swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 6)

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Swaragini : swasan raglak a unique love story episode 6
Recap : raglak went for lunch and swasan went for dinner
Everybody slept thinking of each other next morning as it was Sunday in gadodia house shekhar and sharmista woke up but swara and ragini were sleeping as it was a holiday shekhar and sharmista also didn’t disturb them and they both went for some work after 1 hour both of them woke up
Swara : ragini where is maa and papa
Ragini : I think they must be went for certain work yesterday maa was telling me that they both will have some work so they will return in evening
Swara ; oh dat means we two are there so lets have breakfast I will make for you
Ragini : no swara leave it I will make for both of us you go and freshen up
swara : no we both will make and it is final
ragini : ok common

they both had breakfast and after that both were watching newz
ragini : swara I wanna tell you something
swara : ya sure ragini tell na
ragini : yesterday I and laksh went for lunch
swara : what and you are telling me now when you started to hide things from me
ragini : no swara I wanted to tell you but you came late yesterday that’s y but why did you came late yesterday
swara : oh no ragini I went for dinner with sanskaar
ragini : what sanskaar and you didn’t inform me
swara : oh no ragini I thought I will tell you today but he is very nice man very soft hearted and gentle
ragini : ya swara laksh is too very nice simple and sweet
and both of them started talking of sanlak
in maheshwari house everyone got up everyone had breakfast and everyone was busy in some of their work

sanskaar was busy in his files and suddenly remembers swara and smiled on the othe other hand laksh was busy in his laptop and remembers of ragini and thought : yr she is so nice girl lets take her to the beach today. Suddenly he got an idea and took his phone and called ragini
ragini phones rings
swara : ragini your phone is ringing see its laksh pick it up
ragini picks it up and went in corner
ragini : hello
laksh : hello ragini how are you hope I am not disturbing you
ragini : oh I am fine and no you are not disturbing me say what can I do for you
laksh : ragini its Sunday common lets go for on a beach it will be nice plz come plz na we will have fun plz don’t say no

ragini : (coudnt able to say no) ok I will come
laksh : ok I will pick you in 2 hours be ready
ragini : ok
both were busy talking suddenly swaras phone rings it was her friend naina
swara : hey naina whats up
naina : swara we are going to a part in evening so you also join with us and bring your friend sanskaar too in the party
swara : which party
naina : are we are all going for disco so everybody is ready expect you so come with us na plz
swara : ok I will come
naina : and don’t forget to bring sanskaar
swara : ok bye
ragini comes to swara
ragini : swara laksh calls me and he wants to take me beach
swara : wow ragini that’s a good idea everytime you are busy in work atleast you will go somewhere you will feel nice and I am too going with my friends in party
ragini : oh wow we should inform maa and papa wait ill call them
swara : ya you go I have to call sanskaar too
ragini : (smiled) ok
in maheshwaari house laksh is very happy and gone to get ready on the other hand sanskaar thinks of swara and thought of taking her somewhere when he was about to call swara his phone rings
sanskaar : swara I was just thinking to call you
swara : see you thought I called and I wanna tell you something that today you are coming with me to the disco with my friends and no iffs buts ok

sanskaar : ok swara but I wanna ask you that will you come with me to watch a movie now after that we will go to the party ok get ready in hour I will pick you up ok bye
swara : ok
ragini : swara I have inform them they had given us permission so come get ready
swara : ok
in maheshwari house laksh got ready wearing yellow tshirt and brown jeans and came in sanskaars room
laksh : bhai I am going to beach with my friend ok
sanskaar : ya fine I am also going to movie
laksh : what bhai you are going I don’t belive this but with whom you are going
sanskaar : I am going with swara gadodia you know her na
laksh : ya ya that’s nice you like her
sanskaar : no yr she is just my friend that’s it and you you like ragini you are very attached to her in office and today too you are going with her
laksh : how did you came to know bhai
sanskaar : bhai I am ur bro ok so you like her
laksh : no yr she is my friend ok now sanskaar I have to leave see you soon bye
sanskaar : ya bye
laksh reached gadodia house and msged ragini
laksh : ragini I am standing near your house come down fast
ragini got the msg : swara I am leaving take care of yourself in party ok
swara : ya ok you too take care
after that swara started to get ready ragini went down and saw laksh and went towards him
laksh was mesmerized to see ragini she was wearing black tshirt and half white jacket with black jeans

laksh : you are looking awesome ragini
ragini : thanks shall we go
laksh : ya sure
in maheshwari house sanskaar told everyone that he has some work so he left the house and swara got ready by wearing short dress light red coloured till knee sanskaar reached gadodia house and called swara swara reached down and sanskaar was shocked to see swara in short dress
swara : hey u r looking very handsome
sanskaar : thanks but you wear short dress also I have seen you first time in these clothes
swara : ya I wear very rarely these type of clothes when I am going in a party or somewhere why you don’t like it
sanskaar : no you are looking damn hot yr so shall we go neither we will miss the film
swara : ya sure
at beach ragini and laksh were sitting in sand
ragini : laksh you take every girl to the beach from your friends
laksh : no ragini you are the first becoz I have a met a girl who don’t live her dreams who don’t like to enjoy so I took her and I am trying to make her life enjoyable and I wanted to show her that life is so much beautiful

