swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 43)

Hello guyz once again I am sorry as my computer was not working so I didn’t able to write but am back so lets start
Recap : swasan raglak patch up

It was holi morning all were gathered down for puja swara and ragini were wear wearing simple white salwar kameez and sanlak wear wearing white kurta all were looking nice it was swaragnis first holi so they started the pujaa after some time puja ends swaragini took blessings from all the elders all wishes them swaragini puts holi on all the elders and all elders including uttara went out leaving swasan and raglak alone now sanlak were planning to put holi on swaragini but swaragini ran from there sanlak smiled and chased them
Sanskaar : yr laksh this girls na will never understand
Laksh : yes bhai but did you patched up with swara but how
Sanskaar : laksh you know na I cant be angry on her for more time so I forgived herand what about you you too forgived ragini na
Laksh : yes bhai I realised I was giving her more hurt by not talking so I too forgived her
Sanskaar : yes you are right laksh now come we have to play holi too
Laksh : yes lets find them
Sanlak goes to find swaragini sanskaar goes to terrace and laksh goes to kitchen swara was hiding on terrace and ragini was hiding in kitchen
Laksh enters kitchen he didn’t see ragini but can feel her through her presence and saw the shawdow behind fridge and goes to there and ragini in a second and pulls her by waist she was shocke as laksh found her
Laksh : so mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari now you are caught how will you escape
Ragini : I dint want to escape from you
Laksh : oh ho romantic not bad so let me do my work
Ragini : ok
Laksh closes his eyes and was about to kiss ragini when ragini smiled and pour colours on him laksh was shocked at her
Ragini : happy holi mr. laksh maheshwari
And she was about to run when he holds her and bring her close to him where air cant pass ragini was breathing fast
Ragini : laksh what if anybody comes
Laksh : I don’t care now I wanted to apply to you too so wait
Laksh wents closer to her and touched her cheek with his cheeks and colour was now on her face too
Laksh : happy holi my dear angel
And ragini smiled and ran away

At swasan side
Sanskaar : swara are you here
Swara was smiling at him as she was watching him and sanskar could smell her perfume and he turned behind and saw swara swara was so close to him
Sanskaar : swara where did you ran I was searching for you
Swara : oh really
Saying this she goes more close to him sanskaars heart was beating so fast and he closes his eyes swara then applied holi to him
Swara : happy holi mr. hubby how much you think don’t ever think that I will do that things ok
Sanskaar : oh really
Now he goes more close to swara and pinned her the wall
Sanskaar : but I want some thing else
Swara : sanskaar leave me I wanna go
Sanskaar : acha you were only coming close to me and now what why you want to run
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : ssshhh
Swara closes her eyes and grips his shirt sanskaar smiled and took some colurs from the beside table and put on swaras face
Sanskaar : happy holi my princess I am so happy this is my first holi with you
Swara : I am too happy my prince I am too happy now shall we proceed down everyone shall be waiting
Sanskaar : oh yaa I forgot come
Everone was there at garden but uttara was silent as she doesn’t want to play holi swasan and raglak saw this and went to her and apply some colours on her face
Uttara was now getting more uncormfatable so she went fom there silently all four were shocked but knows that she needs time
Swara : its ok yr she only needs time that’s it
Ragini : she will be better soon
Sanlak : yup
Uttara was in her room and locked the room and she sat on bed and started crying and started thinking
Uttara : no why I cant forget him why I am remembering him again why I cant just forget him why I am spoiling others happiness which lies in me but I cant be anyone now I only loved him and I love everybody maa papa badi maa bade papa laksh bhai sanskaarbhai and my both bhabhi but ilove him too and I cant forgive him and everybody is getting upset because of me now I should end me life I cant leave anymore if I will die wverybody will be happy so I shouldn’t leave anymore
She took he blade and was about to cut her wristwhen someone holded her tightly it was rahul yes he wanted to meet uttara secretly so he entered her window and was shocked to see her with blade and goes to stop her
Rahul : areyou mad uttara what were you trying to do
Uttara : rahul how dare you entered my room if y brothers see you they will kill you just get out
Rahul : I am not going anywhere did you listen just answer what were you doing why were you ending your life
Uttara : so what should I do in my whole life I loved only one man and that is you and you only cheated me how can I live I have hurted my family too much I cant live more rahul plz let me go
Rahul : uttara plz listen to me yes I wanted to take revenge from youll but I was wrong I was completely gone in my obsession that was totally wrong and in that I have started to love you yes uttara I am in madly love with you and I don’t want to take any revenge from your brothers I only want 1thing and its just you
Uttara : lie you are a liar I I will not trust you
Rahul : uttara plz trust me this time if you will ask me I will ask sorry from everyone your parents your brothers infact swara and ragini too I will ask sorry to them too it was mymistake I have done wrong plz forgive me plz uttara plz I love you
Uttara : I cant trust you

