Swaragini – Swasan and Raglak the love story (Episode 3)


hello frnd this is my 3rd part of my ff hope you guys like it

Swara and myrah leaves and sanskar get busy in talking to other business men …swara and myrah comes and join a group of girls where Annapurna ,sujata , sumi , dida, dadi ,ragini, uttara ,parineeta are standing
Girl1: hey swara nice dress and neckpiece
Swara says thanks
Uttara: bhabhi from where you brought ?? I also want the same
Swara: actually I don’t know sanskaar brought it
Uttara along with other girls tease swara…..sumi ,dadi, dida, Annapurna gets happy seeing this but sujata is furious
Girl 2: swara actually you are very lucky to get the husband like sanskar …he love you so much … he is a very fine businessmen …a good son …a doting husband .. in short he is perfect …
Girl 3: ya you are right he is every girl’s dream husband
Listening to all this myrah get jealous Swara thanks them for the compliment ..ragini is furios listening all this and moves away ….sanskar is searching for swara but comes across ragini who is standing in front of swara and sanlak pic
Ragini says this to swara pic ….swara you are the reason behind all my sadness you came in between me and laksh …than she looks at sanskar pic … you betrayed me …now I will give you same pain …then ragini looks at laksh pic and says that …laksh you came in between swaragini … I loved you most and you betrayed me …then she looks at swara pics and says I will snatch everything from you making love as weapon..
Sanskar hear this and is shocked ..he moves away
And goes to find swara …but while finding swara he thinks to himself “there is no use of telling all this to swara as she will not belive me over ragini plus after that I have no proof ..instead of telling swara all this I will safe her from ragini” then he founds swara standing in girls group he goes toward grp
Sanskar: swara plz come
Swara looks back and find him standing
Girl 5: look like sanskaar cant stay away from swara and all other girl laugh
Sanskar takes swara away
Swara:where are you taking me sanskar
Sanskar leaves her hand and says to her to just stand there till he comes
Ragini comes to laksh and says sanskar is so selfish ..look swara is standing there alone and he is busy in talking to his clients and she fills his ears…..laksh goes to swara and start talking ..he jokes and swara laughs heartly …sanskar see this and is hurt …suddenly someone puts hand on his shoulder …he turns back and see that he is mr shaurya gupta …his business client and myrah’s father …
Shaurya : congratulation sanskar
Dp: oh mr shaurya how are you???
Dp introduces shaurya to all his family member and gadodias
Dp : guptaji your business is prospering like anything
Mr gupta : but you need not to worry till sanskar is with you …no one can beat him in business..you are going to remain..no1
A lady voice comes from behind “you are right but look like someone has beaten our sanskar” ,,a lady looks at swara ..all laugh .she is Mrs LAXMI GUPTA wife of shuarya gupta and mother of myrah gupta
Annapurna: arre lakmiji how are u ??
Laxmi; we are fine…we came in the morning itself actually shaurya has some important business work ..till the business work don’t get over we will stay in the hotel nearby
Annapurna : you call me your friend and you will stay in hotel..no you will stay in this house with us
Myrah gets super exicted listening this…then shaurya takes the mike and announces
Shaurya: now this party is going to end ..but don’t you think that a couple dance at the end of the party will make it memoreable so I well come all the couple to come on stage and rock the dance floor
Everyone does except raglak and swasan
Swara: [to parineeta] bhabhi I think you should for a dance
Listening to this aadarsh takes parineeta’s hand and takes her to dance floor..uttara comes from behind and takes
swara hand in sanskar hand and ask them to go ..even raglak go for couple dance..in the background haan hasi ban gaye plays but sanskar ignores swara and they don’t even shara a eyelock
swara: sanskar why are you ignoring me
sanskar: swara I can’t ignore you
swara: Then atleast look at me and tell me what happen you know I have a good news
sanskar: that you and laksh are going to be one
swara [in shock]: who Told you this?? No there is nothing like that ..laksh has ask me to go back to my life ..
sanskar: what ?? his happiness know no bounds in happiness he lift swara up!!! Swara unable to take his gestures ask him to put her down all the party members look at them and are happy and they start hooting ..raglak and myrah get jealous ..sanskar ask swara to wait till he comes back..swara is standing in between the podium..and suddenly the lamp above her start loosening but all other are busy in talking to each other and swara is busy to look for sanskaar..suddenly saanskar shouts swara!!!!!
And within no time he takes her away and the lamp falls on his hand he creid out of pain but control his emotion..everyone runs to him ..dp asks the guest to plz leave ..sanskar hand bleeding badly…suddenly light goes off and on the big screen ..swalak photos plays their farm house photo ..their kidnap photos…laksh kissing swara photos..all are shocked and everyone question swara
Sujata: jiji I told you this girl is playing double game with our sons
Annapurna: swara wat is all this I belived you but you disappointed me
Shomi: shona I know there is some miss understanding plz clear dear
Myrah: oh swara I thought that you are a girl with self-respect but sorry your character is missing
Laxmiji: I didn’t knew you are such a cheap girl swara
Listening to all this sanskaar becomes angry and shouts NO MORE QUESTION TO SWARA .. he continues to say that I am her husband I can ask her anything but you all should be quiet know every1 plz listen to me ..i know these photos are true but I have belive on swara she will never do anything like this and till I don’t ask her any question you all will also not ask her any question..telling this he holds swara hand takes her to room

Precap : a boy make an entry and ragini drunken

Credit to: kg

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