swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 44)


So guyz I wanna unravel the surprise and the surprise is this is my last episode I know you all are in shock and I don’t wanted to destroy your mood by saying it earlier but truth is it I know many loves my ff so much and I am grateful to them but guyz have to end it but I am really thankfull to those who supported me throughout my ff who were there and written nice in comment box when my episode was not good and someone writes that I am a great writer I am really thanfull to youll without your help I couldn’t have complete 44 episodes really 44 cant believe that in my first ff I wrote this much and I got this much love thank you soo much and therae are some people who have commented on my ff from first episode thanks to them and yaa silent readers too I love them but plz aaj aakhri episode mein comment kardena and thank you is just a small word to describe yet thank you and sorry if I have done any sort of mistake in my through ff and sorry for ending soo soon but plz understand and make this last episode really unique by your love so last time so we start

Recap : all forgives rahul and they got engaged again happily

It was the wedding day oll were getting ready our bride uttara was looking so gorgeous in her wedding dress and our bride was looking so handsome but eyes were on swasan and raglak who came down swara and ragini were wearing red and pink lehenga and they were looking so preety and or boys who were wearing off white sherwani was also looking damn handsome so wedding starts they took pheres rahul make herwore mangalsutra and sindoor all were happy uttara was now leaving the house she was so sad and everbody was crying sujata and ramprasad give blessings to her uttarathen came to anupurna and durga Prasad and hugged them they also gave them blessings then she came to swaragini both were crying on seeing uttara and both hugged her
Swara : live your life happily
Ragini : may you never face problems I your life
Then uttara gone to her brothers who were having teary eyes
Sanskaar : now who will fight with us
Laksh : now who will irritate us
Uttara : bhai I love you both
Sanlak started crying rahul took her now all comes in mansion sad but yet happy that finally she got what she wanted
In swasan room sanskaar enetered his room and doesn’t find swara he goes inside and saw that someone have locked the door sanskaar was now shocked to see swara in in short black backless dress and swara was not looking at him at all sanskaar was awestruck then he goes to her
Sanskaar : oh my swara you are looking damn hot
Swara : I wanted to make this night special for us both
Sanskaar was surprised at her romance he grabed her by waist and started kissing her swara to kissed him back by caressing his hairs sanskaar then removed his clothes and put swara on bed and opened her dress too both were naked sankaar then looked in her eyes which was full of love for him after that she closed her eyes and sanskaar got the answer so they made love yet once again sanskaar marked swara of him yet agaim two souls became one yet again and moons and stars were witness of their love yet gaain

There in raglak room laskh closed the door but was not finding ragini suddenly he feels someone his hugging him from back he was shocked to see ragini in white short dress
Laksh : ragini you are looking out of the world today but why all this
Ragini : laksh make this night for us
Laksh : are you serious
Ragini : yes I am
And she goes more close to him
Laksh grabbed her by waist and kissed her tightly ragini too reciprocates I and caressed his hairs after that laksh removed her dress and removed her sherwani too and both lies on bed both were having an eyelock which was showing love for eachother and they made yet another night beautiful laksh marked her as him yet again two souls became one yet again and moon and stars were yet witnessed of their love again
After some days uttara was with rahul and both were living happily one day swara was not feelng easy so she fainted in kitchen ragini called everyone sanskaar and laksh too cameand all the doctor doctor checked swara
Doctor : congrats mr.and mrs. Sanskaar you both will be becoming father and mother soon
Everyone was happy swara and sanskaar was on clod nine
Laksh : bhai I am becoming a chacha
Ragini : and I will be chachi nad mausi too I am so happy
All elders give them blessing after some time swasan were alsone
Sanskaar : thanks swara you made my life beautiful
Swara ; thanks to you without you it wouldn’t have possible
Sanskaar : next time will also try ok
Swara : shut up
They hug eachother

