swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 4)

Hii everyone hope you all are fine thank you for your previous comments I am trying my best to make my ff unique and your comments are giving me much more encouragement keep on commenting like this so lets start
Swaragini : swasan ralak a unique love story episode 4
Recap : raglak interaction and swasan bonding

In night at 8
At gadodia house in swaragini room
Swara : ragini today meeting with maheswaris was very nice and both brother behave well with us
Ragini : ya swara they are very nice and infact I and laksh have became friends too in first meeting
Swara : not bad infact me and sanskaar too became friends
Ragini : but swara you know 1 thing I forget to tell you that our gadodia industry will become partners with maheswari today only papa and uncle have decided it isn’t is nice
Swara : ya ragini its very great newz
Suddenly they heard a knock at the door
Sharmista : common my girls lets have dinner papa is waiting for youll
Swaragini : yes mom

In maheshwari house laksh comes to sanskaars room
Laksh : sanskaar I have to tell you one thing
Sanskaar : ya tell
Laksh : sanskaar I have a surprise for you but tomorrow
Sanskaar : what surprise is tomorrow something special?
Laksh : bhai only surprises are given on special day you are my bro yr I can give you surprise whenever I want is that clear
Sanskaar : ok I will wait till tomorrow come lets have dinner I am very hungry
Laksh : ya come
Swasan raglak sleep thinking of eachother

In morning at 8 at maheshwari house sanskaar went for the as usual early but laksh was planning to join the office permanently so he got up early and got ready for the office in his heart something he was feeling of ragini dats y he decided to go but unaware of this feeling so got ready and came down
Anupurna : laksh am I dreaming or you really have got up early
Laksh : mom yr common and by the way I am going to office
Anupurna : are you serious you mesn you are really gonna join office
Laksh : only sanskaar can do all dis why not me
Durgaprasad : oh no laksh you can too do all dis come we will go together
Laksh : see mom dad is with me yes dad come lets go

In gadodia house everyone at breakfast table
Ragini : papa today we are meeting durga Prasad uncle for that deal haven’t you forget that
Shekhar : oh no ragini I haven’t I remember
Sharmista : can you plz talk all you office things in office not in home
Swara : ya maa no office works at home
Shekhar : ok as youll say come ragini we are getting late
Ragini : yes papa bye maa bye swara
Sharmista and swara : bye

In office in sanskaar cabin somebody knocked
Sanskaar : ya com in
Laksh : hello my brother
Sanskaar : shockhed oh laksh you why you came to office have dad called you
Laksh : oh no bhai I have came by my own I want to help you and dad in the office so I came I did right na
Sanskaar : wow laksh that’s a really right thought you are changing
Laksh : thanks bhai I am in cabin with some files dad have given me if you need help call me
Sanskaar : ya sure I will definetly call u bro
Suddenly sanskaar gets a call and says
Sanskaar : laksh I have to for the presentation with mehtas hope you will help dad in work and in meeting with gadodia
Laksh : happy what meeting with gadodia
Sanskaar ; ya meeting with them you haven’t know anyways I have to take care bye
Laksh ; ha bye

Laksh was happy and goes to his dad suddenly both shekhar and ragini came
Durga Prasad : hii both of you come in
Ragini : nameste uncle
Durga Prasad ; Namaste beta
Laksh : hii ucle and ragini
Ragini : hii
Shekhar : yesterday I have made some agreements so shall we proceed
Durga Prasad : ragini beta what you will do with us go with laksh he will show you the office now don’t feel any type of hesitation
Laksh : haa ragini come
Ragini : ok
Laksh : hey everyone she is ragini gadodia and after some day she will be our business partner
All members : oh hi imam
Ragini : hi hello

After saying that laksh took her to his cabin
Laksh : so this is my cabin hows it
Ragini : nice
Laksh : ragini come lets have lunch together today
Ragini : what luch today I cant we are having very much work today so I cant
Laksh : ok no problem but tomorrow now plz don’t say no plz
Ragini : smiled ok
Then all the agreements are done and finally maheshwari and gadodia are business partners and whatever decision they have to take the both will take as per as agreement
Shekhar : congrats durga Prasad ji
Durga Prasad : you too mr. shekhar
Laksh : congrats ragini
Ragini : ya congrats
And they both handshake their first handshake and for the first time they both touched each other so everyone went for their work laksh was lost in ragini while ragini was busy in her works and after that they both talk about meetings and all after two hours shekhar and ragini went but laksh was thing of ragini

Durga Prasad : beta its 8 we have to leave
Laksh : came out of her thoughts yes dad coming
On road swara was driving very fastly and she dosent saw a car coming and hit that car badlly it was sanskaar car
Swara came out of hurry : cant you see and drive
He too comes : how are you driving
Both see eachother and say you
Swara : I am sorry I was driving very fast so I didn’t see you I am sorry
Sanskaar : no no its fine I also didn’t see you sorry
Both sit in their car but both the car were not starting both came out
Swara : my car is not starting only
Sanskaar : my too yr what to do now
Swara : lets have a walk by walking we go home
Sanskaar : not a bad idea I will my driver and he will take our cars to the mechanic
Swara : ok common lets go
While walking
Swara : so sanskaar how was your day
Sanskaar : good and urs
Swara : like ususal and congrrats I have heard that gadodia and maheswari are becoming business partnes
Sanskaar : ya its nice our parents have made a great decision
Swara : yup sanskaar I want to ask you something
Sanskaar : ya go ahead
Swara : tomorrow I am having concert and all my friends are coming so can you too come plz
Sanskaar : actually swara I am having some work
Swara : ok but my concert is at 6 plz come na plz
Sanskaar : ok I will come at 6 but where
She gaves him place name everything suddenly her home came
Swara : ok sanskaar bye my home came and don’t forget to come tomorrow I will be waiting for you
Sanskaar : ok bye take care and went tohis home
Episode ends

Precap : laksh and ragini went for lunch and laksh is now more concentrating on work. sanskaar comes to swara concert and they go for dinner

So guyz how do you like my episode send ur comments bye see youll soon with my next episode

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