swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 40)

Hello everyone I know you all are waiting for this episode so lets start with it
Recap : rahuls real face was reveled in front of swaragini
Everything was completed all were in their room sleeping but swaragini couldn’t sleep suddenly ragini got a message she opens it and was shocked to read it

In msg : hello my darling ragini bhabhi I am your rahul you are thinking that why I messaged you but you don’t wanna know that where is your uttara so listen she is with me I have called her and now she is here she is not in her senses as I drugges her so I can do whatever I want but don’t worry I will give you a chance you and my sweety swara bhabhi come here and save uttara and don’t try to tell laksh and sanskaar or anyone if you will tell your uttaras dignity will be spoiled so choice is of you both come in half an hour at xyz place if you didn’t come then uttara will bear ok bye darling
Ragini was tensed what to do now she slowly went to swasan room and messaged swara to come out swara saw the meassage and went out
Swara : what happened ragini is everything fine why you have called me here
Ragini : swara read the message you will understand everything
Swara reads the message and was now totally shocked
Ragini : swara now what to do we cant say anyone and we cant go alone too
Swara : but ragini we have to save uttara what to do
They thought for some moment
Swara : ragini we should risk our lives and save uttara
Ragini : yes you are right this house is ours too so we have to do it
They both go to sanlak sees them and went from there they drive the car fastly

In swasan roomsanskaar was sleeping and he places his hand on swaras palce and was finding her but she wasn’t there he searched her in baath room she wasn’t there too he goes to raglak room and the door was open he saw laksh was sleeping alone he goes to him and switches on the lights and wake him up
Sanskaar : laksh get up
Laksh : sanskaar you here is everything fine
Sanskaar : swara and ragini are missing
Laksh : what
Sanskaar : yes they are not in the house
Laksh : bhai calm down they ust be somewhere have you checked everywhere
Sanskaar : yes laksh I checked everywhere
Laksh : what noway where are they come lets see once again
They both searches whole house but couldn’t find them and atlast they went to uttaras room and saw that uttara was too not there now they were tensed
Sanskaar : yr this uttara is also not there this both too are both too are not there where are this trio
Laksh : I am toonot getting wait I will call ragini
Sanskaar : an I will call swara
Both tried their number but they were not picking it up
Sanskaar : is rahul behind all this
Laksh : I hope not we should find them but our family doesn’t gets to know all this
Sanskaar : yup

They goes and searches for them and sanskaar remembered that swara usually keeps on her gprs
Sanskaar : laksh we can trace them swara usually keeps on her gprs so we can find them
Laksh : try it
There swaragini reached the destination it was silence lonely where no one comes it was fa from Mumbai where no one can search they call rahul
Ragini : we are here but where are you
Rahul : good very punctual ok now come straight you will see a bunglow enter that
Ragini : kk
They walked a few miles and see a bunglow and entered when they entered two people closed the door and two people were signing them to go upstairs rahul is there
There sanlak traces them and was shocked that why they went too far and that too away from city they drive fastly
Swaragini goes upstairs and saw uttara was ties to chair by rope and she was unconsiuess they both go to her pat her cheek and throw some water on her face she woke up there rahul comes and closes the door

Rahul : oh welcome mrs. swara sanskaar maheshwari and mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari so welcome and don’t worry about uttara she is fine I haven’t touched her I was waiting for you both and she feel gain her consiuess don’t worry but I am happy that you both finally came
Swara : what do you want rahul say frankly
Ragini : money position what do you want to leave uttara
Rahul : oh common swara and ragini you both are smart why will I need money position and all I want only one thing sorry my mistake two things
Swaragini : what
Rahul : you both
Swaragini were shocked
Rahul : I only want to spend one night with you both that’s it
Ragini slaped him
Swara : how dare you don’t you have any shame talking with us

