swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 8)

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Recap : swara is having brain tumour
Sanskaar is stll consoling swara they heard a knock at the door they release the hug it was ragini and laksh
Laksh : hii swara how are you feeling now
Swara : better
Ragini : ok swara we have to go now we have to gow now doctor has told us that we can take you but if you take total bed rest is that clear
Swara : ya ragini
Laksh : sanskaar we should also leave its very late mom and are worrying
Sanskaar : ya come swara take care of yourself I will call you later bye ragini
Swara : ok bye
Ragini : bye

Laksh : bye swara and ragini takecare
Ragini : ya bye
Sanlak leaves from there and gets in the car
Laksh : bhai are you ok
Sanskaar : (teras were rolling from his eyes) yes I am fine
Laksh : (stops the car) sanskaar what happened tell me
Sanskaar : nothing
Laksh : ok if nothing then why are you crying why are these tears falling from your eyes tell me sanskaar don’t keep it in your heart just burst it out
Sanskaar : laksh I am afraid of swara she is having brain tumour and if somethings happen to her what will I do I want to help her laksh but I am helpless
Laksh : sanskaar you are not helpless you can help her you can give her strength to fight this I am sure nothing will happen to her jjust you be strong don’t get weak
Sanskaar : yes laksh you are right
Laksh : ok shall we move now
Sanskaar : yes

In gadodia hose everybody brings swara to the house
Sharmista : ragini take swara to the room and take rest
Shekhar : ya ragini go and swara take complete rest ok
Swara : ya papa
Ragini : come swara
They both headed to the room ragini was still upset
Swara : ragini common yr don’t be upset see I am fine and don’t worry nothing will happen to me and don’t think that I will leave you so easily I will die when your grandchildren are there ok
Ragini smiles : swara you na you are totally mad
Swara : I know that come sleep

And they both sleep
In maheswari house it was 11 sanskaar was still thinking of swara suddenly he heard a knock it was laksh
Sanskaar : laksh you are awake
Laksh : you also didn’t sleep and anyways I have good news for you
Sanskaar : what good news
Laksh : swara is having two months for the operation na so why aint we take her out of country for 1 month make her mood what say
Sanskaar : but how
Laksh : see (flashback is shown)
Laksh went to durga Prasad room
Laksh : yes dad you called me
Durga Prasad : yes laksh we are having a meeting with our clients in London so you sanskaar and you have to go there for 1 month
Laksh : but dad suddenly

Durga Prasad : ya I have also got the news now only
Anupurna : laksh is everything fine when you and sanskaar came home sanskaar was upset and you are also looking tensed what happened is everything fine
Laksh : actually mom and dad shekhar uncles second daughter swara is having brain tumour and she is sanskaar best friend and she is having only two months after that she is having operation in which she has only 30 percent chances to live
Durga Prasad : what shekhar didn’t told me about all this its very bad news
Anupurna : ya its really bad I wish we could help her
Laksh : actually we can help her
Durga Prasad : how
Laksh : dad now only you have said that sanskaar and I have to go to London riht so ragini will come with us as she is our business partner and why don’t we take swara with us and she will also feel nice
Anupurna : not bad idea
Durga Prasad : ya I will talk this with shekhar
Laksh : ok dad and I will discuss this with sanskaar
Anupurna : and go now its late
Flashback ends

Laksh : so howz my plan
Sanskaar : ya its cool but her poarents will send her and swara will be ready to come with us
Laksh : no worry everything will be finei will talk to ragini about this ok
Sanskaar : ok and go to sleep
Laksh : ya and don’t take tension ok
Sanskaar : yup
Laksh enters in his room and was thinking to call ragini or not finally he decided to call ragini
On the other side swara sleep but ragini was awake and her mobile rangs it was laksh a smile came on her face

Ragini : hello
Laksh : hello ragini I wish I wouldn’t disturb your sleep
Ragini : no no I was awake tell me what happened
Laksh : ragini I wanted to tell you something but I need your help too
Ragini : ya say
Laksh : actually we have to go to London for meeting clients and for presentations it will take 1 month so I was thinking why shoudnt we take swara with us she will feel good there we will be in touch with the doctor there and your mood will also change if you say then only I will take this plan forward

Ragini : laksh from where do you get all this amazing ideas yr. yes it’s a nice idea so what kind of help do you want
Laksh : you just see that swara will come to this trip
Ragini : ya ya don’t worry
Laksh : ok den bye
Ragini : ok bye
All slept
And episode ends

Precap : swasan and raglak went London

Hey guyz I know this is short episode but I will write next episode very big plz keep your support like this and I will surely entertain youll like this see youll soon

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