swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 5)

Hy everyone sorry for late posting busy in some other work but here my next episode hope you will like it
Swaragini : swasan raglak a unique couple
recap : swasan again meet and laksh join office permanently
In morning at gadodia mansion
Swara and ragini wake up today ragini was having lunch with laksh so she is little bit of happy but again she starts thing of works and all. On the other hand swara was happy because 1 time sanskaar will attend her concert so both of them got ready swara was wearing long red anarkali with full sleeves she was looking preety and ragini wore white top and black jeans she was looking cute everyone of family had breakfast

Ragini : swara all the best for your concert hope you will do well today also
Swara : only you say all the best but never came to attend my concert
ragini : sorry swara you know na how much I have work but next time promise
Swara : promise
Ragini : ya promise ok bye I am leaving for the office gotta go bye papa common
Shekhar : ya swara sharmista bye
Sharmista : wait I have also go to clinic plz drop me swara take care of the house and when you have to go lock the house ok
Swara : ok maa
Shekhar : common sharmista
Sharmista : ya bye swara

Swara : bye
In maheshwari mansion
Sanskaar got ready he was wearing black tshirt and grey colour blazre and blue jeans he was looking stunning and was thinking last night incident how swara was insisting him to come to the concert and smiled thinking of her on the other hand laksh got ready for the office wearing blue shirt and blue jeans he was looking absolutely handsome and both of them came for breakfast
At the dinning table
Laksh : dad we have a meeting with Mehtas today and some files are there pending in the office plz check it
durga Prasad : ya sure laksh I will check it
sujata : jiji our laksh is changing see his behavior
ram Prasad : ya bhaisa see our laksh has changed so much
sanskaar : plz chacha chachi don’t praise him so much that he again go to his room and sleep and again become lazy
laksh : bhai yr
uttara : no sanskaar bhai my laksh bhai has changed and he will not become like that before
laksh : see my sister is with me thanks uttara
everyone laughs and sanskaar laksh durga prasad and ram Prasad went for office
in office sanskaar went to his cabin and started checking his files suddenly his mobile rings and flashes swara he picks it up

sanskaar : hello
swara : hii sanskaar hope I am not disturbing you
sanskaar : oh no swara you are my friend you can call me anytime so what can I do for you
swara : actually sanskaar I called you to remind you about today you have to come to my concert haven’t you forgot?
Sanskaar : (jokingly) oh no swara I am having lots of work today and meetings also so I will not be able to come
Swara : sanskaar you can send laksh for the meeting na
Sanskaar : no swara actually laksh is busy in meetings with your dad and sister along with my dad so I cant send I am really sorry swara hope you understand
Swara : its ok sanskaar ok bye

Sanskaar : bye
Swara cuts the call and was little bit of upset and sanskaar in his mind : sorry swara I lied to you but I have to give you surprise

And sanskaar got busy in his work
In laksh cabin laksh was busy in his files suddenly he remembered yesterday incident of having lunch with ragini and saw the time it was 2 pm he did his all work that was pending and durgaprasad came to his cabin
Durga Prasad : beta before having lunch can you plz go to gadodias office and this files to shekhar its really important for the meeting
Laksh : ( double happy ) ya sure dad I will go
Laksh went to the gadodia office and give this files to shekhar
Shekhar : thanks beta why didn’t you join us for the lunch today
Laksh : no uncle thanks uncle can I request you 1 thing
Shekhar : ya sure go ahead
Laksh : can I take ragini with me for the lunch I want to discuss with her some meetings plz uncle
Shekhar : ya beta take her she must be in her cabin
Laksh : thanks uncle see you soon
In ragini cabin somebody knocked the door
Ragini : come in
Laksh : hey ragini
Ragini : (happy to see him) laksh hii
Laksh : as I promised you to take you for the lunch I am there
Ragini : oh ya but I have to ask papas permission
Laksh : don’t worry ragini I have asked him permission and he said yes so you can come with me
Ragini : ok lets go

