go with him please maa. Sumi and Shekhar console her and say we can’t stop him. The man say’s I’m your dad come with me. Shekhar says to him that I’m Swara’s father not you. The man turns around and smirks (he is evil). Sumi comes out of the room and says to Ragini go and collect Swara’s luggage. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini brings the luggage from maheshwari house. Swara is inside the room still talking with the man and Shekhar. Swara says to Shekhar I don’t want to go with him, I don’t even know him. Shekher says you are my brave girl, you need to go or otherwise Sumi would go to prison. Swara is shocked. Outside in the hall everyone is waiting for Swara to come out. She comes out crying and the man is next to her. Swara meets everyone. Sanskaar is crying she looks at him. Before leaving Shekher asks the man where are you going to take Swara. He says I’m not going to tell anyone as you don’t have any right to know. Around 5-6 cars come and a lady comes and Sumi gets shocked looking at her and so is Dida. She is Dida’s sister-in-law. Sumi married her uncle’s son. Dida gets angry and says if you do anything with Swara then, I am not going to leave you. The lady says I do not care, the lady grabs Swara by the arm, Swara says leave me, you have no right to hold me like this. Her step father comes and slaps her and says she is your Dadi, don’t misbehave with her. Sanskaar says how dare you slap her she is my wife. The man says you can’t do anything. He says to Sumi if you had beaten up Swara when she was little then she wouldn’t have been a spoilt brat. He grabs Swara and takes her in the car. Swara cries and says Maa please don’t send me with him, I don’t want to go. Everyone are crying. The cars leave and sumi sits in shock and Ragini consoles her.

3 months later. (No one has met Swara since 3 months)

The whole family are at the Badi a puja is happening. Cars arrive and Swara comes out of the car (before she left she was pregnant) She has a cute little bump. She comes in to the Badi and cries. She comes in, the puja finishes. Swara says maa. Everyone turn around and are shocked looking at Swara.

Next episode- Everyone meeting Swara and asking about her.

Credit to: harkaaz

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