At that time swaragini and sanlak came and goes to rahul and catches him with shoulder
Sanskaar : how dare you enter my sisters room I will not spare you this time
Laksh : this tie I will only kill you
Uttara : bhai leave him he ha just came to ask sorry that’s it
Swara : no uttara you don’t know him
Ragini : its his plan to catch you
Rahul : if you both want to kill me then kill me I will not oppose on killing me without uttara I cant live so its better to die but 1thing uttara I loved you with my whole heart and I am sorry swara and ragini but I didn’t wanted to I was blind in my revenge that I didn’t saw innocent uttara I am sorry
Uttara : rahul no how can you say this
Sanskaar : laksh kiil him
Laksh : yes bhai
Uttara : no bhai plz don’t I cant live witout him I love him plz bhai plz
Sanlak leaves rahul and sanlak and swaragini started laughing
Swara : see sanskaar I told you na that rahul is changed and love her so much
Ragini : and laksh was telling me that uttara doesn’t love him see she loves her more
Laksh : yes you are right they both love eachother
Uttara why are oull laughing
Sanskaar : actually uttara when you ran to your room after that we saw rahul entering your room with pipe so we cathed him

Fb starts
Sanskaar : how dareyou entered my house
Laksh : todaywill not live you
Rahul : laksh sanskaar plz listen to me I haven’t came here for fighting I only wanted to meet uttara plz let me meet
Swara : why you wanna meet her
Ragini : how much life will you spoil of her
Rahul : listen swara and ragini I was blind before that I couldn’t see heR LOVE and I was taking revenge but now I am serious I cant live without her plz let me meet her then beat me or kill me I don’t care but plz for her its important plz
Swaragini understood his love
Swara : let him go sanskaar and laksh
Sanskaar : what are you serious
Laksh : no we will not
Ragini : laksh sanskaar live him plz
Sanlak leaves him and he goes
Sanskaar : what was that yr
Swara : relax sanskaar I know he was not lieing he was saying truth he loves uttara
Ragini : we can see in his eyes come
Laksh : you both are seriously mad
Swaragini : yes
Swara : I have aplan
Fb ends

Sanskaar : uttara you and rahul loves eachother what else we want
Laksh : nw happy my sister
Uttara went towards them and hugged them tightly rahul goes to swara and ragini and folded his hands
Rahul : I am sorry swara and ragini I misbehavd with youll I was so wrong in my deeds that I dint look how many life I am destroying plz forgive plz
Swara : no rahul we have forgived you
Ragini : and now you are like our brother so stop asking for forgiveness from your sisters ok
Rahul : I don’t have any sisters but I am so happy that I got two sisters today I will always protect my sisters forever
Laksh : oh hello we both are not statutes here ok so protect only your uttara ok
All laughed
They goes to their parents made them understand the situation and after some time they accepted it and rahul and uttara got engaged

Precap : a surprise

So guyz how was this one I know youll are waiting for surprise so surprise will unravel in next part ok so see you all in next part till then bye

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