Swaragini SwaSan Reunited (Episode 2)


Precap= – Swara is taken in and Sanskaar is crying vigorously. Laksh consoles him and maheshwari family come and shekher and sumi

The episode starts with Sanskaar carrying Swara and laksh driving the car. Sanskaar says “Pls mujhe chor ke mat jaana” he keeps crying. Laksh stops outside the hospital and Sanskaar takes swara inside. The doctor takes Swara in to the ICU. Sanskaar is crying vigorously and Laksh is consoling him. Ragini comes and Laksh goes to her and says where were you when this happened. She says I was talking on the phone and then a truck came and hit swara. Maheshwari family arrive and Shekher and Sumi, didi and daadi. They all say what happened and ragini tells them everything. Sumi starts crying. The doctor comes out and Sanskaar says is swara and his baby fine.The doctor says the baby is fine. Everyone look surprised how can the baby survive after the accident. The doctor says think of it as a miracle. Sanskaar asks about swara. The doctor says Swara is still unconscious and if she doesn’t wake up in the next 6 hours there’s a chance she might go in to coma. Everyone are shocked. Sujata says wat about the baby. The doctor says if by chance swara doesn’t regain conscious we may remove her baby. Everyone is shocked and crying. Ragini is also shocked. 4 hours later the doctor comes and says who’s Ragini. Ragini say’s I am. The doctor says the patient is keep saying your name.Sanskaar asks if swara is all right. The doctor says she has regained conscious however no one can meet her except Ragini. Ragini goes in and says swara are you alright. Swara says how do you think I am feeling. Ragini says what do you mean. Swara says I know you did the accident. Ragini is shocked. Swara says I know you still think I am at fault. But I don’t care what you think. I won’t tell anyone what you did. I also forgive you for harming me but I will never forgive you for harming my baby. Ragini starts crying and says swara I am sorry pls forgive me. I am truly repenting now. Swara says I don’t want to talk to you go. Ragini says just forgive pls. Swara’s health is getting worse she is having breathing problems. Ragini gets out the room and calls the doctor and everyone asks what has happened. They come inside the room and see Swara having breathing problems. Doctor comes and gives her the injection to calm her down. Doctor says she is fine now I gave her sleeping injection. Ragini tells maheshwari family to go and I will stay with swara. They agree and go. Sumi says I want to stay with swara. Ragini say no maa you will become ill. Shekher takes sumi,dida and daadi home. Laksh, Sanskaar and Ragini are at hospital. Laksh brings tea to Sanskaar and Ragini. Ragini refuses, Laksh sits down next to her and gives her a cuddle and says Swara is fine. Swara regains conscious. Sanskaar and Swara emotionally stare at each other. Swara asks about her baby and Sanskaar says don’t worry our baby is fine. Laksh and Ragini come in and say how are you. She says I am fine thank you. The doctor comes in and says you all need to go out I need to do her dressing. All agree. The doctor does swara’s dressing and puts a injection on her, she screams in pain. Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini come in and say what is wrong. The doctor says nothing I gave her an injection and she screamed.
Swara and Ragini are together. Ragini keeps crying and says Swara I’m really sorry. Swara says its ok now, my baby is fine and I have nothing against you now

1 week later
Swara is discharged from hospital and arrives home. Sujata does her aarti and brings her in the house. DP tells swara to go to her room and rest. Sanskaar takes her upstairs. When she enters the room she is surprised to see it fully decorated with bouquets of flowers. Thank you Sanskaar. Sanskaar says I can’ wait to see my son. Swara says hold on how do you know it will be a son. Sanskaar says obviously my son will take my business forward. Swara starts crying and says if you have a daughter she can’t take your business forward. Sanskaar I was only joking. He starts laughing and Swara is crying. He says to her no matter what gender his child is I will never discriminate them. BUT…… Swara say what. He says I don’t want my child to look like you. Swara say why he says because you look like a monkey. She gets angry and runs after him with a pillow, she is about to fall But Sanskaar hold her and they share a eye lock

Next episode. Laksh confessing his love to Ragini

Credit to: harkaaz

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  5. This was too good re. I love this episode. Agar tum galat na mano toh mein tumhe ek suggestion dena chahoogi . agar tum new characters ko add karoge toh accha hoga . like swara me cousin brothers Jo swara se bahut pyaar karts ho . like that . if u don’t like my suggestion means I am sorry.

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