At that time they heard a car horn all people gets alerted that someone has enetered that place
Rahul then slapeed both of them
Rahul : I have told you not to inform anyone
And catches their hairs
Swara : we haven’t inform anyone
Ragini : leave us you dog coward if its sanskaar and laksh then you are gone
Rahul : oh really so that’s it let them come I will beat them so much that they will not able to stand for 2 months and the will see the movie of their wives in fron of their eyes
There sanalak goes to bunglow to ask whether they have seen swaragini they ringes the bell but noon was opening and they were about to go when they saw rahul upstairs in window and got hinted that swaragini might be there so they both tried harder and broke the door and went inside but all his goons catches them and tied them there rahul came holding swaraginis hairs and throws them on the floor sanalk was shocked but they cant go to them as they were tied
Rahul : oh so heros too came well I wanna tell you both you both loves them a lot
Sanskaar : rahul you I will not leave you just open me
Laksh : why are you doing all this with us what have we done
Rahul : what have you done you both are asking me so listen because of you both I couldn’t got that project which was my dream project which was I working for you both snatched from me my project so I decided to kill you both I was the only one who have failed your brakes on your wedding day remember but you both survived then I decided that I will destroy your lives then I got to know that you are having a sister so I followed her and I was the one who made her accident then I was the one who took her to the hospital I wanted to be a hero in her eyes so I have and guess what she trusted me over you I thought to marry her then I will use her and throw this will be very shameful to youll your reputation will be down and you both will get so much losses but I was wrong your lovely wives swara and ragini were beautiful than her so I decided that I will spend my one night with them then it will be more shameful to you both when I proposed uttara swara and ragini were thinking they were following me but I made them follow me and because of that uttaar got more angry and she kept the engagement and see now I will spoil three lives uttara swara and ragini it will be so intresting you know

Sanlak were boiling in anger and swaragini was too surprised and one more person was listening to them who was uttara she was sitting in stairs and was listening to all and was sad on her decision
Sanalk in anger broke the rope and were going to beat rahul when his goons attacked them they hit them badly swaragini went to them but goons throws thenm and started beating them again and rahul was smiling at this act sanlak fells on floor blood was running from their head swaragini went to them
Ragini : laksh get up plz oh my god what happened to you laksh
Swara : sanskaar plz get up I will not let happen to you anything sanskaar
Rahul : come now babes they both have gone and after this incident they will be full gone
He drags swaragini by hands swaragini were not raedy to leave sanlak so swara spitted on his face and both again went to them
Rahul : you both are so naughty ok then hey everyone I am giving you all chance to spend your night with this two beautiful ladies first I will enjoy with them then you all go one by one ok
All goons smirks aat them swaragini was shocked what to do now they were holding sanlak hands tightly sanlak who were listening to it was so angry but were weak so couldn’t get up
Rahul : ok you both wanted here so its fine I will do it here in front of your husbands your husbands will also get to know a lesson
Rahul comes to them and starts unbottning his shirt sanlak now opened their eyes and got up in sudden and like a hero beats the goons all goons ran away swaragini got happy and they hugged them sanalk goes to rahul and beats him badly laksh got a knife and give to sanskaar and they were about to stab him when uttara came in middle and they stopped
Uttara : bhai plz don’t
Sanskar : uttara you don’t know what he did
Laksh : just get off uttara
Uttara : bhai I know what he did and have listened all the talking’s of youl but bhai why are you dirting your hands of killing him bhai he only wanted to use me but I have loved him from heart I was so much blind in his love that I broke the relations with youll and I have hurted my bahbhis my sisters who were there for me always its my fault not his plz bhai let him go for me I will not able to live something happens to him plz bhai
Sanlak were shocked at uttara but rahul was even in more shock that how can she loves him so much
Sanskaar : ok we are leaving you rahul just get out but you should not seen in this city from today
Laksh : neither we will not spare you again just get lost from here and never show your face get lost
Rahul went there but was sad somewhere that in his obbessesion of taking revenge with sanskaar and laksh he hurted a girl this much and now she loved him so much he wents from there uttara hugged sanlak
Uttara : I am sorry bhai plz forgive me
Sanskaar : if you say sorry again then
Laksh : then I will ebat you ok my cutie
Swaragini were happy as finally all gets over they goes to sanlak but both sanlak jerked them badly swaragini were shocked at them
Swara : sanskaar
Ragini : laksh
Sanskaar : how dare you swara how can you both come without informing us how
Laksh : what did youl thought that rahul will do aarti of youll it was too dangerous for youll but then too youll came
Swara : sanskaar laksh listen rahul told us
Ragini : that if we inform youll he will
Laksh : he will what ragini his duty is to blackmail but you both don’t have any sense
Sanskaar : if we both haven’t come on time I don’t know what has happened and you both are taking it so lightly
Laksh : this time I will not forgive you ragini
Sanskaar : this time don’t ask for sorry swara because you have done so much
Laksh : bhai we should go now uttara tell them to come
Swaragini were sad and tears were rolling from their eyes but some how controlled and went with them
Episode ends

Precap : rahul realizes his love for uttara swaragini made a plan for sanlak and holi time

So guyz hows this one I hope youll like it so see youll soon bye

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