swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 41)


Hello everyone I hope that I entertained youll in my previous so lets see will sanal forgive swaragini so easily or it will take time lets see

Recap : rahul kidnaps uttara swaragini goes to save them rahul misbehaves with them sanlak reached there at right time and saves them

Sanlak were driving to mansion and there was a pin drop silence in the car no one dared to utter a word they reached maheshwari mansion
Laksh : I think we shouldn’t disturb anyone right now will say them tomorrow
Uttara was quiet after the incident
Sanskaar : yes you are right uttara go now and sleep
Uttara moves from there silently sanlak gives a angry look to swaragini and went from there
Swara : ragini what should we do now how will we make up their minds I am so much stress
Ragini : I am too thinking the same it’s the first time that we have fighted what to do
Swara : we should go inside now
All went inside uttara went to her room and she locked the room and sat on bed and started to recall the flashback spend with rahul then she reminds of todays incident and starts crying
Uttara to herself : why rahul I have love yo o the core of my heart I wanted to start life with you but you did so much to me that I will not able to love anyone how will I able to trust anyone again why did you do this to me rahul why??
There in rahuls house he was sitting alone and was thinking : I have done so much to her still she loves me why she loves me so much in stubbornness did I destroy a innocent girls life oh god help me

Then his parents came
Rahuls dad : rahul why are you still awake is everything fine
His mom : tell us what happened
He tells them everything
His mom : rahul have you gone mad in your fake obsession how can you do to a girlshe had loved you so much and you wanted her for her use shame on you you are not to be called my son
His dad : beta you were angry on maheshwari it doesn’t mean to destroy their lives you should have worked more harder to achieve that project but no you wanted to play with lives you will not get today whats the meaning of love but when you will in love you will know what she is going through
They went leaving rahul confuse and sad
Rahul : is its really my fault uttara was such a good girl she never did anything to me and I have done so much to her

In mansion uttara slept cryingly
Swaragini went to their room respectively

In swasan room sanskaar was bandaging his hand suddenly swara cames and goes to him and tries to take it from his hand but he moved to other side
Swara : sanskaar give me ill do it
Sanskaar : I can do my own work swara plz leave me alone
Swara : sanskaar you are angry on me na then beat me shout at me but plz don’t be silence it kills me
Sanskaar moved to her and holded her arms
Sanskaar : and what you have done swara you have gone alone if something happes to you I would have died but you don’t care you only wants to be mahaan but swara plz stop it you are also human you also have life
Swara : sanskaar i and ragini were having no other option plz sanskaar everything is done na all are save
Sanskaar : how can you just say it swara all have done its so easy for you so plz go now from this room and be with your sister you both have made the plan go now sleep with her
Swara : sanskaar plz don’t do this
Sanskaar : I will not listen to you this time

At raglak side laksh was putting soframicine on his head ragini comes and was about to catch that but laksh didn’t gve her
Laksh : plz ragini stay away from me
Ragini : laksh plz give it to me ill do it
Laksh : why are you caring of me now you didn’t cared when you were going alone so why are you caring now
Ragini : laksh you know I and swara was having no other option to save uttara
Laksh : no ragini you were having but you didn’t see it you wanted all the credit so ok I am giving you the credit but plz don’t come near me
Ragini : laksh plz
Laksh : no ragini this time you hurted me so much if that rahul have done something to you I wouldn’t be alive but why will you acre you and swara always did this to me and sanskaar but not this time I will not forgive nor bhai will forgive swara so plz go now
There swasan comes out and raglak too comes out both sees eachother
Sanskaar : laksh common we both will sleep let this swaragini be alone
Laksh : yes sanskaar if they will not be alone they wouldn’t execute their next plan so leave them
Swaragini were sad as sanlk were behaving very rude to them
Sanlak goes to sanskaars room and swaragini were standing speechless

Sanalk in room
Sanskaar : I am feeling bad for them laksh
Laksh : I am too bhai but they didn’t do right to us you tell me I they have got hurt with that rahul what we should have done
Sanskaar : and that rahul was so much misbehaving with them if we wouldn’t reached at right time I couldn’t imagine also
Laksh : this is their punishment
Sanskaar : they will understand we are getting 100 more pain than them
Swaragini went to raglak room
Swara : ragini they are feeling so bad
Ragini : its all because of our plan swara their point of view is also right imagine if something happens to us
Swara : really ragini if they haven’t came we were destroyed they are our saviours I think more than that
Ragini : and we will be with them at last they love us
Swara : yes ragini we should make a strong plan to get them back
Ragini : swara day after tomorrow is holi na
Swara : yes
Ragini : I have aplan

They made a plan and slept
Next morning all were down expect uttara sanlak told everyone everything and told tnot to shout at uttara
Uttara comes and goes to elders with folded hands and ask for forgiveness
Durga Prasad : no beta its not your fault you are small you didn’t understand but now all is ok so forget everything
Anupurna : uttara beta we were not angy on you just little sad of your decision but now everything is fine don’t worry
Sujata goes to swaragini
Sujata : beta you both saved my daughters life how will I pay for your deed only I can give you my blessings live happily with your husbands
Swaragini looked teary eye sto sanlak but they moved
Swara : no chachi don’t be thank you uttara is like our small sister
Ragini : and for her we can do anything so don’t worry

All gathered at dining table for breakfast swaragini served them all as they were about to serve them they moved away
Sanskaar : mom I having an important meeting so I will do breakfast at office
Laksh : and mom I will also go with bhai so bye everyone
Anupurna : ok beta but don’t forget we have to burn fire at night so you both be there ok bye
Swaragini were seeing sanlak with sad faces but they go from there swaragini were more upset now they also didn’t have anything and left from there
Episode ends

Precap : rahul meets uttara at holi

So guyz not puuting swasan or raglak precap as you only guess what will they do guess and let me know bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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