swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 9)

Hey everyone thanks for your comments but I am little of upset because of less response I got in previous episdode but I hop this episode youll will like it
Recap :sanlak decide to take swaragini on a trip

In maheshwari house all went to office and all ladies were busy in their work
In gadodia house all have breakfast
Shekhar : common ragini we have to go come sharmista I will drop you to clinic
Ragini : papa actually I am not coming I will be here and take care of swara
Swara : no ragini its fine I am ok
Ragini : I haven’t asked u swara I know you so plz papa I am taking 1 day leave ok
Shekhar : ok both take care bye
Sharmista : take care swara bye ragini

In office
In durgaprasad of office sanskaar laksh and durgaprasad were waiting for shekhar
Suddenly they heard a knock it was shekhar
Shekhar : hello durgaprasad ji why are youll waiting for me
Durga Prasad : shekhar plz have a seat I want to talk to u personally
Sanskaar and laksh were standing behind
Shekhar : yes say
Durga Prasad : yesterday only my sons has told me about your daughter I am so sorry after hearing that
Shekhar : no its fine its ok
Durga Prasad : and from now we are not business partners but also good friends and if you need any kind of help I will be there for you
Shekhar : thanks a lot I will ask u if there I need any help
Durgaprasad: 1 more thing I wanted to tell you that our company is having meetings with London clients and its 1 month trip sanskaar and laksh are going I want ragini and swara to join them ragini will help them in work and swara will enjoy there and if godforbid somethings happens therewe are having doctors ther so no need to worry about her it’s a good its upon you what you say
Shekhar : ya its really very nice thanks for doing so much
Durga Prasad : oh common yr we are friends and they are like my daughters too
Sanlak : and don’t worry uncle we will take care of swaragini
Shekhar thanks beta

In gadodia mansion ragini and swara were alone doing their work
Ragini : swara I want to ask you 1 thing
Swara : ya say
Ragini : from our company sanskaar laksh and I have to go to business trip to London so we have decided that you also have to come with us
Swara : what are you saying
Ragini : ya swara come with us spend some time there you will enjoy before operation common
Swara : it’s a good idea but you all three will be busy with your work so I will get bored
Suddenly a voice came
Sanskaar : who told you that you will be alone actually ragini is coming to be with you
Laksh : ya sanskaar is right sanskaar and I will do all the work you two will just come with us
Ragini : but laksh how will you two manage
Laksh : oh common ragini we can handle everything
Sanskaar : so just pack your bags we are leaving tomorrow
Swara : but papa and maa
Sanskaar : don’t worry dad has asked your papa and your papa has given permission and will tell to your maa too so common now we will see you at airport
Laksh : ok den bye
Ragini : bye

Next day packing was almost done in maheshwari laksh and sanskaar seek blessings from durgaprasad anupurna ramprasad sujata and went to gadodia mansion to pick swaragini
Swaragini were totally ready ragini was wearing a long frock white colour
And swara was wearing anarkali green colour
Sanlak reached there seeked blessing from shekhar and sharmista and when they saw swaragini they were mesmerized seeing their beauty
Shekhar : so my daughters are going both take care my blessings are always there for you
Swaragini hugged him
Sharmista : swara take care care of your health and ragini you too I love you both
Swaragini : love you too maa
And they left and sit in the car raglak were sitting in front seat and swasan at back and they were on their way
Swara : why are we all sitting quite hey ragini on the radio
Ragini : ya

She ons the radio
Hum tere bin ab reh nhi sakte tere bina kya wajood mera
Tujhse juda agar ho jayenge toh khudse hi hojayenge juda
Swasan were having an eyelock and laksh was seeing ragini and driving too ragini was staring at him
Kyoki tum hi ho ab tum hi zindagi ab tum hi ho chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashqui ab tum ho
And song ends
Swara : you know sanskaar and laksh its mine and raginis favourite song
Laksh :ya its nice song
Sanskaar : but its very touchy song
Swara : so- you also like it
Sanskaar : why I cant
Swara : no no you are a busy man that’s why
And they reached airport
Laksh : ok guyz come neither we will lose our flight
Ragini : ya common

Everyone reaches airport they boarded to flight
Laksh : swara you do 1 thing you sit with sanskaar and I will sit with ragini because sanskaar usually teases me in flight so plz
Swara : ok
Laksh : ragini are you ok na to sit with me
Ragini : yup
Swara sits beside laksh and swara sits beside sanskaar
Sanskaar : so how many times have you boarded in flight
Swara : seriously this is my first time ragini travels for business but its my first I am little bit of afraid but don’t tell anyone about this ok
Sanskaar : ok ok its just a ride nothing will happen

On the other side laksh
Laksh : so ragini what are your plans in London
Ragini : nothing just be there for swara
Laksh : ragini everytime you think of everybody why don’t you think for yourself we are going London for you also there so will also enjoy
Ragini : ok ok first we reach to London then will decide
Flight starts to take off suddenly swara panics and holds sanskaars hand tightly sanskaar ws smiling seeing swara
Sanskaar : swara nothing will happen open your eyes
Swara : no no I will not
Sanskaar : swara see we are in clouds and is the city its so beautiful
Swara opens her eyes
Swara : yes sanskaar you are right its beautiful you are very nice sanskaar
Sanskaar : I know that but you are awesome
Both share an eyelock And they realize they were holding each othother hands they free their hands and change the topic

On the other side laksh : so ragini I have decided many things for us that will enjoy but it’s a surprise
Ragini : tell na what surprise
Laksh : no surprise is surprise ok bye gud night go to sleep
Ragini : fine good night
Both swasan and raglak slept in eachothers shoulders
Next morning they reach London they reached the hotel
And took the keys
Sanskaar : you two go take rest you room is there and ous is here and laksh and I are going for a meeting today after two hours and we will reach here by 2
Laksh : so be ready both of you we are going somewhere
Swaragini : where
Sanlak : surprise go now and take care bye
Swaragini : bye
Screen freezes on all of them

Precap : swasan and raglak go for skydiving and jet sking

So guys this time I have tried harder to make my ff strong hope you will like it see youll soon

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