swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 7)

Hey everyone thanks for your comments so today I will reavel the suspence lets start
Recap : sanskar beat the goons and swara faints and raglak went for dinner

On road sanskaar was driving very fast to reach the hospital tears were rolling down from his eyes but don’t know why they reached the hospital sanskaar carried her in his arms
Sanskaar : hey where is the doctor plz call him
Doctor : yes say
Sanskaar : plz doctor see her she faints while we were talking
Doctor : nurse took her to the room
They took swara to the room and sanskaar was waiting outside
On the other side laksh was asking ragini and when ragini was about to say the reason lakshs phone rang
Laksh : oops very wrong timing let me check who it is. Oh its sanskaar wait a minute ragini
He picks up the phone
Laksh : yes sanskaar
Sanskaar : laksh is ragini with you
Laksh : ya bhai whats the matter why are you so tensed
Sanskaar : laksh you both come to the city hospital. He narrates whole story to laksh
Laksh : sanskaar don’t worry we are coming you take care ok bye
Sanskaar : ya bye come soon
Laksh cuts the call : ragini hurry up we have to reach hospital
Ragini : but what happened laksh is all ok
Laksh : no ragini your sister is in hospital sanskaar called me and he told to inform your parents also
Ragini : but how what happened to her
Laksh : I also don’t know ragini lets reach there then we will come to know tell your parents also
Ragini : ya
They bot sat in the car ragini informed her parents all are coming to the hospital

In hospital sanskaar was very much tensed he was sitting alone and was thinking of swara and crying suddenly laksh and ragini came
Ragini : sanskaar where is swara and what happened to her
Sanskaar : she is in the room they are checking her and again narrates the whole story to ragini
Ragini : what she was suffering from all that and now this
Sanskaar : from what ragini
Suddenly shekhar and sharmista came
Sharmista : what happened where is the doctor
Suddenly doctor came
Sharmista : doctor I am dr. sharmista I wanted to talk to you
They both went inside and sharmista came
Sanskaar : aunty what happened
Sharmista : sanskaar actually swara is having brain tumour
Both laksh and sanskaar were shocked
Sanskaar : what
Sharmista : yes sanskaar three years ago we all got to know that she is having brain tumour and she is having only three years after that she is having an operation but only 30 percent chances are there that she will survive so now after two months that operation will be there today she fainted because of taking lots of tension but now she is fine (started crying) being a doctor I cant do anything for my own daughter I feel so helpless
Shekhar : sharmista plz if you will do like this who will take care of swara.
Sanskaar : did swara know this
Shekhar : ya she was the one who told us not to take tension of her and don’t discuss of this she wants to live her life and fulfill he dreams in these days so we let her do that
Sanskaar was fully shocked
Ragini took laksh from there outside the hospital
Ragini : laksh you always wanted to listen the truthwhy iam not living my drams and all so listen this is the truth why I am not living three years before when we got this newz everyone was shocked nobody don’t know what to do I was really helpless swara decided to live her dreams and I was the one who supported her everyone was busy in swaras dieases and no one was there to look to the business which was having many much losses so I decided to work for it to help my dad there are my dreams but without my family there is nothing and without my swara ragini is nothing so I decided not to give her any type of pressure (started crying) and today she is suffering from all this and after two months I will don’t know that she will live or not
Laksh was really sad to hear all this and started consoling her : ragini nothing will happened to her there are chances na that she will leave plz she needs you now you have to be strong and don’t worry from now your friend is with you you ok and cubs her face you don’t need to worry I am there with you ok
Ragini hugs him : thanks laksh be with me like this plz forever
Laksh hugs her too : ya ragini forever

They huged eachother for very long time but after that they both realize what they said and they are in which postion both realese the hug and feel embarres
Laksh : common lets go in
Ragini : ya
Inside hospital
Sanskaar : anty uncle can I meet swara
Shekhar : ya sure
Sanskaar entered the room swara was laying and her eveys were closed sanskaar sits beside and take her hand in his hands swara felt his touch and woke up
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : no swara don’t you dare tell me anything we are friends na and you have hide such a big thing of your life why
Swara : sanskaar beczuse I wanted your friendship not your pity on me if I would have told you you have started to do things only because I am having brain tumour but I have seen ur genuine friendship so thats why I haven’t told you I am sorry
Sanskaar : how could you think that I will show pity on I am your real friend and I will never leave your hand ok
Swara : promise . but if something happens to me after operation
Sanskaar : sshh nothing will happen to you fine and don’t say that I will not let that happen now you sleep ok and don’t think too much
Both share a side hug and screen frezzes on both swasan and raglak

Precap : sanlak decide to take swaragini to a trip

Thanks guyz for your support plz give me support like dis only I have tried a lot to make my ff best hope youll like it see youll soon

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