swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 42)


Hello guyz lets see what swaragini are planning to make up sanlak so lets start
Recap : swaragini made a plan for sanlak but sanlak were still angry on them
Sanlak was in office and were feeling very restless thinking of swaragini they were angry on them but still they love them and they care about them and there swaragini were busy in preparing for night
Swara : ragini ready for todays night
Ragini : yes we will execute our plan to night
Swara : yes hope it works
Ragini : hope so
Anupurna : are beta done with our work
Swara : yes maa

There utara was in her room and was looking t her mobile an was somewhere in her heart waiting for rahuls call and then she realize why will he call her suddenly her mobile rings and guess what it was rahul she was really happy but she became sad realizing what rahul did at last after 5 to 6 rings she picked up
Rahul : hello uttara
Uttara : (doesn’t reply)
Rahul : uttara plz speak plz
Uttara : what you want now rahul why are you disturbing me
Rahul : uttara I just wanted to talk to you last time plz listen to me
Uttara : rahul but I don’t want to talk to you anymore plz don’t call me again just go away
She cuts the call rahul was feeling sad and yes he was in love with her and wanted to talk o her but she doesn’t lift his calls

It was now evening all men reached home sanlak too came their eyes were searching for swaragini but they were in their rooms
Anupurna : beta go fats and get ready or puja
Sanlak : yes mom
They go to their rooms respectively

In swasan room
Sanskaar entered and was mesmerized to see swara she was wearing blue embroidery lehenga with net dupatta she was looking superb sanskaar couldn’t take off his eyes over her finally he got out of his dreaming world and goes to get ready
Swara : sanskaar I have taken out this outfit for you
Sanskaar : no need I can take it out by my own ok
Saying this he goes to cupboard and take out red sherwani and goes to bathroom swara was sad but inside she was waiting for right time to come
At raglak side laksh entered the room and was awestruck to see ragini in pink beautiful lehenga and she was looking great laksh was lost in her suddenly he realizes something and goes to cupboard
Ragini : laksh no need to take out any outfit I have taken out your outfit wear this only
Laksh : you are not gonna tell me what to wear I want to wear this one
He takes out ellow sherwani and goes to bathroom ragini was so sad at his beahviour ut waiting for night to come
Swasan and raglak got ready and went down and both couple parted ways and swaragini started to talking
Swara : ragini when will we execute the plan
Ragini : wait when we will fir the woods after that we will go fast and do our work ok
Swara : ok

They all goes to garden and there were many woods to fire uttara too came she was looking preety she wasd smiling but inside she was not able to be happy sanlak goes to her and cheer her up
Durga Prasad : ok now everyone we all should burn the woods now
Sujata : and all couple together should do the aarti and burn the woods
Anupurna : and swaragini its your first holi na so you both will start ok
Swaragini were looking at sanlak sanlak were having no other optio to do it s they accompany them
Swaragini does aarti with them and both swasan and raglak burn the wood ragini was seeing laksh and swara was seeing sanskaar
All couple then does this one by one
Anupurna : beta you know why we burn this because all the bad things to burn in this fire and should live happily with good things

Swara to sanskaar : but in our life bad things only are not getting over
Ragini to laksh : hope all the bad things should get over with this fire
Then all gets busy in talking swaragini took this as an opportunity and went to rooms they go their respective rooms and started to execute their plan after some time they come back to garden and were happy finally their work got over
Swara went to sanskaar and ragini went to laksh
Ragini started coughing laksh sees this ragini was finding water but was unable to get it and she goes to kitchen but she started coughing badly laksh comes to her with water he made her drink the water
Ragini : thanks
Laksh : no need
Laksh started to move again ragini then was going to upstairs suddenly her leg gets slips and she shouts
Ragini : lakksshh
Laksh turns back and he sees ragini will fall down he goes there at correct time and he catches her ragini holds him very tightly as the fear of falling laksh makes her stand but she was unable to stand as her leg was so much paing
Ragini : aaah laksh its very much paining aaah
Laksh was tensed
Laksh ; what happened
Ragini : laksh its really paining aah laksh
Laksh took her in his arms and went to his room and went to their room ragini was just staring him
Laksh opened the door and was shocked to see the room it was decorated with candles ribbons all over yes ragini made the room so beautiful he looked ragini she looked him back he makes her sit on bed
laksh : so you have done all this
ragini : yes to make your mood on I have done all this but all goes in vain because of this stupidity
laksh goes to search first aid box and he goes to ragini he was about to touch her feet ragini then moved aside
ragini : no laksh plz don’t touch it I will myself apply it but plz don’t touch it
laksh : ragini will you sit quietly I haven’t asked you plz stay queit and you cant walk straightly if you would fall on the stairs

