Swaragini – swasan and ragsan episode 1

Hello guys , for the first time I am writing an article and I don’t know it will be good or bad but please do comment to let me know.

It’s morning and suddenly a sound came shouting ‘sanskaar ,laksh come quickly it’s your sister’s birthday and you have to make arrangements ‘.And then another lady comes and says ‘Sujata don’t worry everything will be done’
Sujata :Jiji lets do one thing you go and wake up laksh and I go wake up sanskaar ‘
Then a boy is shown waking up (the face is not shown)
Boy:Why does mom always have to shout?.I can’t sleep because of Mom.And suddenly a lady comes .
Lady:Sanskaar why haven’t you get ready yet,you have to arrangements for uttara’s birthday and it’s first day of your work too ,get ready fast’ .And then the face is shown.
Sanskaar:Mom don’t worry mom ,I will do everything.
Sujata:mara samagdar bata,agar to na hota to mara kya hota.
Sanskar:Mom u go downstairs and I am coming after getting ready.

Scene shifts
Annapurna:laksh , laksh wake up.It’s morning.
Laksh is hiding under the blanket and pretending to be asleep,so does his mom doesn’t wakes him up.
Annapurna laksh if u don’t wake up then I am going to throw water on your face.
Annapurna takes jug and is about to throw water.Just then Laksh wakes up and says
Laksh:Ma chill,relax I was just acting.
Annapurna:You have grown so big but you are still naughty,crazy and childish.Look at sanskaar he is so responsible he is going office from today but you just want to chill and
Laksh:Bhai is so responsible than where is the need of me becoming responsible.
Annapurna: ok ,now will you please come and have breakfast.
Laksh: ok
Sujata and Annapurna are preparing for breakfast ,just then a sound came from behind( two man came ,and they were durgaprasad and ramprasad) ‘where is Laksh and sanskaar ,why aren’t they here yet?’
Annapurna:they are coming you please sit.

Precap:Laksh is in car and talking to a girl.

For today only this ,I think I have done a lot of mistakes.So bye.

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  1. Awesome dear

  2. SwaSanFan

    Is it SwaSan Ff or Rag San ?? Plzz tell..hope its SwaSan Mainly. .

  3. Nyc dear…plz update nxt part soon…

  4. hope it’s ragsan

  5. I hope its love triangle between swara and ragsan

  6. Plz tell
    hope it is swasan ??

  7. Plz tell..
    hope it is swasan …….

  8. Jwala

    if you don’t reveal it mainly swasan or rag… san then at a point you will be blamed.. so better make swasan ya rag…. san.. don’t try to satisfy both fans

  9. swaramalhota

    Swasan plzzz

  10. Pls tell the Pairs. Hope it is Ragsan. Nice epi

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