In hotel
Laksh : so what do like to have ragini
Ragini checked the menu
Ragini : palak panner dal makhani and tandoori roti
Laksh : oh nice that too is my favourite lets order it
laksh was staring at ragini
ragini : why are you staring at me like this
laksh : nothing
ragini : say na
laksh : I don’t know why but you hide so many things in your heart you are very mysterious
ragini : and how can you say this any example
ragini : like the way you talk you hide so many emotions in your heart and I have read somewhere the girl who talks less keeps many secrets in her life
ragini : are you a astrologer
laksh : no but you only tell you is only busy with your work you don’t know what is going on life you don’t enjoy your life why

ragini was lost in his words suddenly waiter came with his order
laksh : lets have lunch its getting late we have to go to office also
laksh : ok
they had lunch laksh and ragini sat in lakshs car laksh drop her to office
ragini : it was nice having lunch with you laksh
ragini : ya it was nice but today you didn’t told anything but I will not leave you like this my cutie friend ok bye

ragini : smiled bye
laksh : hey ragini you smiled your smile is very nice plz smile again
ragini : laksh bye again she smiled
laksh : bye
laksh went to his office and was thinking of ragini and smiled and got busy in his work
it was 5pm sanskaar finished his all work and said
sanskaar : only 1 hour is left for swaras concert lets go but before going lets buy some flowers for her
he went to flowers shop and buyed bouquet of roses for her on the other hand swara was upset but went to the concert hall and started diverting her mind to the concert slowly slowly everyone started gathering in the hall swaras friends also reached there sanskaar reached the hall buyed ticket and its time for swara to sing at the concert she took the mike everyone started to cheer her she saw the audience suddenly her eyes went to one person and stops it was sanskaar he was smiling by seeing her she becomes very very happy and started to sing
“hawa ke jhoke aaj mausome se root gaye

Phoolo ki shookhiya jo bhavre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi aaj zindagi ki chaal zara issi bahane kyu na main bhi dil ka haal zara sawaar loon hai sawaar loon sawaar loon hain sawaar loon” and finished the whole song everyone clapped and sanskaar was too doing the same
Sanskaar was shocked to hear swaras song it was very nice swara then come to sanskaar
Swara : you are very bad why you told me that you are not coming
Sanskaar : sorry swara I just wanted to give you surprise plz accept my apology
Swara : only on one condition that you will have dinner with me today
Sanskaar : ok madam as you say
Swara : (gets happy) come I will introduce you to my friends
Sanskaar : ok

Swara tooks her to her friends
Swara : hey guys I wanted to introduce you all to my new friend meet sanskaar maheswari and sanskaar this is avinash rahul naina and anjali they are my best of friends
Avinash : hey you are that famous business man sanskaar maheswari I must say at very young age you have achieved so many things

Sanskaar : thank you so much
Rahul : swara we have to go yr in party are you coming
Swara : no yr I am not actually I am going with sanskaar for dinner so may be next time
Naina : no problem yr go carry on bye sanskaar common guys we are getting late
Everyone went from there
Swara : have you forgotten something
Sanskaar : what
Swara : the flowers in your hand are those for me
Sanskaar : oh sorry I forgot ya this is for you
Swara : they are very nice like you so shall we go

Sanskaar : ya sure
They both went in sanskaars car after half an hour they reached the restaurant they both go to the table and sat there
Sanskaar : so what do you like to eat
Swara : any of your favourites
Sanskaar order his favourite food and after a while
Swara : you are a very nice man why do you live such a boring life
Sanskaar : no swara I love my life
swara : how yr only work and nothing else no friends no travel anywhere life is all about to live and we get life only once na so live your life yr
sanskaar : your thoughts are really very nice I will definetly apply this in my life someday so now we should have food
swara : ya sure

they both eat and went in the car suddenly she sees icecream stall
swara : sanskaar see there is icecream stall common na lets have it plz
sanskaar : ok
swara ordered chocochip for both sanskaar was happy by seeing her childish behavior how she is eating like a child after eating they went in the car
sanskaar while driving : swara can I ask you 1 thing
swara : ya sure
sanskaar : you live such a beautiful life so theres nothing that you cant solve
swara : no there is one
sanskaar : what
swara : you (laughed) and your boring life
sanskaar : very funny. he was happy seeing her laughed then sanskaar droped her home and came to his house and went in his room and in his heart has started to felt for swara
swara on the other hand also started feeling for him but was sad and said in her mind : there is one thing that I cant solve but I cant tell you sorry sanskaar
on the other side love was started to blossom in laksh and raginis heart.
Screen freezes on four of them

Precap : sanskaar saves swara from goons and laksh takes ragini to beach

So guyz how do you like it a suspense is there to unfold I will tell you in my upcoming episodes. I tried very hard to adjust both of them so plz do leave your comments see you soon bye

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