ragini : no laksh I cant fall you are there na to save me
laksh was looking in her eyes and they were having cute eyelock laksh broe the eyelock and move towards her leg and started o apply medicine
ragini : laksh I know that you are angry with me and you have full right bt laksh listen o me if something happens to uttara what will you do I was having no other option and if you were on my place you would have done the same but laksh it was very difficult for me to do it but I know somewhere that you will come and see you came it was hurting me too but I was left with that reason and now when everything got over you are angry on me and today you didn’t eat breakfast too I love you laksh plz don’t kill me with your silence if you will do this to me I will die
laksh moves to her
laksh : don’t ever say that again ragini you know it hurts me and how much you talk your mouth doesn’t pain it was my fault I am sorry but ragini if something happened to you that night you didn’t know what would I feel do you know when they were bad mouthing about you my blood was boiling I cant see in pain it hurts me more I am sorry but now I am not angry with you ok
ragini hugged him tightly and laksh too hugged her
ragini : laksh I have prepared our dinner too
she shows the balcony where she prepared the food
laksh : come we will have our dinner
laksh carried ragini to the table laksh served the fod ragini was looking at him lovingly and both starts dinner
there in gardn swara was feeling tired
anupurna : so we should all sleep now tomorrow is holi we all have to get up early ok
swara : maa you all go I will wrap up this ok
sujata : ok beta
sanskaar sees swara tiredness and he too helps her all goes leaving them alone
sanskaar : swara leave all this I will do you go
swara : no sanskaar its fine I will do it
sanskaar : swara don’t argue
swara was feeling black in front f her eyes and she was about to fall when sanskaaar catches her
sanskaar : swara swara

he was tensed what to do now he pour some water on her face and she regained concueissness
sanskaar : wait ill call everyone
swara : no need sanskaar its just tiredness
sanskaar : do ou have anything outside food or some what what you had in lunch
swara was queit
sanskaar : swara answer me
swara : actually sanskaar I didn’t have anything from yesterday night
sanskaar : have you gone mad swara how can you play with your health like this you know that you are weak so why haven’t you eat
swara : sanskaar you didn’t do breakfast in morning so I also decided to eat with you
sanskaar : what nonsense swara how can you do this
swara : s what should I do sanskaar you are only angry on me I know yesterday I did wrong but you only tell me I was having no other option he only told if we will tell youll he will do bad to uttara so for her I we have gone there alone you only tell me sanskaar if you would have been my side you wouldn’t have risk your own life for ttara if I had done so what wrong I have done I was knowing that you will come to save me and see you came and saved me and I was so happy that finally that rahul went but you started getting angry n me t was the first time when were angry on me it was hurting me so much your silence your rudeness as affecting me so much so I decided when I will make your mood then only I will eat with your hands if all this is bad then I am bad but only in love with you I can do anything for you and I have to give my own life I can do that too

sanskaar : ssshhhh don’t ever say again if you will die what will I do without you you know I cant live without you and seriously you talk so much I am sorry swara I have hurted you so much you was right yesterday but swara think if that rahul have hurted you I was so much worried for yu but now we shouldn’t discuss that I am happy that we are together
swara hugged him he too responded back
sanskaar : I love you swara
swara : I love you too sanskaar
sanskaar : come lets go and have something
swara : I have made a surprise for you in you room come
sanskaar smiled and picked her in his arms swara was feeling so happy and secured in his arms then they go to their room and sanskaar as surprised too s the room decorated with with candles ribbons and balloons he as so happy to se it
swara : all this for you
sanskaar : thanks
swara : not so easily first will have the dinner which is waiting for us in balcony
they goes to balcony and sanskaar served swara but she was not eating sanskar understood goes close to her and started feeding her both eats happily

at raglak side
after eating food laksh picked ragini up and places her softly on bed and goes up to her entangled the fingers and looked in her eyes she closed her eyes laksh kissed her on her lips hardly this kiss was expressing his love towards her ragini to reciprocates with kiss and was feeling happy to see his love then laksh placed a blanket over them after that both were naked inside and both were making love sweet love after many days ragini was so happy that finally she got what she wanted laksh was too happy that finally her ragini is with him and after that both slpt in eachother embrace hugging eachother tightly and smiling

at swasan side
both have finished the eating sanskaar then picked swara in his arms swara was to happy for that he slowly places her on bed and goes upto her grabbed her by waist and looked in her eyes they were having passionate eyelock swara closed her eyes in shyness sanskaar smiled and kissed her tightly on her lips swara too responded back by grabbing her hairs and after some time both were naked inside the blanket making love after so much time both were happy finally they became one once again and after sometime both slept hugging eachother smilingly
episode ends

precap : holi celebration

so guyz hows ths one how was their plan say me ok bye see youll soon

Credit to: kaynat khan

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