Next day ragini vomited so she decided to to do some tests and reprts were saying that she is preganent she was on clod nine when everyone was sitting down she came
Ragini : I wanted to share some thing not only one baby but there are two babies to come
Laksh : what are you saying ragini
Ragini : I am going to be a mother and you a father
All were surprised and happy swaragini hugged eachother
Sanskaar : yeh bro you too are becoming a father now I will too become a chacha
Swara : I am too happy to become chachi and mausi I am so happy that two kids are coming
Laksh couldn’t belive what ragini said and hugged her
Laksh : I am so happy ragini with the news thank you so much
Ragini : laksh everyone is seing us
Laksh : oh sorry
All laughed and all elders gave them blessings too
All were pampering swaragini including sanlak shekhar and sharmishta too started to come and take care of them
After nine months ragini was climbing the stairs but her leg got sliped but laksh holds her on time but her water brokes
Ragini : aah laksh its paining aah
Anupurna : beta take her to the hospital we are too coming
They all goe to hospital swara and sanskaar were in the car swara was in tension of ragini
Sanskaar : swara relax nothing will happen and its not good for your health too
Swara : I know sanskaar but still aahhaa ahhhh
Sanskaar : what happene
Swara : its time sanskaar its coming
Sanskaar drives crazily and took her to the hospital in his arms
Sanskaar : maa she also have labour apins doctor plz check her they took her
Sanskaar : maa how is ragini
Sharmishta : beta don’t know laskh is with her
Doctor : mr. sanskaar your wife needs you she is onlytalking your name plz come
Anupurna : go beta
Sanskaar goes to the cabin

In raginis room ragini was shouting and was holding laksh hand tightly
Ragini : laksh if anything happens to me then
Laksh : stop talking rubbish ragini nothing will happen plz have courae
Doctor : ragini plz take take deep breathes
Laksh : ragini you can do it common for me common
Ragini shouts : aaahhh laakkkkssshhhhh
Doctor took baby out
Doctor : congrats mr. maheshwari you have blessed with girl
Both raglak were happy

At swasan room
Swara was holding sanskaar hand tightly
Swara : sanskaar I am loosing consiuess
Sanskaar : no swara open your eyes look at me take deep breaths common swara
Swara : no sanskaar I cant
Sanskaar : you are my brave swara common
Swara : aaaahhh sannnskkaaarrrrr
The baby comes out
Doctor : confrats mr. and mr. maheshwari you have got a baby boy
Both swasan were happy
Sanlak comes out of cabin
Sanskaar : its boy
Laksh : its girl
All were happy sanlak were proud dads now

After some time swaragini shifted to same cabin all give blessings to them after that swasan and raglak were alone
Swara : sanskaar he looks like you
Sanskaar : yes but he has got eyes like you sweet
Swara : our family is completed now
Ragini : laksh see na her nose is like you
Laksh : ya but she looks similar to you
Ragini : I am so happy today laksh
Laksh : mee too ragini

After some years two men were paying with their daughter and son it was swadarsh swara and sanskaars son raashi ragini and laksh daughter sanskaar and laksh were playing looking at them after some time they goes to their dada dadi and nana nani
Swara : I am so happy sanskaar to have you
Sanskaar : and I am happy to have you forever
Swara : I love you
Sanskaar : I love you too
Swara : and we toghther make
Sanskaar : swa
Swara : san
Swasan : swasan
Ragini : finally laksh I am so happy with you
Laksh : I am too happy to be with you
Ragini : I love you so much
Laksh : I love you too
Ragini : and we together make
Laksh : rag
Ragini : lak
Raglak : raglak

And both couples were happy with their lives

Its really sad to end but no have option but seriously I am sorry for endig it will miss u so much but I will try to post os of swasan and raglak but guyz one request keep loving swasan and raglak don’t bash anyone and keep watching swaragini and make it best and thanks to all will meet soon till then bye take care.-

Credit to: kaynat khan

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