swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Intro)

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Swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story
Lets give the intro of the characters
Gadodia family
Shekhar gadodia : a famous business man who is straight forward in work and in family and a father of two daughters ragini and swara
Dr. Sharmista gadodia : wife of shekhar gadodia who is a doctor by proffesion but is really nice and mother of two daughters ragini and swara
Ragini gadodia : 20 year old ragini the eldest daughter of shekhar and dr. sharmishta. She is cute bubbly and has a sweet heart. And she loves her sister the most swara
Swara gadodia : 19 year old swara the younger daughter of shekhar and dr. sharmista . she is nice adorable has a soft corner for everyone but loves her sister the most ragini
Ragini is one yr old than swara but they are like friends so swara don’t call di and also ragini dosent like it they behave like they are of same age
Now maheswari family

Durga Prasad maheswari : another famous and rich business man who manage business life and home life perfectly and a father of two sons laksh and sanskaar
Anupurna maheswari : a house wife who is a nice to all and sweet wife and mother of laksh and sanskaar
Ram Prasad maheswari : younger bro of durga Prasad and a business man and father of a daughter uttara
Sujata maheswari : another house wife of maheswari who is straight but cute
Sanskaar maheswari : 22 year old son of durga Prasad and aupurna. He is handsome attractive who has much love for his family
Laksh maheshwari : 22 year old son of durga Prasad and anupurna. He is charming sweet and loves his brother the most sanskaar
Uttara maheswari : 18 year old daughter of ram Prasad and sujata . youngest of all but smart and loves everyone in the family.

Pecap : swasan and raglak meet

hope you guys like it I will upload my next part soon and don’t keep youll waiting plz leave ur comments.

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  6. So sans and laksh are non identical twins is it?

  7. I have a doubt.Is Sanskar and Laksh are twins/one of them are adopted.Both of them are 22 years old

    1. they are non identical twins

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