ragini : laksh I also want to fulfil my dreams but there are some my priorities first which I cant tell you but I will tell you soon
laksh : I don’t know ragini what is stopping you but I hope that it will end soon so come enjoy
suddenly laksh wents behind and ragini called him laksh turns around ragini splashes water on him
laksh : ragini what are you doing
ragini : first escape this
laksh : wait Ill show you
both started to splash water on each others face face ragini was very much happy and laughing louder laksh was so happy to see her laughing he was gone in his thoughts
ragini : so I won mr. maheswari
laksh : ya you won
ragini : laksh lets have pani puri its been a long time I had those plz na
laksh : ok come
ragini : bhaiya make two plates pani puri spicy
laksh : ragini don’t eat too much spice yr

ragini : laksh you eat na
they both started to eat ragini was enjoying eating laksh was happy to see her enjoying
ragini : nice na come lets have juice
laksh : ya sure (he was thinking that she loves to enjoy her life than what is stopping her in not doing so I have to find out soon)
ragini : laksh where have been you lost come na
laksh : yup ragini after this can you come on dinner with me plz I will drop you at home plz you have come here with me plz come there also
ragini : ok fine
on the other side swara sanskaar watched romantic movie and after coming out of movie
sanskaar : the movie was very nice but why you have started crying
swara : I don’t like sad endings yr it really touches to my heart
sanskaar : but it’s a movie swara
swara : I know but just leave it we have to go to party come lets go fast
sanskaar : ya
they both reached to the disco and swaras friends were waiting for her
swara : hii guyz
avinash : swara yr you are late
sanskaar : I am sorry its bcoz of me
naina : oh its ok come lets go
they all went in the disco
swaras friends started to dance and were calling her
swara : ya am coming sanskaar you too come na join us in the dance
sanskaar : no no I am fine you carry on I am standing here
swara : come yr sanskaar plz
sanskaar : plz swara you go

swara : ok fine
she went in the middle of stage and started to dance on disco song suddenly two men comes to swara and started dance with her sanskaar was watching all this became very angry and swara too feels very uncomfortable suddenly somebody pulls her waist it was sanskaar swara was very happy and the two men went away from the disco they both started to dance
swara hold sanskaars sholder and sanskaar was holding swaras waist and they started to dance passionately after that they both went out of disco and swara was laughing
sanskaar : why are you laughing
swara : sanskaar you were right you don’t know to dance but not bad yr I taught you to dance
sanskaar : ha so whats the matter everybody is not perfect in all the work suddenly sanskaar watches those drunk people sitting outsise so he put his hand on swaras shoulder swara was happy for his concern towards him
swara decide to tease sanskaar : sanskaar common start the car
when sanskaar went to start the car swara hide herself behind the wall sanskaar relize that swara is not with him he calls her but she dosent come out suddenly a man catches swara from behind and covers her mouth with hand so she dosent shout they were those men who were dancing with swara they took her to the nearby construction building. Sanskaar became mad and was searching for her badly
sanskaar : swara where are you are you playing with me plz come na swara swara
on the other side laksh and ragini went to the resturarent
ragini : so today you will order for us ok
laksh : ok
he ordered his favourite Chinese dish
laksh : ragini you are my friend na
ragini : ha laksh but why are you asking me like dis
laksh : so being a friend I want to know the truth behind you ragini
ragini : laksh

laksh : plz ragini tell me whats the matter why are you not enjoying your life which is urs why are you not living your dreams why you hide so much things in you plz tell me
ragini : (was lost in his thoughts)
moving back to sanskaars side sanskaar was searching for swara suddenly he hears her voice from construction building
swara : hey leave me sanskaar plz save me
sanskaar hers her voice and goes to construction building he saw those man were beating swara and were forcing her
sanskaar got angry and shouted : swara you dogs leave her
he goes to those man beated them very badly that they both fell down he turns to swara
swara who was crying goes to sanskaar and huged him
swara : thank you sanskaar you came I was very much scared if u wouldn’t have come than what would happen to me
sanskaar : (hugged her back) no swara nothing will happen to you I am der na I will be there for you always
swara : sanskaar (and she fainted in his arms)
sanskaar : what happened swara to you swara get up open your eyes and tears rolled down from his eveys he took her in his arms and took her to the car.
to be continued

precap : a shocking truth to be come out

hey guyz the suspense will unravel in next episode so stay tunned and next episode will be upload soon bye everyone

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